Welcome, Triangle fans, to another episode! The revelations are coming thick and fast now, with Dong Soo finally discovering that Yang Ha is his other long-lost brother and Jerry explaining to Jung Hee why Young Dal was so cruel to her when she was kidnapped. But not everything is wine and roses, as Young Dal and Yang Ha are at each other's throats, and Han Myung Jae's men are en route to Sabuk. Join us, as we discuss the ups and downs of Episode 19!

Firnlambe: So did anyone else want to deck Chairman Yoon’s secretary?


Firnlambe: I actually chucked the pillows that were sitting around me . . . good grief I was so upset at Secretary Kim.

Cici: I am speechless . . . OK, maybe just sputtering. So what, did an over-abundance of guilt lead him to do “what’s best” for the wronged party? Although how he could figure that plan was the best remedy for the children is beyond me! And why didn’t he do anything to help Young Dal?!

Only: If he turns out to be the actual villain of this story, I won’t even be surprised.

Firnlambe: It’s always the one’s we least expect, isn’t it . . .

Only: Hmmm . . . maybe it’s Shin Hye? Cue ominous music . . .

Cici: Lol, I may never be able to see her again without imagining her with a villainous mustache.

Only: Actually, now that I think of it, how come Jung Hee isn’t pressing charges for kidnapping against Han Myung Jae? Or asking Yang Ha how he knew where she was? Is taking someone for dinner the logical reaction when you’ve just been kidnapped?

Firnlambe: Because she’s our stereotypical idiot female lead?

Cici: Right? Argh! The whole gullible weak female act makes me so frustrated. Especially when half the show has built her up to be this feisty, strong, independent woman. Maybe not the brightest bulb in the pack, but not a wimp, either! Jung Hee, get back in character!

Out of the mouths of babes . . .

Cici: This is so sweet! They are each other’s first loves!!! And we all know what that means… Ah, fate, don’t be so slow in getting these two back together. They are so close to discovering their past connection. I can’t wait to see it when they find out the reason for their attraction is that they’ve always been in love! Bonus: Grandma will finally approve!

Hell Hath No Fury . . . or something . . .

Only: Oh, Young Dal. You’re back to using your brains! I suppose I didn’t give him enough credit, assuming he’d try to seduce Yoo Jin away from Yang Ha (which is what the show was implying) but instead, he seduces her with some well-placed honesty and a good business deal. I couldn't figure out why this character showed up in the first place, but at least we got to see Young Dal being smart again.

Young Dal! He steals from the rich, because they're a . . . well, you know . . .

Firnlambe: I really like it when Young Dal shows us his ability to use his brain to win his fights, instead of using his fists . . . A) its much more effective, and B) its much more attractive lol. Hopefully his plan will go off without a hitch, Han Myung Jae is not the type to let someone walk all over him--if he is given the opportunity to retaliate you know he'll do it without any mercy shown.

Goodness, it's only episode 19--we still have 7 episodes left including our 2 episode extension. I hope this fast forward pace will start to slow down so we can focus on the Chairman Yoon/Go Bok Tae revenge plot a bit more.

Will someone PLEASE just figure it out???

Cici: This scene just killed me! The way Jung Hee and Jun Ho were talking was just so cute! And then to see how happy Young Dal is just looking at the picture . . . whether it’s because it’s supposedly his first love, or whether it’s because it’s tangible proof that his childhood wasn’t always miserable, who cares? I just love seeing him have something to smile about! Of course, he leaves the picture on his desk and Jun Ho discovers it--can’t wait for that reveal! Go, Jun Ho!

Finally . . . Light at the end of miscommunication tunnel

Firnlambe: Called it!! ::pats self on the back:: Glad to see my K-plot prediction skills are still as sharp as ever. I'm happy Jerry didn't keep this tid-bit of information to himself and was instead a true friend towards Young Dal and cleared up the misunderstanding between these two.

Because lets face it, we all know Young Dal wasn't going to say a damn word to her about his true intentions during the whole kidnapping debacle. He was going to take the "noble idiotic road" and let her think he hated her--all for "her own good".

You said it, Dong Soo

Only: Did I mention that this was the dumbest explanation ever? I really didn’t see this revelation coming, where Secretary Kim took Yang Ha/Dong Woo and placed him with Chairman Yoon to save him from the orphanage. I think the look on my face may have mirrored Dong Soo’s at this nonsensical story. Off the top of my head, I could think of a few options that would have helped the young Dong Chul and baby Dong Woo out, and none of them involved leaving Dong Woo with his father’s murderer. I guess the big question now is: Does the Chairman know?

Firnlambe: I’m betting on no . . . seeing as how Secretary Kim is trying his best to keep everything under wraps

Only: So will he disinherit Yang Ha once he finds out?

Cici: I suspect he will disinherit him for business reasons. The best Yang Ha has been able to do is steal Young Dal’s plan, and once that move falls through, he may be out on his ear. And if Yang Ha is treated harshly by the chairman, Dong Soo will no longer need to have any hesitation in revealing EVERYTHING to both Yang Ha and Young Dal. Which opens the door for Yang Ha to get his own revenge by collaborating with his brothers against Chairman Yoon. *fingers crossed*

Firnlambe: I like the way you think, m’dear . . .

Well, fellow Triangle fans, what did you think? Did you smile when Jung Hee and Young Dal were delighted over their childhood pictures, or were you frustrated that no one was making the connection? Did Jerry's attempt to set things straight between Jung Hee and Young Dal make you feel happy and relieved? Did Secretary Kim's defense of the adoption drive you crazy? Did you think Dong Soo handled the news of his youngest brother's identity well? What are your predictions regarding the three brothers' futures? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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