Hello Drama Clubbers! We are back with a new week of episodes of Trot Lovers! Like Shrek, Joon Hyun has many layers, which we will all soon discover! Let's get started with this week's episodes:

Nothing creates scandals faster than a camera and a jerk with money.

Wendilynn: I like the beginning of this episode. She learns what Joon Hyun has been doing on her behalf and when he gets his pride stepped on, she gives a little payback. Too bad someone caught the wrong moment on camera.

Rae: Finally Joon Hyun is in the clear and Chun Hee defends him! Their relationship seems to be getting better whether they admit it or not.

Suzy: Their relationship is getting cuter faster than I thought it would! It’s too bad its growth revolves so much around stepping on their own pride, but it’s not like Joon Hyun’s couldn’t use some stomping.

We all know how contracts end in relationships… or in this case cleaning the bathroom sink.

Wendilynn: Look who's joining the family. He’s got his own cup and chores.

Rae: Joon Hyun finally doing some dirty work! He doesn’t have anyone waiting on him anymore. Slowly he is becoming more human.

Suzy: On this episode of Roommate...wait, wrong show. With only a quick montage, these two ended up as pretty good roomies. Just remember, Joon Hyun, six squares per #2 in the bathroom.

Stop in the name of love...?

Wendilynn: Hero moment #3. If he keeps this up, she might fall in love with him.

Rae: Well their relationship is getting much better, I wouldn't be surprised if she already had lingering feelings.

Suzy: I wouldn’t blame her! I can feel the chemistry in the glow from my computer screen.

Oh... how clumsy of me...

Wendilynn: Yes, Joon Hyun, she is a pretty girl. You just now noticed?

Rae: I’m surprised they didn’t end up kissing! But “my heart beats for her” phase begins!

Suzy: It’s definitely too early for a kiss in drama land, though I wouldn’t have minded, personally. Too bad the “my heart beats for her” phase is also a stage of denial.

The fate of these two...

Wendilynn: There is so much adorable-ness going on between these two. I admit, the kiss came sooner than I was expecting. Their side story is just cute.

Rae: These too really have a twisted fate! First, she was mad at him for entering the girls bathroom, now suddenly she’s in love. Their story is hilarious.

Suzy: I guess it was too early for Joon Hyun & Choon Hee to kiss, but not for the fated ddukbokki couple. I’m surprised she didn’t mention anything about their past meetings. More scenes with this couple, please?

If I had someone holding my hands like that I would remember any song!

Wendilynn: My heart just melted in this scene. He’s taking good care of her, helping her out by singing the song to her since she can’t read music. They’ve been backing each other up and protecting each other in this episode. You can just feel the trust building between them. Its very organic.

Rae: This is the most sincere Joon Hyun has been. He really wants Chun Hee to succeed. He totally has her back!

Suzy: This was so freakin’ cute. I love how neither of them awkwardly broke the handhold in a fit of discomfort or awkwardness. This was the first scene where I felt like they really, really connected.

Dad, I really hope you're watching.

Wendilynn: This just made me cry. My dad passed on many years ago, but this scene would have made me get up and call him.

Rae: This scene was really heart-wrecking. Everything Chun Hee does is for her family.

Suzy: This was extremely upsetting, but I like how Choon Hee has no shame. She’s just trying to bring her family back together.

Nothing spews more jealousy than dramatic close-ups

Rae: Aigooooo~ this love square is so complicated. Joon Hyun, President Jo, and Soo In's face says "what are you doing here". Chun Hee is like "Joon Hyun why did you come just now?" Everything is so dramatic!

Suzy: So, to catch up: Choon Hee likes President Jo, but also secretly kind of likes Joon Hyun, and they both like her, but then they also kind of both have/had things with Soo In, and Soo In has a thing for Pres. Jo but a recent past with Joon Hyun...aigoo. I’m dizzy.

Wendilynn: I’m dizzy just reading that. It does seem a little convoluted, doesn’t it? Soo In had a chance with Joon Hyun but tossed him away and he knows it. Geun Woo may seem like a flake but he knows the goods when he sees them and Choon Hee has more substance to her than Soo In. That “strategy” phone call in the car didn’t help Soo In none.

So Drama Clubbers, are you dizzy yet? What will happen to this love square? Did Chun Hee's dad get her message? Are we going witness Joon Hyun's sincerity soon? Tell us all about it and comment below!

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