With one episode left in the series, Triangle sets the stage for the big finish, with Yang Ha in a downward spiral, Young Dal just wanting to hear the word "hyung", and Dong Soo running to the rescue. Join us as we discuss our three brothers in episode 25!

Cici: Wow, they are really keeping up the suspense right through the final episode. I have no idea how this is going to end, and it’s driving me crazy.

Only: My predictions are already in, but at this point it could go anywhere.

Firnlambe: Omg . . . ladies . . . seriously . . . I have never been so emotionally involved in the last week of a drama like I am now. Dear GOD, I’m unable to contain all the feels that are coursing through my body right now. This show is dead set on killing me, and I still need to survive one more episode.

Cici: Yes! I am so afraid someone is going to take a bullet for Dong Woo. If they kill off Dong Chul or Dong Soo in the last episode, I may explode. Or scream. Or throw something at my new computer. Probably all three. I’m a mess.

Firnlambe: OMG I’ll die . . . right there on the spot . . . I just know it . . . they can’t do that to us . . . I demand Cici’s happy ending dammit!!

Only: Ha ha! This is why I don’t watch melodramas normally; something’s bound to go horribly wrong at the last minute.

Cici: The only thing that would be worse is if they get Dong Woo and he dies in Dong Chul’s arms as he whispers “Hyung . . .” Please tell me this is just a product of my overwrought imagination, OK?

Only: Vice versa would be pretty bad too, now that I think of it.

Firnlambe: If we believe hard enough I'm convinced that won't happen.

Cici: I hope the writers are listening to you!

Firnlambe: And to think when I started this drama I didn’t think I’d become so emotionally attached to everyone.

Cici: I remember thinking in the beginning that I didn’t like any of the characters. Now it feels like they’re family. Curse you, Triangle writers! I mean, bless you, Triangle writers! Oh phooey, I don’t know what I mean. I want the suspense to end, but not the drama. I WANT MY HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

Firnlambe: Hear Hear!!

Twenty-five episodes in and everyone looks really tired

Only: Does Yang Ha really think he’s invincible? Or does he just not care what happens to him anymore? Even if he's not interested in reuniting with his brothers, you would think he'd take an assassination threat more seriously. That said, these are the guys who haven't managed to kill anyone but one of their own assassins so far, so maybe he's got reason to be confident.

Cici: I think he's on the brink of not caring. When he asked, "What does it matter if I live or die?" it was like a little knife twist to my heart. He's so used to the threat of being discarded, he's ready to discard himself. And he still doesn't believe his brothers can or will help him.

Firnlambe: This child . . . . can't we just hug him and then hide him away so we can tell him everything will be ok.

Have no fear!! For Hyung is here!!

Firnlambe: See Dong Woo, your brothers care about your safety. Let's be honest here . . . if someone willing to jump in front of a knife in order to protect you doesn't shout “I care”, nothing will.

Only: They're so awkward right after Young Dal saves Yang Ha's life. Come on, Yang Ha, how hard it is to say thank you when someone saves you from being stabbed?

Cici: I don't understand him at all. I keep hoping Young Dal will break down and hug him or something, but I can understand why he doesn't.

Crazy is as crazy does

Firnlambe: Kick ass Dong Soo is back!! And this time he’s not required to hold back. I loved that he went so far off his rocker that Man Bok had to physically restrain him.

Cici: Yeah, I just might have been punching a pillow right along with Dong Soo. And whoever plays Man Bok has me totally convinced he's a gangster in real life. One who completely believes in speaking softly and carrying a big stick.

Only: Mad Dog Dong Soo is at least better than Sad and Guilty Dong Soo. At least he's doing something.

Yoo Jin tells it like it is

Only: Fun fact that I just learned courtesy of the internet: Yoo Jin is played by Jiyeon of T-ara, who contributed to the Triangle OST, with Shorry J of Mighty Mouth, who plays Young Dal's sidekick, Jerry. If you're interested, you can listen to the song here. Back to the show, Yang Ha is pretty clearly in a downward spiral of depression, when he can't even listen to the few people who seem to care about him. Where's Shin Hye to talk some sense into him?

Cici: It was sweet how she confessed that she'd always been attracted to him, and for reasons other than his wealth and position. I'm still hoping they'll get together, but on a more honest level.

Firnlambe: This was super sweet . . . it's just too bad she picked Yang Ha's crazy downward spiral of depression as her time to confess her love. This mindset that he's in won't even maybe allow him to give any real thought to the benefits he could have by letting others into his heart.

A simple request

Cici: Dong Chul could have asked for anything, and he just wants to hear his brother call him Hyung. What is wrong with that boy that he can’t even do that? I don’t care how drunk he was--he could manage to stay awake through the game, stay awake to promise Dong Chul anything, and he couldn’t manage to say ONE WORD? Instead he just laughs at the request before he passes out?!? This is going to lead to major heartbreak for sure.

Firnlambe: Dammit Dong Woo! What did I just get done saying? There are people who love you . . . . . . Your brothers love you!! The least you could do is call them Hyung!

Only: Full disclosure: I started laughing when he passed out. Sure, sure, I'm a jerk, but it was funny.

Evil to the second power

Cici: So the bumbling gang of misfits finally managed to do something right. I’m so glad they got this on tape, and let Dong Chul and Dong Soo know about it in time to go rescue Dong Woo. I hope. I’d hate to think that Go Bok Tae is so pissed off that he finally manages to succeed in an assassination attempt. Of course, with Pil Sang's added input, who knows what will happen.

Only: It’s nice that they belatedly started to be helpful. Too bad their clothing improved only marginally.

Cici: Yeah, did you notice the florals are back? What's with that?

Firnlambe: Better late than never, I suppose. Now excuse me as I prepare for any and all possible outcomes.

Well readers . . . how are you gearing up for the final episode of Triangle? Do you have any predictions for the ending? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

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