The romance amps up in Triangle, with Young Dal and Jung Hee enjoying some beach time together, Shin Hye and Dong Soo sharing a laugh, and Dong Soo and Young Dal bonding over soju and loneliness. Meanwhile, the boys of Young Dal's gang climb a mountain to emerge . . . as men. Welcome to episode 6!

Nothing says brotherly love like soju

Only: I don’t know about Yang Ha, but Dong Soo and Young Dal are already acting like brothers. It’s a pretty cute moment as Young Dal razzes Dong Soo for not being married, and Dong Soo mocks him for bragging about his seduction skills. I may have even gotten a little misty-eyed watching Young Dal drink his older brother under the table, cover him up with his jacket, and only then remember he’s supposed to knife him. Brotherly bonding, indeed.

Firnlambe: I ADORE this scene!! Absolutely adore it. I'm really hoping this solidifies Young Dal’s decision to not knife Dong Soo . . . I mean, come on, you can’t think someone is all that bad if you spend the night at their place and drink their booze.

Cici: Misty-eyed? I bawled when Young Dal took off his jacket and covered his brother with it. I love the tough-tender way these guys interact with each other. One of the best scenes ever.

*I just have to ask, though--does anyone actually sleep with their ankles crossed?

The way to a man’s heart...

Cici: My heart breaks a little every time Young Dal appreciates the simple things so many of us take for granted. I just want him to have a happy family for once. A good home-cooked meal is a decent place to start.

Only: It's funny how Young Dal, who is supposed to be an infamous thug, turns into a puppy around Jung Hee. Tamed for the price of one home-cooked meal from a pretty girl . . . Cute!

Firnlambe: It is super sweet to see him become such a push over when Jung Hee is involved, it really is, but if my many years in K-drama land have taught me anything . . . it's that Jung Hee will become Young Dal's Achilles Heel. I can see it now, Young Dal refusing to shank Dong Soo and Go Bok Tae taking Jung Hee, thus using her to blackmail poor Young Dal into doing things he doesn't want to do.

Looking at our bright future . . .

Firnlambe: Hopefully, Young Dal is planning on extending his training camp from Hell, because most of these boys still look far from the intimidating men Young Dal hopes they will become. If he takes them into the fight now, I'm like 99.99% the Sabuk gang would win.

Only: I'm just glad somebody took their shirt off this episode, even if it was the gang of mostly useless sidekicks.

Cici: Aw, they look so pumped! Young Dal claims he has a plan that doesn't involve weapons, and it had better be good. Because a week of dragging around tires and eating dogfood, while motivational, is not enough to prepare these guys for encountering real gangsters.

The unwilling Cinderella

Firnlambe: Well, that didn't last long. Poor Yang Ha now has no real reason to associate with Jung Hee without her getting uncomfortable. I wonder who it was that spilled the secret.

Cici: I'm just glad that Jung Hee had the courage to tell him to stop playing with her. He still hasn't convinced me that he's sincerely interested in her, as in willing to make significant sacrifices for her, rather than just considering her an amusing flirtation.

Only: It was just a matter of time anyway: as if no one in the whole casino knew what the chairman's son looked like. The funny part for me is when he asked the manager to treat him like any other trainee. As if.

Flirtus interruptus

Only: Dong Soo and Shin Hye look relaxed and flirty for the first time, as Shin Hye teases Dong Soo about Young Dal being better-looking. It’s a shame their flirting was cut short by Pil Sang, Shin Hye’s estranged husband, because they really did look happy together. I’m not sure why Shin Hye looks so guilty when Pil Sang appears; Pil Sang has plenty to feel guilty about himself.

Cici: I LOVE the chemistry here. Contrast that with the way Shin Hye just closes up when her husband shows up. And the look she gives Pil Sang at the end of this scene . . . well, if looks could kill, that would be one less bad guy to worry about.

Firnlambe: Agreed . . . when this couple finally becomes a real couple I will be one happy viewer.

How on earth did this...

...develop into this?

Cici: All I can say is, if I was having a crummy day and Young Dal offered to take me out for some fresh air, I would NOT be sitting on a beach crying. Beautiful man, beautiful ride, beautiful beach--Jung Hee, can you get any more self-absorbed? Points go to Young Dal for being sympathetic.

Only: Aw, give the woman a break; she's having a rough day. Though, I guess if anything could cheer her up, it would be a motorcycle ride and a beach date with Young Dal.

Firnlambe: At the very least she could have tried a little harder to cover up her tears. Although, this does sort of place Young Dal out of the thug category and into the potential love column . . . nothing says I'm O.K. with you, than being allowed to see a woman openly cry. So there's that at least.

So dear Drama Clubbers . . . which scene was your favorite from this episode filled with twists and turns? Was it Young Dal getting his first taste of home cooking? Dong Soo and Young Dal drinking together? Maybe it was watching Young Dal's gang at their training camp in mountains? Or did the scene of Dong Soo and Shin Hye enjoying their brief moment of open flirtation tug at your heart strings? Let us know in the comments below.

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