Welcome to episode 23 of Triangle! Even though true love is finally the victor for one of our brothers, there are still plenty of questions to be answered and fates that still need to be decided. So come on in--and hang on!

Only: How cute are Jung Hee and Young Dal in this episode? I think it was the only happy moment.

Firnlambe: I agree, it was nice that they focused on them a bit more than the other plot points.

Cici: Ah, the power of love! I’m a sucker for surprise romantic loops that tie in past events with the present and wrap everything up in a tidy little bow. Any predictions as to whether the happy endings are actually going to make it to the final episode?

Firnlambe: I have faith in these writers that at least one person is going to end up happy. Ideally I want all three to be happy, but if I have to settle on only one person I vote Young Dal.

Only: I’m pretty convinced at least one of them is not going to make it, but I suspect it’ll be Dong Soo.

I don’t like you, I don’t care about you . . . and I don’t really mean a word I’m saying

Cici: Young Dal is actually pretty terrible at being a big brother. I mean, really, what kind of reaction did he expect to get when he threatens to ruin Yang Ha if he doesn’t turn his back on the father he’s tried his entire life to emulate? I wish he’d take a lesson from Dong Soo and actually show his more tender, caring side. He should be smart enough to realize by now that bullying Yang Ha will only put him on the defensive. And the sad thing is, they really do care about each other.

Hmmm . . . . where to begin . . .

Only:Yoo Jin was straightforward with Yang Ha from the start, and he repaid her by playing her for a fool. It’s no wonder she’s making him work for her forgiveness. She asked him to wow her with his sincerity, and his effort was to buy her some makeup. That’s pitiful, Yang Ha. That is straight up pitiful. I may be the only one, but I actually like these two together, so I hope he manages to find some sincerity to give her.

On a side note, what the heck is she wearing in this scene? Is that a pleated capelet attached to her shirt?


Cici: This has got to be one of the cutest and most re-playable scenes in history. Jung Hee nailed it, and Young Dal/Dong Chul’s reaction was just priceless. First loves don’t become lasting eternal loves very often in KDrama land, but when they do, the sweetness is just about enough to give you a cavity!

Only: My reaction to this scene is best summed up by Chinodraws from DeviantArt:

The gift that keeps on giving

Firnlambe: Ahn Chang Bong is seriously the best thing that’s happened to Young Dal outside of him finding his family. His support has been the cornerstone of everything He’s done. I love that He took Young Dal under his wing so naturally, plus It’s incredible how more foresight he had on what Young Dal would need if ever he should be taken out of the picture. By leaving Young Dal the means to stay at Dae-Jung Casino without his influence to secure him there, we are shown just how smart and quick on his feet Ahn Chang Bong truly is. I just really hope they don’t kill him off, I think that would be too much for Young Dal to handle at this point.

Cici: I’ve loved Ahn Chang Bong from the moment he first opened his mouth in Episode 11. I really hope he makes it! I don't for a moment believe he will, but I can still hope.

The three most beautiful words in the English language: “You were right.”

Only: Oh, Shin Hye, ever the voice of reason. Dong Soo is so single-minded that I don’t suppose it’s occurred to him that he can’t hang around plotting revenge forever, so I guess a nudge in the direction of the future is warranted. While I’m pretty convinced Dong Soo isn’t going to make it out of this series alive, I’ve been known to be wrong, so he probably should start making plans for the future.

Firnlambe: If they kill off Dong Soo, after putting him through all this, I’ll be pissed. Let this man have a happy ending please!

Cici: I’m with you, Firnlambe. And I love Shin Hye so much, I want her to have her happy ending as well.

Only: But this is a melodrama, right? Revenge never leads to a perfect happy ending.

CiCi: *Sticking fingers in ears and glaring in Only's general direction* Bite your tongue.

Look out! Behind you! MOVE!

Firnlambe: I’m sorry . . . but it's late at night, no one is around, and I’m fairly sure you would have been able to hear a pin drop. So could someone please explain to me how Young Dal is unable to notice that a car is rapidly rushing towards him? Normally if one hears a car starting, or the sound of screeching tires close by, your attention would automatically turn towards the sound . . . right?

Cici: It does seem weird that he’s so preoccupied about meeting her that he doesn’t even notice that he’s about to get run down. Actually, I was pretty amazed that they would try the same MO after failing to kill Ahn Chang Bong. Shows a distinct lack of imagination.

Well Triangle fans, we only have three more episodes left. What will it take for the three brothers to finally decide to work as a team? Do you foresee any happy or tragic endings? Will the inept assassins finally succeed in killing off someone? Or will an unexpected hero rise up to save the day? And what is your take on Yoo Jin's outfit? We welcome your comments and predictions in the section below!

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