What's up, Trotters? We are in for a whole new exciting episode of Trot Lovers! There is so much to talk about on this episode so let's get started!

They are seriously on their honeymoon phase! How cute can they be?

Wendilynn: They are rather adorable. They need to do better though if they don’t want to be discovered. They are glaringly obvious. However, I’d love to get a lollipop note.

Rae: I know! How cute can they get?! I just find it funny how they were bickering the past couple episodes to all this lovey dovey stuff.

Secret aliases and a contract about their relationship.

Wendilynn: I found this scene funny. Not only did they make rules for who will pamper whom more. They signed it with their nicknames just in case someone finds it.

Rae: I really want to know how Joon Hyun got MJ. It's the randomest thing. Unless he's making a musical reference and it's the code for calling her a pretty young thing.

Soo In seems to be hitting rock bottom. She’s nervous to perform on stage but now she’s getting cut from it.

Wendilynn: Lets not forget how she got in trouble. She spent all that time working to break up Geun Woo and Choon Hee and the man refuses to stop liking her. What is a girl supposed to do when the man you want refuses to come to you? Having Choon Hee congratulate her on telling her about Joon Hyun was like adding lemon to a paper cut.

Rae: I really wished Choon Hee didn't do that. During this scene all I could think about how much more she's hurting Soo In, even though it's unintentional. This girl needs serious help.

Tae Song must really feel bad for betraying Joon Hyun in the beginning, but he hopes to make it up to him by getting him back into the spotlight.

Wendilynn: I really hope that he just uploaded the song and not the video. lol

Rae: Oh yes! That'd be all sorts of unwanted scandals! Haha! After all Joon Hyun has done for Choon Hee, he deserves to be in the spotlight again.

Mommy Dearest is bad. We all know that scandals with politicians look bad.

Wendilynn: This woman is just evil. No wonder her daughter goes psycho. Look at the example she has to follow.

Rae: Seriously! Mommy Dearest is not letting Soo In have any control in her life and she's all for ruining Choon Hee's.

Dad, you’re not a burden! Seriously, you should go see your daughters!

Wendilynn: I understand he’s ashamed, but their lives would be so much better if they had him with them. There’s this whole stability thing. I also think Dad needs to get involved to counter Mommy Dearest.

Rae: I agree. Although, dad's ashamed, his daughters need him more, especially against Mommy Dearest.

What did the glass of wine ever do to you?

Wendilynn: Nothing like tantrums to announce one is going crazy. This girl is about to make a really bad decision.

Rae: Soo In has hit rock bottom. The start of entering the dark side!

Choon Hee got Joon Hyun’s guitar back! And we’re all happy! *dances*

Wendilynn: This, I think is going to become important later.

Rae: Choon Hee is so happy she got Joon Hyun's guitar back! I'm as giddy as she is!

Soo In is in too deep in revenge, but Joon Hyun is really willing to do anything to protect Choon Hee.

Wendilynn: I hate that she went this far, but we knew it was coming because of family history. *ehem* However, I’m throwing pillows if that gash on the side of Joon Hyun head gives us amnesia.

Rae: I seriously won't sit still if they throw the amnesia card at us!

We all know Soo In you’re not the one who found him! *angry glares*

Wendilynn: I personally think this was Soo In big mistake. She had no reason to be at the concert hall much less become the person who “finds Joon Hyun” and rides to the hospital. She has just connected herself to the crime scene.

Rae: I seriously hated Soo In for this. How can she start trouble then get "credit" for finding Joon Hyun!

Did you trotters enjoy the episode as much as we did and are you upset as we are? Do you think Joon Hyun will get amnesia? Do you think Choon Hee will get blamed for Joon Hyun's accident instead of Soo In since Choon Hee is the one covered in blood? Tell us what you think in the comments below! And don't forget to join us next week for Episode 11 to find out the answers!

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