Welcome to the Triangle Drama Club! It's a busy episode with kidnappings, revelations, noble breakups, underhanded tactics, and creepy gangsters gearing up for battle. And yet, Young Dal and Jung Hee still find time to brood about their unhappy love. Join us as we discuss episode 18!

Cici: I think I hate this drama right now. Argh! Another episode where I did not have enough tissues. I should buy stock in the company.

Only: What happened to the pacing in this show? They have three long and unnecessary flashbacks back to back, and then they have that rushed ending?

Firnlambe: I get the feeling that the writers drew things out too long earlier in the series and are trying to make up for “lost” time.

Cici: Actually, it’s the side scenes with Madam Jang and her bald accomplice what’s-his-name that are driving me crazy. They obviously have nothing more to contribute to this drama, so why keep bringing them back on? Besides, that guy annoys me. He overacts every scene he’s in.

Only: Also, is it me, or does everyone on this show look exhausted?

Firnlambe: No, it's not just you.

Cici: Yeah, they do. It works for Jung Hee, because of what happens to her, though. She did a really good job with her scenes in this episode, acting wise. But I’m ticked off that she didn’t figure out what was going on.

Only: Jung Hee can’t figure out why Young Dal might be lying, Young Dal is playing noble idiot, Yang Ha thinks getting into bed with gangsters is a good idea, and Dong Soo can’t find his brothers when they’re standing in front of him. ARGH. Good thing Shin Hye is there to inject some intelligence. Though who knows how she confirmed that Yang Ha is Dong Woo, since they rushed right through it.

Cici: I do love Shin Hye. I suspect she has super powers. And in Young Dal’s defense, the timing for setting the record straight just hasn’t been right. I hate that he is in so much pain for doing what the smart expert told him to do, instead of following his instincts. No good deed goes unpunished.

Only: It looked to me like he didn’t intend to clear the air with Jung Hee, but maybe I’m wrong.

Cici: Maybe Young Dal isn’t going to explain things to her yet in order to try to continue to keep her safe.

Firnlambe: I get the feeling that she’s gonna find out . . . but not from Young Dal, more likely from Jerry.

Only: I think you're right. In the meantime, it looks like she’s going for Yang Ha, who’s as much in this nasty fight as he is. So Young Dal may as well explain things and not try to be noble.

Cici: YES! Would you please take over writing the script?

Only: I would love to, but my Korean is terrible. Everyone would just say bibimbap over and over.

Cici: Jinja? Yummmm . . .

Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky…

Cici: Once again, Yang Ha has been doing what he does best...using his connections to steal someone else’s work. Just goes to prove it’s not what you know, but WHO you know. By taking advantage of his “fiancee” and her connections, Yang Ha is able to both take the credit for a super deal and undermine Young Dal. That may have been a master stroke...or it may just be the beginning of the end for Yang Ha. Young Dal doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy to take this lying down. And you know what they say about karma...

Only: I found this particularly lame on Yang Ha’s part. As in, instead of making a bigger or better deal, the only comeback he can find to Young Dal’s idea is to steal it out from under him, while having Jang Soo kidnapped by gangsters in Macau. Which makes his outrage over Jung Hee being kidnapped even more laughable.

Firnlambe: He's grasping at straws now . . . there's not much else he could do to quickly get back in daddy's good graces.

Little white lies never hurt anyone . . . right?

Firnlambe: This was super sweet and smart of everyone . . . I couldn't even imagine what trouble would have been stirred up by Grandma if she had known Jung Hee had been kidnapped.

Only: It's cute how everyone loves Grandma!

Cici: Jerry must have had this all planned out before he set foot in the door. Good job, Jerry. Very considerate move, as well as an ounce of prevention...

That moment when you realize your younger brother might be an idiot

Only: Yang Ha has proven time and again that he really has no idea what he’s getting into when he deals with gangsters. He acts as if Jung Hee’s kidnapping is Young Dal’s fault for being a former thug, but in fact, he’s the one who brought in Go Bok Tae, as if there’s never going to be any fall-out from making deals with a guy he knows is a murderer. I can’t believe Young Dal has to explain to him that Go Bok Tae could be lying.

Cici: Right? His incredulous ". . . and you believed him?" pretty well summed it up. Yang Ha, you're an idiot. I actually had a brief--very brief--glimmer of hope when Young Dal suggested that they put aside their differences and work together to ensure Jung Hee's safe return. But then I remembered who he was talking to.

Firnlambe: Same . . . his whole Go Bok Tae allegiance was bound to fail and the fact that he didn't even consider his sudden yet inevitable betrayal was just poor planning on his part.

Life IS pain . . . Anyone who says differently is selling something

Firnlambe: Uggggh, the agony!!! poor Young Dal, and you just KNOW Jung Hee won't understand he did everything so she wouldn't be in even more danger than she already is.

Cici: THIS WAS SO PAINFUL TO WATCH. Young Dal had to play it to the hilt in order to keep her safe. But he did such an outstanding job acting like she meant nothing to him that he convinced both the kidnapper and the victim. How is he ever going to convince Jung Hee it was a lie? More importantly, when will he figure that it's safe to do so? The game is far from over, and he knows better that anyone that her safety is still not guaranteed.

Only: Agreed, this was difficult to watch. Even poor Jerry didn't know what to do.

Sweet revenge?

Cici: I’d been wondering when Young Dal was going to think of using Yang Ha’s “fiancee” for his own purposes . . . although after she’s seen Yang Ha and Jung Hee together, she’s probably more than willing to help Young Dal. A woman scorned, and all that. And isn’t it sweet how Pil Sang’s desire to bring down Yang Ha is actually helping Young Dal? Like I said, karma . . . My only concern is that in trying to beat his rival, Young Dal is becoming increasingly like him.

Firnlambe: Personally, I don’t see Young Dal becoming anything like Yang Ha at all. If anything I see him staying true to his original colors more than when he started this whole casino takeover.

Only: Yang Ha used his personal connection with his “fiancee” to steal Young Dal’s Macau deal, and now it looks like Young Dal is going to use that same personal connection against him. It does sound like he’s becoming as ruthless as Yang Ha, if nothing else, since this woman is being treated as a disposable commodity by both of them.

Cici: No, Young Dal, don't do it! Resist the dark side!

You said it, Dong Soo

Only: How the heck did Shin Hye figure out that Yang Ha is Dong Woo? She goes to talk to Chairman Yoon’s secretary, and he tells her, quite reasonably, that he can’t divulge that information, and suddenly she knows? What happened here? Did I miss something? I’m as confused as Dong Soo.

Cici: Thank you! I watched this scene several times and couldn't figure out how she figured it out. But I'm certainly glad she did.

Firnlambe: My bet is on the fact that she got her information from the deranged orphanage director. Who was, after all, getting their memory back.

Cici: Maybe . . . and she just met with the secretary to try to confirm it? I'm a little lost as to why this scene was included at all, unless a blanket refusal to talk about the adoption in any way would indicate that it's still a delicate or controversial subject. After all, Chairman Yoon has always considered Yang Ha's adoption as his greatest gamble, and the stability of Yang Ha's place in both the family and the company has always been tenuous. Actually, that fact is the only thing that makes me feel any sympathy for him.

Were you crying when Young Dal pretended to hate Jung Hee? Were you annoyed with Yang Ha's sneaky tactics? Were you shocked with the sudden revelation of Yang Ha's true identity? Are you worried that Young Dal is turning into Yang Ha, or are you sure he'll stay true to himself? Let us know in the comments below!

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