It’s humor, trot music, gangsters, rivals, and a music president with an ulterior motive. Welcome to the Trot Lovers Drama Club! Wendilynn, Rae, and I are excited to be with you guys once again. We all come from former Drama Clubs and this romp through the genre of trot music should be a lot of fun. We already have a lot to catch up on, so let’s get started!

We start with our family. Dad, deeply in debt. Frustrated older sister forced to take the Mom role, and the adorable little sister, whom you can’t help but love.

Suzy: Our female lead, Choon Hee, is a favorite in K-dramas: a headstrong, yet sweet girl from a struggling, yet close family. But Eun Ji’s acting shines through any cliches! I loved Choon Hee from the beginning, and Byul is just about the cutest thing on the planet.

Rae: I love how the writers started with Choon Hee. She has an undying spirit. Although people tell her to give up (like the marathon running), she’ll keep going. I hope that spirit continues throughout the drama.

Wendilynn: I really like this character. She is not wishy washy or stupid. Eun Ji has a gift of looking like a regular girl. You buy into her portrayal. You are willing to take her journey with her. And I love her spunk.

Modest, unassuming…..yeah, he’s got it all.

Suzy: And of course, we have our conceited, arrogant male lead, Joon Hyun. As soon as he said this line, I was done with him. And by “done,” I mean totally excited to see his character development and what silliness occurs along the way. Ji Hyun Woo will never let me down.

Rae: The first thought I had of Joon Hyun, “Ah! Another character full of himself.” I’m excited to see how much he progress as well.

Wendilynn: I laughed with this character. He was easy to call a jerk. Oh, the stunts he pulls should get him horsewhipped. I’m glad to see this actor playing someone who will have more character development then some of his past characters. His job this time is more than standing there looking good. lol!

Flaky Klepto Oppa?!

Suzy: Okay, so I went from referring to Shin Sung Rok as “scary oppa” from his My Love From Another Star role, to thinking he’s freakin’ adorable in about two seconds of screentime. My SLS (Second Lead Syndrome) senses are tingling.

Rae: Shin Sung Rok is totally different from his previous character. Like TOTALLY DIFFERENT! His character from My Love From Another Star was serious, conniving, Geun Woo is definitely from another planet. He’s clueless, blunt, and a klepto. I’m loving his character so far!

Wendilynn: This character is the whole reason behind me wanting to be in the drama club. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this new character. Talk about avoiding type casting. He goes from scary and psycho to flaky and self deprecating. I love that! This character is the first to make fun of himself. I love his humor and those smiles that scared me beyond all reason in MLFAS are just adorable now.

Deal with the Devil?

Suzy: Oh, Joon Hyun. You shouldn’t have been so ungrateful for what you were given after signing with Shine Star, because things are about to get a whole lot worse for you. And better for us!

Rae: Joo Hyun finally met his match! He thought that signing in with a new agency, he would get all that he wants and continue to live in luxury. Happy to see the President of Shine Star isn’t going to give into him that easy.

Wendilynn: President Jo is an interesting character. His interest in Choon Hee and her mother keeps things interesting. What he does to Joon Hyun is just awesome.

Avoiding scandal 101: Never assume you’re almost safe.

Suzy: This whole scene completely sold me on this drama. Our two leads escaping together, like the K-drama Bonnie and Clyde...only to have it all go very, very downhill. In a hysterical way. Why couldn’t you have just waited in the closet for a few more minutes? And why did Joon Hyun throw off the sheet so dramatically like that? Not that I’m complaining.

Rae: I don’t think this is scandalous, but more FABULOUS?! Haha! Joon Hyun surely knows how to make an escape look good.

Wendilynn: *falls over laughing* I’m not sure what I love more, this scene or the meme. lol Hyun Woo is having waaaay too much fun playing this character and I’m enjoying every minute of it. Oh, the faces this character makes.

And in come the pastel-wearing gangsters...

Suzy: Yesss, a drama with ridiculous gangsters who help the leads more than hurt them. Always good. Sure, Joon Hyun got buried, but it was worth it for all of the humor these two are sure to bring. And colorful blazers.

Rae: These have to be the nicest gangsters I’ve ever seen. I have never seen gangsters help the lead out. I love them!

Wendilynn: Well, the nicest gangsters who will bury you in the ground up to your neck. lol

Our Pres. Jo has a few tricks up his sleeve….including setting up Klepto Oppa as temp President. Just what is he thinking?

Suzy: Geun Woo oppa, I mean...Geun Woo, is in charge now, and it’s amazing. Sure, his dad’s off doing some extremely sketchy spying, but I’ll take all of the Sung Rok in this drama I can get.

Rae: Geun Woo must be the chillest CEO of a company ever. I mean he’s so carefree and doesn’t care what others think. Although he thinks that this is all temporary, I wonder if he’d stay for good after he signs the lead.

Wendilynn: I want to know what our Pres. Jo has up his sleeves. It seems to me that everything he is doing is all about helping Choon Hee have the success her mother didn’t get to have. Even setting his son up as temp Pres. seems to be calculated.

First impressions are so important. Especially when you are the new “it girl” for the company.

Suzy: OMG, I still can’t shake off my secondhand embarrassment from this scene. Though, to be fair, Geun Woo probably should have said something from the beginning. Good thing for Soo In that he’s not easily offended, and I’m glad, because I’m starting to like her too.

Rae: You have to admit this guy is sly! What a good way to get to know one of your artists by “pretending” to be a driver and follow her all the way to the dinner meeting. Although Geun Woo comes off as totally being out of it, I have a feeling this is more to his clueless exterior.

Wendilynn: He may be absentmindedly flaky when its not important, but this guy is on the ball. I love the little smiles when he’s observing people. He doesn’t take himself seriously and that allows for some really fun humor from him. I don’t like Park Soo yet, she was quick to dump Joon Hyun after flirting with him all intimately once she had her song from him. Personally, I loved that her calculating ways were exposed here.

Nothing like cheers from Mom and Dad when one has stage fright.

Suzy: The audition was so sad/happy/beautiful/everything I could have ever asked for. Choon Hee tearing up while imagining her family dancing along had me doing the same thing. P.S. this song has been playing in my head non-stop since finishing episode two.

Rae: I have to say I shed a tear during this scene! It was the cutest! When Choon Hee imagined her sister and family with her and cheering her on, was the sweetest thing ever! And she totally killed that performance! A diva is born!

Wendilynn: It never fails, when the singer is happy, so is the audience. It doesn’t hurt that Eun Ji has a drop dead killer voice.

We’ve had a great introduction to our characters and their situations in these first two episodes. Join us for part two of this week's Drama Club as we discuss episodes 3 and 4 to see just where these characters are heading. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. Did you trip out as much as we did with Sung Rok’s character transformation? How do you feel about Hyun Woo playing a colossal jerk? Let's discuss!

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