Yes! The episode we’ve all been waiting for! Not only does Young Dal take down the evil gangster who kidnapped Jung Hee, he does it without physically lifting a finger against him. AND he finds out who his missing brother is! AND he finally gets to kiss the girl, and she kisses him back! Join us as we discuss the high points of the 20th episode of Triangle.

Firnlambe: There weren't many low points in the episode were there?

Cici: Nope. I loved the whole thing. My happy dances almost woke the rest of the house up. And I may have screamed once or twice.

Only: This is one of the better episodes of this series. It was an emotional roller coaster, especially with Young Dal finding out that Yang Ha is Dong Woo, and Yang Ha falling apart entirely. And the kiss! Finally!

Yang Ha is having a rough episode

Only: I included this so we can talk a bit about Yang Ha, and what happened to him this episode. He got kicked out of the company, beaten up by Young Dal, made Jung Hee lose her job, dumped by Yoo Jin and her family’s company, and ends up in a downward slide of drinking and sadness. He even starts rethinking how he’s lived his life up till now.

The only ray of sunshine for Yang Ha was Shin Hye telling him that there were people in the world who would always be on his side. I wonder how he’s going to react to finding out who those people are.

Firnlambe: I’m guessing a combination of feels . . . most likely shock, depression, confusion and hatred.

Cici: This really was a rough episode for Yang Ha. But all that negative stuff was necessary to maybe . . . just maybe . . . convince him that he’s been playing on the wrong team. I can’t wait till he finds out that Chairman Yoon murdered his real father.

Firnlambe: I can’t wait for Chairman Yoon to find out he’s been raising the son of the man he had murdered. That’s gonna be a tough pill to swallow.

One danger has passed . . . still two to go

Firnlambe: Oh boy did they pick an awesome OST for making us sweat. It made me so nervous at times, even though I knew things would go Young Dal’s way in the end.

Cici: I actually had to Google Baccarat (which I couldn't even spell) just so I’d have an idea what was going on. But I now know what the leg card, squeezing the card, and natural 9 all refer to. See, Mom, K-dramas are educational! BTW, was anyone else surprised at how well Han Myung Jae took his defeat? I kind of expected fireworks.

Only: That was my only issue with this episode. After making him look like the biggest badass in town, they defeated him with a card game, and he went home calmly. Why bring him in at all then? To waste a few more episodes? Or because Go Bok Tae is such an uninspired villain?

Firnlambe: Well, they did play up the fact that he's not only a badass--he's a badass with "honor" . . . I also found it endearing that Young Dal was willing to give back his building if he did indeed leave quietly.

CiCi: I hadn't thought of that, but now Han Myung Jae is actually more indebted to Young Dal than he is to Go Bok Tae. And Go Bok Tae still lost a lot of his money, wasn't able to deliver as he promised Chairman Yoon, and may well be on his way down. Double score, Young Dal!

What goes around . . .

Cici: And this is why you support someone who believes in fair compensation. Actually, Young Dal is way more generous to some of these folks than I would have been (Madame Jang and Man-Kang, I’m looking at you!).

Firnlambe: Right? I literally LOL’d at this scene. Early in the series these two women were arch enemy . . . and now here they are--basically ready to pop open some champagne in celebration.

Cici: Young Dal’s brains, chutzpah, and money: making frenemies out of enemies.

Only: I think money definitely helps the friendly atmosphere here. Young Dal does have a way of getting people to trust him, despite his crazy bets.

And . . . she’s back!

Cici: Welcome back, Jung Hee! So glad you found your backbone . . . I was a little worried there for a while. Way to step in and diffuse a fight by removing the cause. I think I love you again.

Firnlambe: Me too! I was so happy when she declared she’d sue the company if they didn’t give her an adequate reason for firing her.

Only: Indeed. No one deserves to be fired because their boss was harassing them. I'm glad she fought back on this one.

Cici: I did love the look on Pil Sang’s face when she stood up to him like that. He totally underestimated her.

♫ Go on and kiss de girl ♫

Cici: And that’s how that’s done. Thank you, Young Dal, for the demonstration. And thank you, Jung Hee, for closing your eyes and actually responding. K-Drama may never be the same.

Only: What?!?? Did she actually kiss him back? And the world didn't end? Scandalous!

Firnlambe: Omo! An actual kiss back?! Such a rare occurrence in drama land. To be honest, we can’t really blame her though. I mean--if Jaejoong kissed me, I'm sure I’d kiss back as well . . . just saying.

Cici: Sigh . . . one more k-drama scene to put on the replay list.

Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

Only: Oh, Dong Soo. You could have prepared poor Young Dal for this news a little bit. Sat him down, maybe taken him for a drink first. Instead, with his usual charge-first-and-think-later attitude, Dong Soo drops a bomb on him, while he’s standing in the hallway of the casino, fresh from his triumph over the defeated Yang Ha. I think the look on Young Dal’s face might be the very definition of “mixed feelings”.

Cici: Yeah, kinda took the wind right out of his sails. But that’s OK. There’s a fresh breeze blowing these three closer and closer to the Avengers’ port. I really hope I called this one correctly. Fighting!

Firnlambe: Me too! And it’s really starting to look like you have indeed predicted correctly. Yang Ha won’t be too keen on helping them out right away of course--but I think the fact that they sent in Shin Hye to drop this physiological bomb on him was the correct course. She’s someone he trusts, and having it come from her will go a long way in having him be willing to help.

So, Triangle fans, how did this episode hit you? Were you as pleased as we were with all the feels and reveals? What parts moved you the most? Do you have a favorite character you are rooting for? How do you think the final action will play out? Stay with us through the end of July to find out, and be sure to share your predictions and thoughts in the comments below.

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