Welcome everyone to Episode 7 of Triangle, where the feels just keep on coming! Join Firnlambe, Only and myself as we are continuously entertained by hilarious action scenes, intriguing plot developments, touching confessions, and one of the best MALE makeovers in K-drama history.

Just give me a minute to finish watching that gif . . . just . . one . . more . . minute . . .OK!

My father? A killer!? Say it ain't so!!

Firnlambe: Sooo many things wrong with this scene but I'll just list a few. Why didn't Yang Ha just close the door? He still would have been able to listen in on the conversation (they were basically shouting anyways) and it would have saved me a whole lot of stress. Seriously, I was basically shouting at my computer screen for him to back up so he wouldn't get caught.

Which leads me to probably most important question . . . How did either man NOT hear or see Yang Ha come in out of their peripheral vision? He's not even 20 feet away from them, I'm fairly certain that no matter how engrossed in a conversation I am, if a door opened that close to me I would at least turn and see who's coming in, and I would have expected them to at least be a little more attentive to their surroundings . . considering the sensitivity of their topic. Murder is not something to be freely spoken about while in the office.

So, anyone got any ideas on how will this all blow up in everyone's faces? This will end poorly for everyone involved I'm sure . . . and poor Yang Ha is gonna be completely side swiped when he finally figures out the man who adopted him, is the very same man who sent his biological father to his death, thus consequentially destroying his real family.

Go ahead . . . make my day.

Only: Young Dal learns what it means to play with the big boys when his lame posse gets schooled by Dong Soo. Not only does Dong Soo fight them off without breaking a sweat, but he sends them home to their mommies with a lesson in manners. Young Dal has no choice but to confess to Dong Soo about Go Bok Tae’s plot to kill him, and lucky for him, Dong Soo is willing to help him out. The scene is pretty bad-ass and it’s nice to see the brothers cooperating, so I hesitate to point out that Young Dal could have waited until Dong Soo got drunk to set his boys on him. But more importantly, this looks like the first glimmers of a story appearing. Is Young Dal going to help Dong Soo take Go Bok Tae down from the inside? Or is he just out for what he can get?

Patience rewarded . . . finally!

Cici: This scene just made me so happy. I admit that I’m a sucker for romantic metaphors, and this one is just about perfect. This was so long in coming, and that just makes it all the more tender. Yeah, I cried right along with Shin Hye. They are both perfectly aware that there will be plenty of obstacles to this relationship, but they have also finally realized that those fade into insignificance compared to the strength of their love. Dong Soo and Shin Hye, fighting!

Mirror Mirror on the wall . . . who's the most dashing of them all

Firnlambe: Best male makeover ever!!! I like Young Dal in his street thug look, but I prefer the spiffy looking professional attire much more, it suits him better. Now . . . I'm really glad Dong Soo has taken such a strong liking to Yong Dal before they even know they are related. It shows he honestly cares about him plus I'm sure it will help them grow closer when their relationship comes to light. And lets be honest, you don't just resign to make your straw look better in your enemies eyes unless you really do care about their well being.

Well then, now that he has Go Bok Tae trust, I wonder how Young Dal will secure this new life he's envisioned for himself. Here's hoping everything goes somewhat smoothly for him. But now that each brother has figuratively jumped into bed with the men who killed their father (even Dong Soo ㅠ.ㅠ) how many more twists will have to happen before they know who they are to each other. Particularly Young Dal, who's never experienced the family life, he deserves to know more than anyone else that he has family . . . I just want to wrap him up in a protective blanket and let him know he really is loved

Don’t look now . . .

Cici: This scene held several firsts for me. This is the first time I could really see Young Dal and Jung Hee in a relationship together. Their interactions are so comfortable and natural. They’re just adorable! And I never use that word. This is also the first time I felt a little sorry for Yang Ha as he realizes that all his money and power might not be able to compete with Young Dal’s charm. I’m pretty sure he’s not used to losing at anything. This may foreshadow a painful first for him...not that I expect him to give up easily. Come to think of it, this may also foreshadow some real trouble for Young Dal.


Only: It’s amazing the effect a good suit can have on a guy, because Young Dal walks into the illegal gambling club like he owns the place. I’m not sure if going all in on a hand he hasn't even looked at is incredibly stupid or incredibly ballsy, but I guess we’ll find out in the next episode. In the meantime, Yang Ha is looking a bit nervous . . .

Cici: And finally, a nod to our favorite villain . . .

So, Triangle fans, what do you think? Will Dong Soo and Young Dal finally realize that they work together so well because they’re brothers? Will Yang Ha’s willingness to take on Go Bok Tae unwittingly help his siblings? Will the course of true love finally run smoothly for Dong Soo and Young Dal? And will Young Dal’s fashion transformation be enough to carry him through his risky behavior and finally make him a winner? So many developments, so many questions! Be sure to tune in next time . . . and share your comments below!

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