K-fans, we’ve been taken on quite the roller coaster ride this week on Trot Lovers. If you watched this week’s episodes, we know you went from cuteness overload to wanting to throw pillows at your computer screen. Join Rae and I as we discuss what went on during episode 9 and excuse Suzy as she’s off having her own adventures this week. So grab your snacks and read on!

Joon Hyun left Choon Hee’s house to try and save her from damaging rumors. He quit being her manager and left Shine Star. However, he can’t erase everything between them, as this little guitar reminds him.

Rae::Joon Hyun is such a noble gentleman. He is fine with everything as long as Choon Hee is happy.

Wendilynn: He's been through a lot to get to this frame of mind. When we first met him, he was rather selfish.

Soo In, having learned that Geun Woo likes Choon Hee makes her move to interrupt their budding romance. Don’t be mistaken into thinking that she just wants Joon Hyun to write her new songs. This girl has plans and she will say whatever needs to be said to make them happen.

Rae: I think that she believes since Joon Hyun was able to make Choon Hee a star, the same will happen to her. But in reality, what she's really lacking is the confidence to stand on stage.

Wendilynn: That's what I thought at first,too, until I watched episode 10. I took her interest as trying to claim what Choon Hee had but she goes through too much running Joon Hyun and Choon Hee into each other while at Shine Star. She gloats to Choon Hee; there is that disastrous lunch. She views the President as hers and there is no way she's going to let Choon Hee have him.

Thanks Starbucks! No, wait. That was Joon Hyun getting burned by coffee, right?

Rae: Finally the truth has been revealed! No more misconceptions! Choon Hee, Joon Hyun is doing everything for you!

Wendilynn: Yes, he has been. I'm glad that she's becoming aware of what's going on around her.

Poor Tae Song, the gangsters got to the coach first. However, lets cheer the coach on as she has 3 guys pining for her. Lucky gal. Pil Nyeo again misunderstands Tae Song when he gives her the gift that he bought for coach. Mind you, Pil Nyeo thought it was being bought for herself in the first place.

Rae: This side story is just hilarious! This love hexagon just keeps getting better!

Wendilynn: I can't tell if the Coach is just being nice to keep the bloodshed down or if she doesn't have a clue. lol

But apparently Geun Woo can. It has to bite knowing that your rival can do more in this situation than you can. Choon Hee has just spent the whole night together with the President. (At the train station) Poor Joon Hyun is about to come unglued.

Rae:I love it how Geun Woo is so straightforward with his feelings. Although it seems like a joke, him telling the ahjummas to keep his relationship with Choon Hee a "secret" was cute. And Joon Hyun going ballistics is even better!

Wendilynn: One of the nice things about Geun Woo is that he's not the devious type. He's very straight forward in how he feels, what he does about it. He may come across as flighty or flaky but that's a mistake as we now know.

Check your cavities. Sweetness overload at 12 o’clock. Is there anyone who didn’t squeal at how adorably cute this scene was? Joon Hyun shows that he’s truly an awesome Oppa by showing up to help Byul when no one else can.

Rae: I squealed! It was so cute! Although they're not related, I love how he defended Byul and emphasized that they are family.

Wendilynn: Agreed. There was so much gooey sweetness in this scene that I couldn't help but love it. With all the heart ache Joon Hyun has been going through, he needs his bonding time with Byul.

Choon Hee has just been shown the reason for Joon Hyun defection by the concerned and gentle Soo In ...excuse me while I go choke on that for a minute… *cough cough* After all, it's not like she has anything to gain by making sure Choon Hee knows just how much Joon Hyun loves her.

Rae: I was very conflicted with this scene. I don't know if Soo In was doing a bad thing or a good thing. It seems like her intentions were bad, but letting Choon Hee know the truth was good.

Wendilynn: I know what you mean. On one hand, she is bringing them together but on the other hand, its with the idea of breaking up Geun Woo and Choon Hee.

Joon Hyun has been doing his best to push Choon Hee away to keep her safe. Choon Hee now knows what he’s been up to. In an effort to confirm all this, she calls his phone…only to find that her nickname on his phone is MJ. Wait…. wasn’t Joon Hyun writing a love song for MJ?

Rae: So much revelation for Choon Hee! Where did the nickname MJ come from? But we all know who "Crazy Medal Girl" is! Joon Hyun trying to be slick but not really doing a good job at hiding it!

Wendilynn: Its a good secret nickname though. Only him, Tae Song and Choon Hee are going to know how they met. On a side note, apparently this love song was actually written by Ji Hyun Woo.

Confronted by Choon Hee about his feelings, Joon Hyun holds out as long as he can. Rejecting her by every mean statement he can possibly think up, he quickly leaves her before his heart can betray him.

Rae: He really thinks he's protecting her, but in all reality he really is just hurting her more.

Wendilynn: They are both hurting. They can only fight it for so long.

Trying to put the confusing pieces together, Choon Hee disappears and revisits the special places she and Joon Hyun have gone to. Joon Hyun, in a panic to find her, locates her on their hill overlooking the town. Knowing he can’t fight it anymore, we get what we've all been waiting for. (Where’s REO Speedwagon when you need them?)

Rae: FINALLLLYYYY! You don't know how much you love someone until they disappear. Good job Joon Hyun for coming to senses with your feelings!

Wendilynn: About time, I agree. This was a really sweet kiss.

We've watched Soo In setting up and executing her plans to break up Geun Woo and Choon Hee by bringing Joon Hyun back into the picture. Will she get what she wants most? Will Choon Hee and Joon Hyun be able to keep this happiness they now have? Leave your comments below and join us for part 2 where we'll talk about pillow throwing and episode 10.

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