Welcome back to the Drama Club for Triangle! It's an emotional ride for all three of our brothers, as Yang Ha struggles with the truth about his parentage, Young Dal struggles with the consequences his actions have brought on his family, and Dong Soo struggles with his guilt. Join us as we discuss episode 22!

Only: It's episode 22 and all three brothers know the truth! We finally made it! I hope they start on their revenge soon, because it seems like Go Bok Tae and Chairman Yoon have hardly been troubled so far.

Firnlambe: Thank goodness we were blessed with a two episode extension. The way things were/are going I don't think we would have been able to fit everything that needs to be covered into a single week--so the fact that we now have 4 episodes left is very reassuring.

Cici: I'm happy things are going so well between Young Dal and Jung Hee, but now I feel greedy. I want more! I guess we'll have to wait for the final episodes for that, though. I know, revenge and justice first, lovey dovey stuff last. Let's go guys! Make it count!

The truth will set you free

Firnlambe: Just look at his face T^T I want to give him a hug and tell him everything will be alright. God . . . I can't even imagine how hurt he must be feeling. Kudos to Siwan for giving this scene the necessary realism it needed to pull at our heartstrings.

Cici: I couldn't believe Secretary Kim was going to try to continue playing the "I don't know," card. His flip to a full confession was a little startling, but better than nothing. And Yang Ha, I'm even starting to like you. May I PLEASE call you Dong Woo?

Only: Yes, credit to Im Siwan; he really hits the emotional notes here. Too bad Secretary Kim isn't gone yet.

Revenge: not so sweet

Cici: Poor Young Dal. He’s worked so hard to get his revenge on the people that ruined his family, only to find out that he’s harming the younger brother he vowed to protect. Instead of being sweet, revenge has turned out to be a bitter pill to swallow. At least Jung Hee knows what’s going on now. I hope her compassionate point of view will bring comfort and a voice of reason for both brothers.

Firnlambe: Indeed . . . things could turn out so much worse if Jung Hee wasn't around to keep our boys stable.

Only: I agree with everything both of you just said, but I'm not convinced about this shirt-suit combination. The colours are jarring.

What’s in a name?

Cici: A rose by any other name may smell as sweet, but Yang Ha isn’t about to turn his back on Chairman Yoon, the only father he has any memories of, in order to acknowledge his brothers. So he certainly won’t accept his real name. He is clinging so desperately to the hope that taking the fall for the chairman will at last win him a loving relationship. Sorry, Yang Ha. Not gonna happen.

Only: Well, it would have been patently ridiculous for Yang Ha to turn around and immediately ditch the admittedly evil father he’s had his whole life for two brand new brothers that he only knows as enemies. On the other hand, I hope he doesn’t cling to the Chairman to the bitter end.

Firnlambe: Agreed . . . but my Kdrama plot senses are tingling here--This confrontation took place in front of Team Leader Bae, I have a sinking feeling that this will help Pil Sang in the near future.

Awwww . . .

Firnlambe: I love this new brother relationship . . . it took Young Dal some time to earn the families trust, and seeing the once cold dongsaeng get comfortable enough with him to call him brother-in-law and shamelessly ask for money was very endearing. I can't wait for the reaction everyone will have when it finally comes to light that he's actually Dong Chul.

Cici: We needed a little heart-warming scene about now, and this one certainly provided it.

Only: This kid is going places, I'm telling you.

Always listen to your hyung

Only: Yang Ha is having another rough episode, as he almost lands in jail, finally learns the truth of his parentage, and can’t seem to shake two persistent brothers who just want to protect him from his own bad decisions. Yang Ha didn’t listen to Young Dal’s warnings, so here’s hoping he’ll listen to Dong Soo’s sincere regrets. Either way, I’m glad they finally gave Dong Soo something to do besides wear fancy clothes.

Cici: Or guilty whining. Although that’s kind of what he’s still doing. At least maybe now all that guilt will be productive. He is so sincere . . . I think his approach is far more likely to have the desired impact on Yang Ha than Young Dal’s “Hey, stupid, do you realize what you’re doing?” tact.

Firnlambe: It probably doesn't hurt that he is the eldest . . . and never actually competed with Dong Woo over a girl like Young Dal did.

Daaaaaaad, you’re embarrassing me!

Only: I hope this look of surprise means that Yang Ha has figured out that his adopted father is playing him for a fool, because honestly, when are they going to get on with this revenge business?

Firnlambe: Oh dear LORD, I hope that’s what this expression means. It’s about time he faces the reality of the situation.

Cici: The fact that the chairman is acting so out of character must make him realize that he is being anything but sincere. Giving up the dream of winning daddy’s love is still gonna be tough, but I think he’s finally getting closer.

Young Dal and Yang Ha react to the ending of “Doctor Stranger”

Cici: OK, Yang Ha. You already knew what your daddy was capable of. Now it’s time to decide whether you’re going to let him get away with murder again. Cause he just told you Young Dal was next. What more will it take for you to realize just how evil that man is? Act now, or regret it for the rest of your life.

Only: On a side note, can the Chairman and Go Bok Tae not afford better assassins than this? They keep injuring people versus killing them. Back to the point, yes, Yang Ha has to make some quick decisions here, whether to let Chairman Yoon's murderous rampage continue, or to save Young Dal. It's finally time to pick sides, Yang Ha.

Firnlambe: If you hadn't already noticed, I've decided that when Yang Ha is not being a jerky spoiled brat I'll refer to him by his new(old) name. That being said, the look of concern on Dong Woo’s face is a very promising reaction from him. Like Cici said, he knows what evil dad has potentially planned for Young Dal and after his conversation with Dong Soo it's obvious that he's having second thoughts on who he should stand with.

Did you laugh at Jung Hee's shameless brother sponging off Young Dal? Did you cry with Yang Ha as his life turned upside down? Were you angry when Chairman Yoon tried to act like a dad? Let us know how you felt in this emotional roller coaster of an episode in the comments below!

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