Welcome, Triangle fans, to episode 10, where the suspense never lets up and the action just won’t quit. Join us as we watch yet another of Young Dal’s spectacular plays, Yang Ha’s rage and retaliation, and Dong Soo’s plan for revenge and justice. Each brother is treading a tricky tightrope--who will succeed, and who will topple?

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Sometimes it pays to have an inside man

Cici: I love that Dong Soo rushes out to save Young Dal as soon as he finds out about Yang Ha’s plan to trap him and have him thrown in prison. I also love how Young Dal protects his accomplices by telling them to leave immediately, and then decides to go back and gamble (honestly) instead of running. Yep, he’s still the gutsy guy we’ve come to know and love. I can’t blame his buddies for tagging along.

Firnlambe: Agreed! I'm loving that he's taken on his big brother persona with Young Dal without even realizing he's doing it. It really makes me have high hopes that, at least for these two, when they figure out they're related, their sibling bond will be even stronger than it is now.

Only: Young Dal, I have to give you credit. You may not have brains, but you definitely have guts. Putting all of Go Bok Tae's money on the line after Dong Soo saved him is pretty ballsy, if not super smart.

Temper, temper

Only: Oh, man. Yang Ha is going to be a mess when he figures out that Young Dal is his brother, because right now he couldn’t possibly hate him more. You'd really think he'd have better things to worry about than Jung Hee and Young Dal; he's meant to be running a casino, and working on building a resort. Plus he just found out that his adopted father is a murderer. Either he really likes Jung Hee, or his nasty, obsessive personality is worse than we thought.

Firnlambe: I actually felt pity for Yang Ha more than any other emotion, he's letting this obsession to ruin Young Dal in front of Jung Hee cause him to do things he normally never would . . . but honestly, I couldn't help but love Young Dal's blatant "Look at me winning . . . whatcha gonna do about it" smirk towards the camera.

Cici: Aw, poor baby. Beaten spectacularly, not once but twice, in front of the girl he’s still trying to impress. This does not bode well for Young Dal. Because once he gets his little temper tantrum out of the way, this guy is just cunning enough to be dangerous. And I’ll be really surprised if finding out that he has two brothers will give him a sudden personality transplant.

I'm worried about you = I think I love you

Firnlambe: This was a sweet moment for this couple. It really shows how much they care for each other. I hope this was just the eye-opening experience Young Dal needed, that he shouldn't rely on such shady business in order to survive. And hearing that from the woman he loves is sure to make a lasting impression on him.

Only: I feel like it may take more than this for Young Dal to change trajectory at this point, but it's sweet how happy he is that someone is worried about him.

Cici: Loved watching the emotions play across his face. He is clearly not used to having someone worry about his welfare. They say the most lasting relationships are based on trust and friendship, so I have high hopes for this one.


The best form of revenge

Cici: It’s nice to see that Dong Soo knows how to fight with his brain as well as his fists. I can see Young Dal being willing to go along with this scheme, but what will happen when Yang Ha gets involved? Does Dong Soo really suspect he’s his youngest brother? How will he get him to switch sides?

Only: I really wonder if Young Dal will go against Go Bok Tae when it’s not in his interest. But, I agree, this plan does sound better than physically beating up the bad guys, which is satisfying but ultimately unhelpful. Will Yang Ha join the plan? It would take more than just finding out the truth to get him to switch sides, I think.

Firnlambe: Again, I'm in complete agreement. Young Dal is going about it the right way . . . and as long as he stays under the radar I think he'll be ok and his plan will work. It just worries me that he's such a hot head . . . one wrong thing said and he may just blow up and ruin everything

Putting two plus two together...

Firnlambe: Well then . . . I'm sure this won't end well for Dong Soo. As much as Yang Ha annoys me at times, the kid is ridiculously smart. I just hope he doesn't place too many wrinkles in Dong Soo's plans.

Cici: Agreed. He's just suspicious enough to be watching Dong Soo carefully. And unlike Chairman Yoon, he's the cautious type that prefers preemptive strikes rather than acting after the fact.

Only: I wonder how long Yang Ha will sit on this information. He's cautious but he doesn't strike me as the kind of guy to sit idly by when there's a threat. Then again, it may force Dong Soo to tell Yang Ha what he may or may not know about their past sooner rather than later.

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Don’t worry, Young Dal. They can’t put the hero in prison.

Only: Totally random thought: If Young Dal doesn't remember anything before he was 8, and he spent the rest of his childhood on the streets, has he ever been to school? Back to the point, abandoned by Go Bok Tae, and caught red-handed running an illegal casino, Young Dal’s back is against the wall. Any bets on how he gets out of this one?

Cici: Back in the police station he told Shin Hye he had never been to school. I wonder if Dong Soo can pull some strings to get him out. He’d have to be really careful not to tip his hand to either Go Bok Tae or Chairman Yoon, though. I know he won’t go to prison, but I still hate cliff-hangers that keep me worried till next week. Prison is one of my worst nightmares.

Firnlambe: Now I'm really curious as to who Madam Jang's employer is. And this was particularly low of Yang Ha, now that he's promised Go Bok Tae all the things he's wanted in exchange for Young Dal in jail, I'm curious as to how he's gonna protect his father's company. I don't see Bok Tae actually letting this war just drop.

One final note, and it's from Young Dal (AKA Jaejoong)

We here at the Drama Club absolutely love this song!

So that brings us to the conclusion of week 5, where Young Dal has plummeted from the heights of success to the depths of failure, Dong Soo and Yang Ha have drawn their battle lines, Go Bok Tae has shown his true colors, and Shin Hye and Jung Hee have come that much closer to true love. What are your predictions for the next episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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