Welcome to part 2 of this weeks Trot Lovers Drama Club. While we are becoming resigned to the fact that Joon Hyun has amnesia, episode 12 lets us know that the clues to his missing memories are trying to put themselves together. Suzy, Rae and I have stopped throwing pillows long enough to enjoy the cute moments of this episode and struggle with our feelings of disgust for Soo In and Mommy Dearest as they sink to new lows.


Joon Hyun has found the love contract. Assuming Soo In is his girl, he’s following through on their agreement. Only, Soo In is clueless.

Suzy: It was ridiculous of Soo In & Mommy Dearest to think that they wouldn’t run into major bumps in the road like this. Too bad the contract wasn’t longer like in other dramas with more rules for him to test out.

Rae: I love how clueless Soo In is about the contract because it just shows to Joon Hyun that she’s not the one for him.

Wendilynn: He picks up on the discrepancy pretty fast. What bothers me is that he doesn’t really do anything about it. There is no way I could be so blase about missing months. Soo In saying she didn’t like having her head touched was a BIG RED FLAG!


The hole just keeps getting deeper for Soo In. Her desperation to stay a singer and not go to jail for attempted murder has led her to this ridiculous situation. Mommy Dearest is only too happy to follow through.

Suzy: Like this marriage would even stand a chance! They don’t even like each other anymore, even memory-less Joon Hyun can see that. There’s a scandal no matter which way she turns.

Rae: Marriage isn’t going to fix anything. All the lies just keep piling up.

Wendilynn: Soo In is in love with the Geun Woo. She loses him in all of this. You can see her realization in this conversation. Mind you...she never actually had him in the first place.


Joon Hyun’s drunk subconscious knows where he belongs and he finds himself in Choon Hee’s apartment. Sleeping with his favorite things, drinking from his favorite cup, and keeping the dangerous door from falling on Choon Hee.

Suzy: Bless that broken cabinet door forever creating sexual tension! This scene had me feeling sad for Choon Hee of course, but also little Byul. A few days ago “Ahjussi” was her family, but not anymore.

Rae: In this case, the body wants what the mind cannot comprehend. At least, slowly, his mind is healing itself. We’ll have old Joon Hyun in no time.

Wendilynn: I mentioned it last time. Watch his face. He switches between his arrogant face and his kind face as he jumps from scene to scene.

They have an electric connection

Suzy: Sorry, still too busy laughing to make a real comment.

Rae: At least we know this fan will stand by him and keep him cool! B)

Wendilynn: And there won’t be any embarrassing pictures on the internet. *chuckles*


Finally people are starting to give clues as to what’s been happening the last few months. Finding out he was a trot singer’s manager has Joon Hyun bewildered…..but it does explain a few things that have been out of kilter. Like, say, why his heart beats wildly every time Choon Hee is around.

Suzy: Hyo Yeol finally does something good by telling Joon Hyun the truth! But do you really have to ask why your heart is pounding? Everything’s coming together and “Crazy Medal Girl” is starting to seem a lot less crazy...

Rae: If only Tae Song wasn’t caught in Soo In’s trap, Joon Hyun would probably know everything much faster. At least the rest of the world isn’t oblivious on how Joon Hyun changed for the better.

Wendilynn: Tae Song has betrayed him again. That’s not going to go over well.

“I walked toward your house and saw your silhouette from your window”

Suzy: I know I should find Pil Nyeo creepy, but I laughed too hard when I saw her through the glass. Bust into more scenes uninvited, please.

Rae: Agree! She has her own charm… in a creepy way.

Wendilynn: I also cracked up laughing. Tae Song’s look of disbelief is funny, too.


Who knew Trot Lovers was a remake of The Little Mermaid? Does that make Soo In, Ursula the Sea Witch?

Suzy: Talking about the “Mermaid Princess” kept reminding me of that Mystic White song, but on a more related note, it was ridiculous how they were even pretending that this wasn’t just a story about their own lives. Either way, I’m glad some truth came out somehow.

Rae: Seeing them talk about this was somewhat painful. Each person yearned for another.

Wendilynn: It was a very sad scene. I just wanted to throttle Joon Hyun and yell, “Put the pieces together, you moron!”.


Finally, Joon Hyun remembers singing his song to Choon Hee. What exactly this means is the question.

Suzy: Hooray! Mystery woman has finally turned her head! Amnesia, you’re toast!

Rae: Can’t be more happy!

Wendilynn: Call me jaded, while I want him to know everything now, I just don’t think its going to be that easy. He’s just too careful and guarded throughout the rest of the episode.


Busted! Gotta be careful about those pity drinking dates.

Suzy: As always, these two were my favorite part of the episode. They had some beautiful drunken (and hilarious) bonding. I’d say it was a shame that Tae Song was so upset when he woke up, but it was kind of worth it for that screenshot.

Rae: Pil Nyeo now has Tae Song wrapped around her finger because of this incident! I can’t stop laughing on how it turned out.

Wendilynn: Yeah, he’s caught now. Goodbye Coach. lol! At least the gangsters will be happy.


Soo In may not remember the terms of the contract, but Choon Hee does. After his dream, Choon Hee’s casual caress takes on some new meanings….. we hope.

Suzy: Joon Hyun seriously couldn’t get his head straight. The heart wants what it wants, so just follow it already!

Rae: Fill in the puzzle Joon Hyun! Choon Hee making subtle hints that she’s the girl for you should jolt your memory.

Wendilynn: taps fingers on desk…...waiting…… oh good grief, just grab the girl and kiss her already. We know you want to.


How much of your memory did you regain is the question!

Suzy: *Throws 80 pounds of confetti up into the air* Aaand he’s back, ladies and gentlemen! Hopefully with all of his memories, but so far, so good.

Rae: I hope he’s not fooling around! But I couldn’t contain my excitement when said that statement! *happy dances*

Wendilynn: Please, please, please let this be what it seems like. I liked the shocked look on Soo In’s face. If he really remembers, she’s in deep trouble.

Our Prince Charming seems to have regained his memories. How much of them is yet to be seen. There are just a few problems our lovers have to deal with. Like how the public sees Joon Hyun as Soo In’s fiancee. Can Choon Hee risk another scandal now that the furor around the Assemblyman is dying down? And what will Mommy Dearest do now that the stakes have become so high? Do you have predictions for next week? Let us know in the comments below.

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