Greetings Triangle fans!! It's that time of the week again, and I'm sure you know what to do . . . Last week, Cici, Only and myself were left speculating if Young Dal's quick, yet risky rise to the top of his local crime boss ladder would leave him in a position of power, or if it would leave our young dreamer in a position of peril. Join us as we sit down and sift through an episode filled with much inner turmoil, yet still laced with many a sweet moments . . . which, unfortunately, only makes every decision made that much more meaningful for our dear brother trio . . .

Turning over a new leaf

Cici: Young Dal really is sweet when he’s with Jung Hee. He is so earnest in his attempts to please her! He dresses up, borrows a nice car, and makes reservations at a fancy restaurant out of town. He even thanks Jung Hee for spending time with him in spite of his bad reputation. And to her credit, she does consistently defend him whenever anyone looks down on him or refers to him as trash. She is willing to actually get to know him as a person, without any preconceived ideas. At last he has found someone who makes him see the error of his previous ways and inspires him to be a better person. And the way she puts his mind at ease, telling him that her past is no better than his, really made me appreciate her. Now it's time to ramp up the romance!

Take care of me . . . and I'll take care of you.

Only: So . . . is it just me, or does it seem like Dong Soo may have figured out who Yang Ha is? Yay for progress! He must be feeling a whole range of emotions, meeting his younger brother as the adopted son of his worst enemy. Given his antagonistic personality, I can’t even imagine how Yang Ha is going to react when he finds out, or what kind of reasons the Chairman had for adopting the son of a man whose murder he ordered. One thing we know for sure: There’s no way Dong Soo is going to let this slide.

Outnumbered but never outfought

Firnlambe: I've said it before, and I'll say it again . . . this side of Lee Bum Soo's acting is awesome!! It's always fun to see an actor really understand and work on their character by doing as many of their own stunts as physically possible. Lee Bum Soo is totally believable as Dong Soo and he makes kicking gangsters to the curb look easy . . . unfortunately there were just too many thugs for him to handle on his own. And while I do feel horrible for Dong Soo, being kicked while down had gotta hurt, I felt worse for Shin Hye who witnessed it all yet could do nothing to assist. Thankfully she was able to remember the license plate on the thugs' van.

This is gonna hurt me more than it hurts you . . .

Cici: This broke my heart. Go Bok Tae commands Young Dal to “take care of” Dong Soo, and it clearly tortures him to comply. Dong Soo knows he is going to get beaten up out of retaliation for his attack on Bok Tae, and he is willing to let Young Dal do it in the hope that it will increase Go Bok Tae’s trust in him. It’s a sacrifice he’s willing to make, and one more way that he cements his relationship with Young Dal. But it sure is painful to watch.

Byung Soo lays down the law

Only: The shameless Byung Soo is rapidly becoming my favorite character. Even after a full meal of beef rib-eye BBQ, he still tells Young Dal to back off his sister. But then, I think everyone in this episode had something to say about the two of them getting together, including Jung Hee’s friend, her evil co-workers, Young Dal’s lame sidekicks, Madame Han, and especially the jealous Yang Ha. The only problem is that I’m not seeing any chemistry between Young Dal and Jung Hee; they’re still acting more like friends. Seriously, would some hand-holding kill them? I’d even settle for a significant look at this point.

With friends like this, who needs enemies?

Firnlambe: OH MY GOD!!! If I could travel through space and time, I would slap the living daylights out of this man . . . seriously dude, shuuut UP . . . is that really too much to ask? First your loose lips lose Young Dal the biggest cash flow either of you will ever see, and now *sigh* now you’re spilling secrets . . secrets that could completely ruin Young Dal's future plans, your father, *extreme sarcasm* and I'm sure he’s a man who can keep his mouth shut waaaaay better than you can. How Young Dal places any amount of trust in the man is beyond me. I would have dropped him like a hot sweet potato after he lost me the 50 million won to Go Bok Tae.

Disaster . . . or opportunity?

Firnlambe: This could go one of two ways . . . Yang Ha gets the outcome he's hoping for, locking Young Dal up in handcuffs right in front of Jung Hee. OR since Young Dal has now seen Jung Hee, he decides to forgo any plan he might have had and instead takes a hit to his pocket book, and then just waits for another opportunity to strike the casino. Personally, I'm hoping Young Dal knew they were being taped and has some other plan to hit the casino with. I can totally see him doing that, leading on those around him into thinking they know what he's got planned and instead doing something COMPLETELY different.

So readers . . . Did you tear up when Jung Hee told Young Dal not to be embarrassed in front of her? Were you angry when Go Bok Tae made Young Dal beat up Dong Soo? Or were you on the edge of your seat when Yang Ha met Dong Soo? Let us know in the comments below which scenes had you cheering and which ones had you cringing.

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