Welcome back to the Drama Club for Triangle! The plot was spinning its wheels for much of this episode while Yang Ha went fishing, Young Dal learned to golf, and Dong Soo caught up with old jail buddies. But wait! There's a new bad guy in town, and he'll stop at nothing to bring Young Dal down. Join us as we discuss the latest developments in episode 17!

Firnlambe: I’ll be honest . . . I felt extremely let down by this episode. To me it felt more like filler to beef up the events that have yet to come.

Only: Yeah, nothing much happened in this episode, until the end. Though I do wish they’d dragged out Yang Ha being sad; I kind of enjoyed it.

Firnlambe: Ha! me too, the little twerp deserves some self pity party time.

Cici: My reason for wanting Yang Ha to suffer longer isn’t nearly as altruistic as yours. So he was demoted for what? Like a day? Ooooo . . . Poor guy. Then his sneaky conniving ways get him back in daddy’s good graces.

Only: Right? He didn’t suffer nearly enough; I was hoping for a full-on meltdown, not a fishing trip and some drinking. Also, surprisingly, I didn’t even care that Jang Soo might be dead.

Firnlambe: I felt a twinge of sadness . . . . . . that was instantly dwarfed by the excitement I felt with the possibility that I’d never have to be annoyed when he was onscreen ever again . . . . . . I'm a horrible person, I know.

Only: That’s more interest than I mustered.

Cici: Even Young Dal didn’t address that possibility. What’s with that? Was he so preoccupied that he totally dismissed the fact that his BEST FRIEND was missing?

At last . . . we meet again

Firnlambe: Apparently once you’ve spent time in the slammer, even if you were a cop, you get to be buddy buddy with the criminals. I found it humorous that he’s suddenly all chummy with them. I mean--I know it's all to take down Go Bok Tae and Chairman Yoon, but I’m really starting to find it annoying how we’ve pressed the fast forward button on the plot now.

Honestly though . . . the first thing that crossed my mind in this scene--was: ”How is Dong Soo supporting himself?” Because as far as I know, the man is unemployed. Yet here he is, in new clothes and enough money to support his SUV’s gas tank.

Only: Hey, wait, does the fact that Dong Soo has nice clothes and a car make him Shin Hye's boytoy?

Cici: ::jaw drop::

Firnlambe: It all makes sense now.

Ask a dumb question . . .

Firnlambe: Ummmmmm because you two are pointless to the development of the plot . . . seriously, I think the writers just gave up on these two.

Only: Rightly so. Writers, either give them something to do or get rid of them. Listening to them complain about not getting enough attention is lame, at best.

Firnlambe: EXACTLY!! they even hyped them up to be big players early in the story--they have this mystery boss who magically gets them out of jail--yet, no development . . . . its extremely frustrating.

side note--anyone else loving Madame Jang's new hair? I think it looks awesome lol

Dong Soo makes all the girls cry

Only: I feel like the writers are trying to ramp up the emotional moments without much thought to the story or character development. Dong Soo’s heart is obviously broken when he sees his mom, and she’s not much better off, since she can’t even look at him from the shame. This could be powerful stuff, except then we skip ahead to the two of them on their own, crying their eyes out, and it’s left to a later scene to explain what happened. If she’s not significant to the plot, then why treat us to this scene at all? And if she is, then why gloss over her story? I would rather have heard that than be treated to another filler flashback (there were several in this episode). Also, for some reason, she’s crying her eyes out in front of a plate of fried chicken. Mmmmm… fried chicken...

Spoken like a true Mafia boss, Korean style

Cici: How is it that everyone, myself included, is completely intimidated by Han Myung Jae except Young Dal? That guy is super creepy. Young Dal was so smooth in the board room, I’d almost forgotten what a badass he could be. Hang onto that thought, Young Dal. You’re going to need every bit of attitude you can muster if you go up against this guy. He doesn’t have the reputation for being the cruelest of all the gangsters for nothing.

By the way, whoever is in charge of casting is doing a fantastic job. I don’t know who this actor is, but I totally buy him as a scary evil sociopath who operates without a tinge of remorse. I would NOT want to cross him, or run into him in a dark alley.

That moment when you realize your boyfriend might be an idiot

Only: I almost threw something at the screen when Dong Soo dismisses the possibility of Yang Ha being Dong Woo. Does Dong Soo really want to find his brothers or what? First, he doesn’t want Dong Chul to be Young Dal because that would make him a bad older brother, and now he dismisses the idea that Dong Woo could be Yang Ha out of hand because it’s unlikely. Dong Soo, thank the writers for giving you Shin Hye. If not for her, you’d still be ineffectually chasing Go Bok Tae, wondering where your brothers are. Worst detective ever.

What a shock . . . not

Cici: Did anyone else see this coming from a mile away? Clearly Young Dal didn't. If a scary dude comes to town and threatens you and whomever you hold dearest, shouldn't you take some steps to protect the people you love? Maybe he was so absorbed with the news of Jang Soo's possible kidnapping, Yang Ha's theft of their deal, and Dong Soo's narrow escape from death that he just didn't consider this possibility. That doesn't quite jibe with the way he's been obsessing over her, though. And now Yang Ha gets to be the one to witness the kidnapping, so he is in the prime position to play the hero and save her. Will he go against his father's wishes and defend her?

Firnlambe: I think Young Dal thought she would be safe because he had "cut ties" with her . . . or at least he thought he had.

So fellow Drama Clubbers . . . How did this episode make you feel? Did it leave you feeling frustrated or maybe it left you feeling elated? Were you on the edge of your seats as Jung Hee was kidnapped? Or were you in tears when Dong Soo finally met his mom? Now that we're entering the final stretch of the series, do you think this random return of Madam Jang and Man Kang has a deeper meaning to it, or is it just the writers messing with us all? Let us know in the Comments below.

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