Welcome back to the Drama Club for Triangle! This week, Young Dal and Jung Hee finally go on another date! But it's not all hearts and flowers, as Yang Ha decides to go to jail for the Chairman, and Young Dal finally tells him the truth about his adoption. Join us as we discuss the ups and downs of episode 21!

Cici: Just when I think I couldn’t possibly love Young Dal any more, he goes and surprises me. I may never be able to go on a picnic again.

Firnlambe: Oh, that date scene was so picture perfect!

Cici: Yeah, I was kind of hoping they were going to drop something romantic, like daisy chains or four leaf clovers, off the bridge. But serious conversation is a close runner-up. Maybe even better.

Only: The date was pretty sweet, but not as sweet as the moment when Young Dal tells Yang Ha about the fact that they’re brothers. It took 21 episodes, but we finally got here.

Heed your brothers warning . . . before its too late

Firnlambe: This scene really struck a cord with me and pushed me into finally starting to like Yang Ha's character. His facial expression at the end was one that clearly stated that what Young Dal said struck him on a personal level, even if he didn't know or understand why. The writers for this series definitely have a gift at making you second guess your opinion of a character at a moment's notice.

Only: I just couldn't let this moment pass by without mentioning Young Dal's spectacular shirt.

Cici: He has gotten some pretty amazing wardrobe choices in this drama. We could probably devote a whole post to them. But about this part of the episode--it's just painful to watch him try to get his brother to choose an honorable path without actually telling him the reason.

I don’t know whose face I want to punch more

Only: Honestly, just when I thought this guy couldn’t get any worse, Secretary Kim decides to come clean to the Chairman and spill the beans about Yang Ha’s origins. Really? Really? Secretary Kim, what the hell are you thinking? Are you thinking this evil, one-dimensional villain of a man is going to turn around and say “Hey, Yang Ha’s my kid and I love him anyway”? More importantly, writers, what the hell are you thinking? Please get rid of this guy before I throw my screen out the window! It’s new and I don’t want to buy another one.

Cici: I am continuously amazed at how a sincere desire to make amends can get so twisted and result in such blatant stupidity. I just want them both to go away before they can do any more harm. Maybe one of them could get amnesia, and the other could get struck by a hit-and-run driver? Hey writers, what’s the use of having these well-loved tropes if you’re not going to use them?


Only: Well, I'm glad they finally put this side story to bed. I really hope Yang Ha is serious about not bothering Jung Hee anymore, though this is a little late. Writers, I know this is supposed to make Yang Ha more sympathetic, but you're going to have to give me a little more than this to like about him, tortured past notwithstanding.

Date agenda: Feed him first, then tell him how to run his life. Not your typical first date.

Cici: So I just have to ask: is it considered normal in Korea for people on a date to feed each other? I admit it makes for some pretty adorable scenes, but it still seems a little bit weird to me.

I actually had to applaud Jung Hee for the courageous way she brought up a subject that had obviously been on her mind for some time. Especially one that could have brought their first date to a disastrous end. It was just a little heartbreaking to see how seriously Young Dal considered her suggestion, even though he is aware of far more details about his relationship to Yang Ha than she is. I wonder when he’s going to fill her in.

Only: I have no idea, but someone feeding me is my ideal date, so I’ll take it anyway. As for filling her in, I suspect it’s not too far off. Once a secret’s out, it’s pretty much out.

And the award for parent of the year goes to . . .

Firnlambe: Seriously . . . how does this man live with himself? Actually, the better question is--how does his wife stand living with him? It's obvious that Chairman Yoon has never been an attentive father figure for her son. If I were her, and I truly loved my son--even with him being adopted--I would have left his sorry ass YEARS ago. And if, for some God forsaken reason, I had stayed with the chairman until this point . . . the fact that he had my son take the fall for the company while knowing it could potentially send him to jail, would have been the last straw.

I'm hoping this will open Dong Woo's eyes that his "father" doesn't care about his well being, not in the slightest.

Cici: I’ve actually been wondering about the absent mother for some time. We’ve never seen her, have we? Maybe she fled a long time ago, or maybe she died a tragic death. Maybe the chairman convinced her to take a rap for him, and she's still in jail, establishing a cherished family tradition. Inquiring minds want to know.

No, I am your father . . . I mean brother . . .

Cici: I’m so glad I don’t have to sit through any more episodes watching Dong Soo and Young Dal being tormented about whether or not to tell Yang Ha about his true origins. There was no way Young Dal was going to be able to “erase him from my heart” and continue to go for revenge. And I love that he couldn’t just walk on by and watch Yang Ha being duped and taken advantage of by Chairman Yoon, either. But now the pressing question of the moment is, are we going to have to start calling Young Dal and Yang Ha by their birth names? ‘Cause I don’t know about you, but this guy will always be Young Dal to me.

Firnlambe: The look on Yang Ha’s, now Dong Woo’s, face was almost as heart wrenching as the one on Young Dal’s face.

Only: I can’t believe they were even considering not telling him. I’m so glad they didn’t drag that out any longer.

Did you sigh with happiness when Jung Hee and Young Dal went hiking on their date? Maybe you cried when Young Dal finally told Yang Ha the truth? Do you have any guesses as to why Yang Ha's mother isn't around to protect him and what do you think his next move should be? Will he decide to join forces with his brothers to avenge their father's death or will he stand by the Chairman till the bitter end? Let us know your thoughts and concerns in the comments below!

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