Welcome, and prepare yourselves, dear fanboys and fangirls, because it's time for another action-packed chapter of Triangle! Join us as we watch this exciting episode filled with an epic showdown between our faithful cops and the dirty yakuza, the sad and tragic story of our brothers' horrible childhoods, the beginnings of a twisted love triangle between brothers, and the most insane police interrogation ever.

Now that’s a sad story . . . please pass the tissues

Cici: So we’re gradually getting the back story for the three brothers. Dong Soo tried so hard to protect and take care of his younger brothers, even resorting to petty crime. It’s a shame he has been consumed with guilt for the past fourteen years. I wonder how he’ll feel when he finds out how his brothers have been living.

Only: No wonder Dong Soo is so angry all the time. If this was my childhood, I’d probably go around punching people, too.

Firnlambe: Poor Dong Soo, this would be horrible for anyone to go through but the fact that he went through it as a 12 year old . . . *sigh* its no wonder his entire personality is so skewed. On one hand I'm looking forward to the reveal of the brother's relationships, but at the same time I'm not because I'm sure the shock for Dong Soo will be enormous. Not only has he met one of his brothers, his lady friend has been giving the other brother therapy sessions and there was no way for him to even know.

Help me brotha, help, help me brotha

Firnlambe: Subconsciously he reaches out to his brother! He may not know that's what he's doing, but the rest of us know he trusts Dong Soo. I'm hoping this brings their relationship closer together, even though one's a cop and one's a gangster.

Cici: Note to self: upgrade to the long-life cell phone battery before getting stabbed and left for dead. See, I do learn important life lessons from watching K-dramas.

Only: Given the choice between Young Dal's bumbling friends and mad dog Dong Soo, I'd go with Dong Soo, too.

Yin and yang . . . I mean Yoon and Yang

Only: You know there’s trouble ahead when father and son face off. Chairman Yoon wants to take a gamble on building a resort casino he can’t pay for, and Yang Ha thinks it’s too much of a risk. The argument turns bitter as Yang Ha tells Chairman Yoon that he feels smothered by his expectations, and stalks away. Ah, family.

Cici: Their approaches to risk-taking are totally opposite. Dad is like “Go big or go home,” while Yang Ha is only willing to gamble on something he knows he can win. Wait, is that even gambling? And neither one is sure how the biggest gamble--Yang Ha’s adoption--is going to play out.

Firnlambe: Now, Yang Ha . . . don't go and try to win back brownie points with me young man, your sad family history does nothing to redeem your crappy attitude from when you were in the suite with Jung Hee.

Big brother to the rescue

Only: Dong Soo and his team fight their way through a gang of yakuza. I love how after this epic fight, instead of going berserk, Dong Soo just tasers Watanabe, and gets on with the business of arresting everyone. Bad-ass.

Cici: I may have squeed when he did that. And done a fist pump while yelling “Yes!” at my screen. This was the first time I fantasized about all three brothers working together on the side of justice. Like the Avengers, Korean family style.

Firnlambe: *shifty eyes* I maaaaay or may not have done the exact same thing, fist pump and all. I’m really liking this new side of Lee Bum Soo. Well it's new to me at least, I don't know if he’s done things like this before or not. The only downside to all this is that once these brothers figure out who they really are to each other things can go either exceptionally well, or things will become a cataclysmic failure. And knowing Kdrama writers, it probably will become a cataclysmic failure.

Don’t shoot your brother!

Cici: Whoa, Dong Soo really has a short fuse! Young Dal’s gambling skills come in handy as he calls his bluff and refuses to talk. Even Shin Hye can’t tell for sure if he’s being truthful or not. Young Dal wins this round.

Only: This round definitely goes to Young Dal. He outwitted Shin Hye by telling her the truth, and held out against Dong Soo’s threats. I think this is the smartest we’ve seen him yet.

Firnlambe: Agreed, he fooled both the sharp witted Dong Soo AND the trained profiler Shin Hye. Now all he has to do is keep this up, but seeing that as soon as he was released his “buddies” can’t keep their lips shut, I doubt this win will last very long . . . seriously, those boys will drive me insane. They’re not more than 100 yards away from the station, with cops passing within obvious ear shot, wouldn't it be common sense to not shout to the world that your best friend just got away with lying to the police's faces?

Here, little lady, let me help you with that, ::heheheh::

Firnlambe: ::arrrrg:: I stand by my statement last post . . . SNEAKY JERK! You're just dead set on making things difficult for Jung Hee aren't you *sigh* . . . ok, now wait Firnlambe . . . this may be a good thing for Jung Hee, a foothold into the dealers room is a great opportunity for her. But . . . I seriously doubt Yang Ha will continue to allow things to run smoothly for her, particularly once he realizes she's living with Young Dal.

Cici: This is the brother I’m having the hardest time liking. The smirky smile is what really gets me. I still want to slap him. Isn’t it ironic that even though he stands to inherit this prestigious position in his daddy’s company, he’s actually far less honest than his street thug brother?

Only: Is it a rule that if you’re the son of a rich guy you have to wear a permanent smirk?

So, what did you think? We’ve gotten more information regarding the three brothers’ past, as well as hints at the tie-ins with Chairman Yoon and Go Bak Tae. Dong Soo has finally opened up to Shin Hye, and it looks like Jung Hee may be able to have a positive influence on both Young Dal and Yang Ha. We may still need a diagram to keep everyone straight, but the relationships are becoming more well-defined. Stay tuned for more action, tears, and romance! Also . . . be sure to let us know how you feel about the way things are developing for our brothers in the comment section below.

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