Welcome, Triangle fans, to Episode 8! Join Firnlambe, Only and myself, Cici, in the land where luck favors the reckless, arrogance is coupled with honesty, home cooking soothes the soul, and long-hidden truths spur desperate actions. It’s a wild ride, so grab a seat and hang on!

Just around the Riverbend

Firnlambe: This has got to be the most stressful poker game played in Kdrama existence . . . as a viewer, I knew Young Dal was going to win . . . but there was still this small part of me that went. Wait, what if the writers want to make things worse before they get better? so I honestly had no idea which way this was going to turn out. But poor Yang Ha, his face looked like he just watched his favorite puppy get hit by a car, and then he switched into crazy mode faster than expected. I felt so bad for him, but then again I didn’t because he kinda had this coming.

Only: Well, the crazy bet paid off, lucky for Young Dal. It's an interesting parallel between the reckless Young Dal, who goes all in on a hand he hasn't seen yet, and the calculating Yang Ha, who only goes all in when he thinks he has an unbeatable hand. All I know is good thing they had that guy explaining everything because I had no idea what was going on.

Cici: I admit I was holding my breath, but after Young Dal’s win I was up out of my seat doing another fist pump and happy dance. It occurred to me that this game was more about him figuring out Yang Ha’s personality and just how far he could push him. The money was a great bonus, but maybe not the most valuable thing he took from the game.

The king of romance

Only: You have to give Yang Ha points for honesty. He sets up a game to humiliate Young Dal in front of Jung Hee, loses spectacularly, then when it’s all said and done, he tells Jung Hee everything. I was caught off guard by how blunt he was here, especially about his nasty personality. On the other hand, he’s tried being suave, he’s tried showing off his wealth, and now he’s threatening her. How about trying to be nice, Yang Ha?

Cici: I have nothing more to say, other than . . . really? Is this an arrogant way of admitting that he has no clue what a woman appreciates in a man? Any sympathy I might have felt for him just went up in smoke. He needs to take lessons from Young Dal, not threaten him.

Firnlambe: Agreed, Yang Ha has no chance at Jung Hee after this. The closest he’ll be getting to her, is as a friend . . . and that's gonna be because she feels sorry for him.

This is what happens when you ask for seconds

Only: Family: sometimes they support you unconditionally, and sometimes they slap you upside the head for saying something stupid. Young Dal is so starved for family that he even humors Jung Hee’s shameless kid brother, who nags Young Dal to bring some beef. I do wish he would show the same level of enthusiasm for Jung Hee herself, because the two of them seem like nothing more than buddies so far.

Cici: I am in love with Grandmother. Way to rule the roost with a (usually) velvet glove. I even love her floral sweater. And when Young Dal smiles after tasting her cooking, my heart goes double time. The way she makes him feel part of a real family for the first time in his life is priceless.

Firnlambe: It really shows how much he truly cares for the family as a whole, and that's the side Jung Hee needs to see more of. What I’m worried about is what the bumbling idiot brigade will try to do in order to keep Jung Hee and Young Dal apart. It's obvious that they do not approve of his crush/love (I’m not sure what it is at this point) for her. I'm hoping they won’t do anything and just let the two of them become closer.

The truth will out

Cici: Dong Soo finally learns who is responsible for his father’s death, and it’s both the man who has asked for his help in taking down Go Bok Tae, and Go Bok Tae himself. It comes as no surprise that he decides that if Bok Tae is beyond the reach of the law, he will have to take care of him himself. I would feel the same. I wonder what he has in mind for Chairman Yoon . . .

Only: It only took us 8 episodes to get here, but now that Dong Soo knows the truth, I guess we can get down to some good old-fashioned revenge. And the real time bomb is yet to come: when the brothers find out about each other.

Firnlambe: I’m curious what he’s gonna do to Chairman Yoon too . . . I’m sure it's not gonna be pretty. And the ticking time bomb of truth is gonna be a doozy. I don’t think it will be too bad between Dong Soo and Young Dal, but once Yang Ha knows he’s related to Young Dal things will most likely get heated up.

Take that! . . . and that!

Firnlambe: YES!!!! *jumps up and down in excitement* its about damn time!! This jump into the crazy pool is long overdue for Dong Soo, and Bok Tae totally deserves every stitch he receives. Hopefully whatever Bok Tae has planned won't be too difficult for Dong Soo to handle on his own.

Cici: Just when I thought Dong Soo was getting his anger under control, Go Bok Tae pushes him over the edge. And I was cheering for him with every punch and kick. Dong Soo . . . fighting! Literally!

Only: Not that this wasn't satisfying (it really was), but I hope Dong Soo has a better plan for revenge than putting Go Bok Tae in the hospital.

I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse

Cici: In his own inimitable style, Young Dal uses a high-risk cheat to take down Madame Jang’s casino. I was so worried he was going to get caught! And then his proposal was so cheeky, it made me giggle . . . until I realized that he doesn’t know who the real owner of the casino is. I’m betting on either Go Bok Tae or Yoon Tae Joon. Either way, we know how ruthless they can be. This could get tricky.

Only: Yeah, I’ll bet on Go Bok Tae as the owner . . . but seriously, Young Dal? The super-secret method to winning at baccarat is to know what cards are coming? Isn’t that the super-secret method to winning every game?

Firnlambe: I'm hoping it's Go Bok Tae, because that would gain him all the trust he would ever need. Think about it, Go Bok Tae tells him to rise to the top . . . so he takes over the best illegal casino in town. A casino that has been able to avoid closing down on numerous police raids, and he became the owner by his own means. Granted he utilized a few of Go Bok Tae’s men but he did that because they were conveniently available to him, not particularly because they were Bok Tae’s men

Well, that brings us to the end of another week of exciting developments. What do you think? Will revenge become the dominant theme next week as Yang Ha and Go Bok Tae both seek to recover from their humiliation? Will Young Dal’s relationship with Jung Hee finally develop into more than friendship? And has Young Dal’s precarious climb up the crime boss ladder of success brought him to a position of power, or peril? Be sure to join us next week to find out . . . and share your thoughts in the comments below!

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