Welcome to episode 5 of Triangle, where things get even more complicated for our three brothers. Yang Ha is still chasing Jung Hee, Dong Soo is still chasing Go Bok Tae, and Young Dal bounces back from losing the money with grand plans to take over the town. Plus, there's love in the air, as Shin Hye hints at lost opportunities with Dong Soo.

Attitude adjustment

Cici: Well, at least Young Dal realizes that he’s not quite ready to be playing with the big dogs. His transformation from insolent upstart to humbled servant is fast and thorough, but somehow oddly disappointing. I really liked the sassy way he addressed Go Bok Tae before he realized who he was. After the way he held his ground against Dong Soo and Shin Hye in the last episode, I was hoping his sheer chutzpah would carry him through this encounter as well. His immediate reaction does speak volumes for Bok Tae’s reputation in the underworld--even though he pretends to be a legitimate businessman, he’s obviously feared and respected by everyone, even those who have never seen his face.

Please forgive me . . . just this once

Firnlambe: I would be absolutely livid . . . just LIVID if I lost all that money and let's be serious, Young Dal should not have been so quick to let the issue drop. If I had decided to throw my entire existence on the line, all in an attempt to keep that money hidden from the cops, I would have done a few things differently than Young Dal. One, I would have hidden portions of the money in different locations. Isn't that basic common sense? To divide your stash in preparation for the worst case scenario (basically what just happened). Two, I would have automatically tossed aside those around me who are obviously incapable of keeping their mouths shut . . . seriously, both of Young Dal's sidekicks are bumbling idiots who's only goal in life must be to annoy me ever so much whenever they appear on screen.

And finally . . . If by some act of mercy I didn't toss aside my idiot sidekicks, I damn well would have beaten the CRAP outta them. With that much money on the line, you should take the secret to the grave. If you were so worried about dying because of the money, you should never have touched said money in the first place. As far as I'm concerned Young Dal lost his money because his friends couldn't keep their word and kept their mouths shut. I'm 99.99% positive that Young Dal would have done exactly that.

Go home, kid . . . the big boys have work to do

Only: You have to give Young Dal credit: he loses an outrageous sum of money, but bounces back with a plan to rule the town. Young Dal has big ambitions, but it doesn’t seem like his dream of conquering Sabuk is going to come true anytime soon, especially with the ragtag crew of delinquents he has to work with. I think he's being a bit naive about what he's going to have to do to take over Sabuk, even with Go Bok Tae's backing, but at least he has the presence of mind to send the young ones home. Good luck with your grand plans, Young Dal; you're going to need it.

Not the reaction I’d be hoping for if I confessed my feelings...

Only: I hate cryptic confessions, though given the situation, I guess it’s not surprising that Shin Hye wouldn't come right out and say it. Dong Soo is speechless as Shin Hye tells him that she lives alone because her marriage is a sham, and that she never loved her husband in the first place. Instead, Shin Hye was waiting for a certain “someone” who she was sure loved her back, but never made a move. Since I'm pretty sure she means Dong Soo, here's hoping Dong Soo can go from longing looks to action sometime soon, because that was a green light if ever I saw one.

Go Bok Tae looks surprisingly normal without the weird blond streak

Firnlambe: Well, this at least answers one of the many questions this series has kicked up. Go Bok Tae killed our poor brothers' father. I'm guessing that Dong Soo already has speculations about this plot point, hence his seemingly unnatural desire to place Bok Tae behind bars. But what I'm really curious about, is how Young Dal will handle all this when everything comes to light . . . particularly now that he's gained Go Bok Tae's favor.

I'm hoping for a calm and collected reaction, or better yet no reaction and then he secretly teams up with Dong Soo . . . oooooooo you know what would be even better? Yang Ha figuring everything out around the same time, and then secretly becoming Dong Soo's source of money behind his "father's" back. OH, that would be just perfect . . . a little far fetched, sure . . . but a girl can dream, can't she?

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Cici: I really hated it when Young Dal declared he was so grateful for Go Bok Tae’s sponsorship, he would do anything he asked! Groveling is so NOT his style! And would that include knifing Dong Soo? I’m holding on to the glimmer of hope that Young Dal won’t really betray him, that the mysterious affinity they feel for each other will prevent him from doing something he would truly regret. He can be such a convincing liar...maybe he’s just cozying up to Go Bok Tae in order to catch him? Ahhh, I’m having such a hard time giving up the notion that Young Dal will develop into an admirable protagonist. Writers, please, don’t dash my hopes!

What did you guys think of this episode? Were you surprised when Shin Hye sort of confessed to Dong Soo? Were you angry at Jerry and Jang Soo for giving up the money? Were you worried now that Go Bok Tae wants Young Dal to kill Dong Soo? Let us know in the comments.

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