Welcome readers! Join the Triangle Drama Club as we take a ride on the roller coaster that is episode 3. Between entertaining sibling quarrels, annoying, naive female leads, a rapidly growing (yet extremely intricate) web of relationships and a reprieve from the overdose of shirtless Jaejoong scenes, we found ourselves scratching our heads and wondering where the writers were planning on taking us next.

Only siblings can annoy each other this much

Only: This is obviously the beginning of a beautiful relationship between Dong Soo and Young Dal, who don’t yet know they’re brothers. They certainly sound like family as Young Dal blows off Dong Soo, and Dong Soo blows his stack. Priceless.

The King of Hearts . . Not!

Firnlambe: So Jung Hee is an idiot, plain and simple. All she had to do here was drink and then leave, but noooooo miss lightweight (she got tipsy after a few glasses of wine here people) had to open her mouth and suggest a “game”. Are you serious?!?!?! Why on earth would you suggest a game that makes you stay (in a place you do not want to even be in) for much longer than you had originally planned . . and with a man . . . no, a BOY . . . who you never wanted to associate yourself with.

Which leads me to another point, Yang Ha is a sneaky little . . . restrains self because minors may be reading . . . . jerk, and that’s a massive understatement. It’s obvious Jung Hee is no longer able to make responsible decisions, yet he purposefully marks the king card so he would be able to win each hand. Which to me is an obvious attempt at taking advantage of her gah!!! JERK!!! He better do something absolutely spectacular soon, because not even his little "do you wanna quit" speech will win back any brownie points in my book at this point. It is not ok to take advantage of anyone like this, particularly if you're a seemingly intelligent guy picking on an obviously mindless idiot of a girl.

Honey, I’m home! or... No good deed goes unpunished

Cici: This was probably not the welcome Young Dal was expecting. It took me a minute to realize that he was working out (bicep curls?) when Jung Hee arrived home. I think the writers were trying to establish her once and for all as the spunky poor girl willing to face danger to protect her home and family, but really, who in their right mind uses a broom for home defense? I’m starting to see why she was always at the bottom of her class. Even after Grandma explains that Young Dal paid the security deposit and a year’s rent in advance, in cash, neither she nor her brother are willing to accept his help. Poor Young Dal . . . but at least Grandma is on his side.

And on another note, I loved the way his lonely rendition of “Black Pain Blues” segued into Dong Soo singing the same song.

The morning after . . surprise!

Firnlambe: First things first, if I was Dong Soo I would NOT have taken my subordinates obviously successful breaking and entering nearly as well. I found that this whole scene was just annoying . . . no wait, I should probably clarify . . . little miss nosy was annoying. Like I said, I would not have handled this situation the same way . . . there would have been a hell of a lot more screaming and the throwing of any and all nearby objects towards the general direction of whoever entered my home.

And to make matters worse, ( I forget her name so I shall continue to dub her Miss Nosy), Miss Nosy also needs to stop with the "I'm a new housewife" act and pull back her idle curiosity. Its obvious Dong Soo does not feel anything towards her. He's made this very clear. He has also clearly stated that she needs to drop the topic whenever his background history with Shin Hye is brought up, so her going around him and asking Shin Hey directly was extremely stupid of her. Not that she had a chance to begin with, but if she had . . . that would have killed it.

This scene though did bring me hope that Dong Soo and Shin Hye's relationship will rapidly get closer, I'm still not convinced that there is nothing between them or that either of them are not at least a little curious about each others true feelings.

Well, that was awkward

Only: Just when I thought the relationships on this show couldn't get more complicated, we now have Yang Ha being yelled at by Chairman Yoon, who by the looks of it, is his father.

He also happens to be the boss of Shin Hye’s estranged husband, and the patron of Senator Kim, who you might recognize as the guy who ran away from Go Bok Tae at the equestrian club. In case you forgot, Go Bok Tae is Dong Soo’s mortal enemy. Need a diagram? I know I do.

If it sounds too good to be true . . .

Cici: Well, that bubble certainly didn't last long. Time to face the unpleasant reality that some very unsavory characters are going to be looking for all that money. And they won’t have any qualms about eliminating the guys who stole it from them. At least Young Dal doesn't cave and try to put the money back. Remember the Golden Rule--the one with the gold makes the rules!

If Young Dal is really going to use that money to climb the crime boss corporate ladder, he’d better start acting like one. I don’t hold much hope for him handing it all over to the police and going straight. He’s been too poor and too desperate for too long to walk away from the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that that money represents.

The ending of this episode left us in the Drama Club waiting on baited breath for episode 4 with many questions left unanswered. What family secrets does Yang Hal have stashed away from the rest of the world? Will Young Dal be able to get Jung Hee out of the casino safely? or does Young Dal have a dangerous date with madam destiny in his future? Leave your comments and theories below, we'd love to hear them.

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