Welcome to the Drama Club for Triangle! Stay tuned as Cici plots out the perfect happy ending, the brothers lose the mother they barely knew, and Yang Ha takes some steps towards becoming a human being, just in time for a threat to his life. Hang on, folks, as we discuss the ups and down of Episode 24!

Cici: Ack! There’s too much! Even though we get a two episode extension, it still feels like they are cramming so much into each episode in an effort to tie things up.

Firnlambe: Yeah . . . . . they dragged their feet too much at the beginning and they’re paying for it now.

Cici: I wonder if they’ll try to squeeze in a “one year later” time jump in the last episode. In a perfect world Young Dal is running the casino while happily married to Jung Hee, who is pregnant with twins. Jun Ho is promoted to director, and Jang Soo and Jerry leave for Macau to run a new casino there.

Yang Ha is heading up the new resort project with Yoo Jin, who is demanding all his attention so he forgets his painful past. Dong Soo is still in America, married to Shin Hye, and playing doting papa to their first child while she completes her training.

Grandma becomes an international jetsetter, traveling first class between the fancy digs of the three brothers, with Jung Hee’s two brothers in tow. In her spare time she teaches them both to cook her fabulous spicy pork, and they start an international restaurant chain.

Meanwhile Chairman Yoon and Pil Sang are serving life sentences and fighting over who gets the toothbrush to clean the prison latrine. Madame Min’s perpetually incarcerated husband makes sure they both get their daily beatings for their treatment of Ahn Chang Bong. Go Bok Tae suffers a stroke when sprayed by his arch nemesis, Suzy Skunk, and is reduced to a growling vegetative state.

OK, I think I’m done.

Only: That’s perfect. I don’t even need to watch the ending now! Done!

Resistance is futile

Only: It’s ridiculous to expect Yang Ha to suddenly change allegiances without some inner conflict, so I guess I’ll have to forgive him for holding up the revenge part of this revenge drama. Though, from the looks of things, Young Dal’s sincerity is wearing him down.

Firnlambe: Yeah, that was a bit ridiculous on Young Dal’s part. But thanks to his persistence, I'm totally ok with calling Yang Ha--Dong Woo from now on. The look in his eyes as he talks with Young Dal doesn’t scream HATE like it used to, instead all I see now is steadily growing affection for his brother.

Granted my rosy outlook maaaay have something to do with the fact that they were playing Jaejoong’s OST song as the background music lol

Only: Is it that song again? I was wondering why the singer’s voice sounded so familiar.

Firnlambe: Man I belt along to that song every single time it's played. . . horrible pronunciation and all

Cici: *shifty eyes* how . . . weird . . . yeah, me too.

Forgiveness doesn’t excuse their behavior . . . forgiveness prevents it from destroying your heart.

Cici: Grandma never lets me down. I was a little startled by the way she brought up the mother issue, but when I thought about it, it was sort of a natural extension of the whole finding his family theme. I was also touched by the way she explained the mom’s situation, not to excuse her, but to make compassion and forgiveness possible for Dong Chul and his brothers.

Firnlambe: This scene was everything I thought it would be. Completely filled with happy memories from times long past . . . but I was not expecting grandma to bring up their mother. Thankfully, Dong Chul took everything in stride and didn't let on that he had already done this and was greatly disappointed.

Only: However abrupt it was, I'm glad someone explained something here, because Mom and Dong Soo spent their reunion weeping instead of talking. Thanks, Grandma!

Don't! Stop! Don't stop!

Firnlambe: THIS!!!! This is what I’ve been waiting for . . . more Go Bok Tae beatings ^-^ I really do love that Young Dal has been able to gain the trust and respect from both Madam Min and Man Bok to the point that they honestly care and listen to his opinions. It really showcases how capable he is.

Only: Madam Min has a serious temper on her. Much as I enjoy watching him get kicked around, I can't wait for Go Bok Tae to be gone from this series; he's such a lame villain.

Cici: I’m glad that Young Dal sees the bigger picture and is less impulsive. It would be a mistake for Go Bok Tae to assume that this is weakness on his part. Cause when he does go in, it’s gonna be for the kill. And he won't have to lift a finger to do it.

Drama trope #957: Sudden death from secret cancer

Firnlambe: So this was sad. I know the woman deserved to have some sort of punishment for leaving her sons the way she did, but I wasn’t expecting such a random death. And it was from cancer? . . . really?!? . . . any bets on how many more cliches the writers can pack into these last 2 episodes?

Cici: It’s a little late to play the amnesia card . . . maybe two assassination attempts by hit-and-run = one amnesia? I can never keep these formulaic formulas straight. And although there was a pathetically neglectful mother, at least there wasn’t the villainous potential mother-in-law. Sometimes it’s a relief when writers skip certain tropes. Although there are two episodes left . . .

Only: They’ve already time-skipped, and I’m pretty sure we can expect another one, so there’s that. Though I think spontaneous terminal cancer might take the cake as far as cliches go.

A reunion of sorts . . .

Firnlambe: I am so glad Dong Woo felt the need to come and pay his respects. It show’s how much he’s turning over a new leaf. With this I think the brothers will have an easier time all standing on the same side against Chairman Yoon and Go Bok Tae.

Cici: Kudos to Siwan for portraying gut-wrenching grief without holding back. His face just crumples. Even so, he still looks way more attractive when he cries than I do. I’m a little jealous.

Only: It’s all about lighting, Cici. Next time make sure you’re well lit and wearing waterproof makeup when you cry, and you too can look as good as Im Siwan. Also, if you can find Jaejoong and Lee Bum Soo to take a nap in your vicinity, I’m sure that’ll help too.

Cici: Speaking of the sleeping thing, did anyone else notice the difference between Dong Soo's and Dong Chul's sleeping positions? I may have actually Googled it . . . does that make me a geek or a nerd? Or just over-invested in this drama?


Cici: I loved the way Young Dal and Jung Hee “shamed” Dong Soo into proposing--at Shin Hye’s prompting! It was the one hilarious moment in an otherwise heavy episode. It also gave us a glimpse into future interactions between the four . . . who act like a comfortable family. I was giggling like a fool by the time the scene was over.

Firnlambe: I liked it too . . . but, like Shin Hye hinted at, the scene as a whole felt a tad bittersweet since Dong Woo wasn’t there. Soon . . . soon the family will be back together again . . BELIEVE IT!! ::sly smirk:: (that's right . . . I went there)

Only: I was just so relieved that we had some comedy after the weeping at the funeral, plus this does fit neatly into your ending, Cici . . .

C'mon, bro . . .

Cici: How can Dong Woo not realize that his brothers actually care for him? Every time he meets either Dong Soo or Dong Chul, their sincerity is so thick you could cut it with a knife. It’s such a contrast to Chairman Yoon’s pathological manipulations.

Firnlambe: Obviously he’s in some hardcore denial. Plus I think he also isn’t fully able to accept care and warmth from anyone just yet, it's a completely foreign emotion to him. All his life he was brainwashed into thinking that “Yang Ha” could be replaced. To suddenly have people who actually want to help him and care for him must be a complete and total shock to his system.

Classic villain mistake: Tell everyone your evil plot

Only: You would think that the slimy Pil Sang of all people would know that there are ears everywhere in DaeJung casino. Instead, he just announces his plans to have Yang Ha killed in order to impress his girlfriend, and inadvertently gives away the plan to Jun Ho. And, of course, now Young Dal knows, too.

Firnlambe: I honest to God, shouted with joy and clapped my hands above my head like a seal when I saw that Jun Ho was eavesdropping on this conversation. If they had panned the camera and shown no one listening I probably would have chucked my pillows at the wall in frustration.

Cici: Does anyone else love Jun Ho? Watching him, I’m reminded of the first time I saw Lee Jong Suk in Secret Garden. Even though he didn’t play a major role, I knew he was going places.

Is it a Mexican standoff or a three-way hug?

Only: What do you think, guys? Is this the moment where they finally get through to Yang Ha?

Firnlambe: I think so . . . . the dramatic 360 camera pan is kinda a big tip off.

CiCi: This is the moment they try to convince him that his life is in danger, and that neither Chairman Yoon nor Pil Sang have ever cared about him beyond what he could do for them. Both are eager for his destruction, and his brothers are the only hope he has for survival, let alone love. All for one, and one for all! (Sorry Young Hwa).

As we near the end, what are your predictions on how things will finally go down? Will our three brothers each get their ultimate happy ending, will it all end in tears, or could it be an ending none of us would have predicted? Let us know in the comment section below.

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