Welcome, Trot Lovers, to episode 11! If you’re here, you’re probably angry, and don’t worry, we are too. This week, memory loss strikes again, and evil scheming has only become more convoluted. Let’s hop right to it and start complaining...err, I mean, discussing!

He remembers! Hallelujah--or not.

Rae: I was really hoping that it wasn’t a dream, but I’m glad that it’s eating Soo In away! She better be feeling guilty.

Wendilynn: She is totally guilty and it’s about to go over her head. I feel like this scene should be us the viewers yelling at the writers. “Why did you do it?!!”

Suzy: HAHA, that should be on the DVD special features. I was practically bouncing up and down I was so happy that he remembered, and then I melted into a pile of slop when Soo In woke up. What did I expect?

Do you smell that? It’s the smell of Mommy Dearest scheming again...

Rae: This mother-daughter pair is just digging a bigger hole for themselves. They’re coming up with lies to cover up their lies.

Wendilynn: Their fall is going to be epic unless Soo In gets strong enough to do the right thing.

Suzy: They are weaving a messy web for themselves. What’s going to happen when Joon Hyun gets his memories back? I hope Soo In does the right thing, but I wouldn’t mind watching Mommy Dearest take an epic fall.

Drama lovers, we can’t say we didn’t see this one coming.

Rae: I feel bad for Choon Hee. She can’t do anything with Soo In in the way and she’s back to square one with Joon Hyun.

Wendilynn: I was so flipping mad during this scene. We’ve come so far only to have everything frustrated. And for no good reason that I can see.

Suzy: I missed out on getting to squeal at the adorableness of Joon Hyun & Choon Hee last week, and now i’m greeted with THIS? So upsetting. We were moving toward a proposal and now Joon Hyun’s back in episode 1 (where in the comments section of our DC post I remember mentioning how I would not be happy if we got an amnesia storyline).

Awkward conversation, much?

Rae: I can’t with Mommy Dearest. She’s on the list of most disliked mothers in K-dramas for me. She’s just cold blooded.

Wendilynn: She is a monster. She keeps digging the hole bigger and bigger. Dad has no clue and that’s not good.

Suzy: What’s annoying is that it seems like the whole “accident” still haunts her, but she obviously hasn’t learned her lesson. Expose her, Myung Sik!

Called OUT.

Rae: I really scoffed at Soo In’s comeback to Choon Hee. She said, “if that’s what you want to believe.” Don’t tell me Soo In’s starting to believe her own lies.

Wendilynn: Soo In has no choice, or so she believes, but to act this way to save her career. You can see her eyes shift too often. She doesn’t believe it, but she needs everyone else to believe it.

Suzy: So heartless. That almost-murderer guilt really didn’t last long once Joon Hyun woke up. I feel terrible for Choon Hee, who’s such a naturally good person.

Better check that drink for laxatives…

Rae: This has to be my favorite scene out of the whole episode. Finally, these two are getting along.

Wendilynn: Well, Choon Hee did help her keep on the show and she was going to be one of Choon Hee’s backup singers, if you remember.

Suzy: My favorite scene too! Who knew I’d end up liking Pil Nyeo so much?

Well, well, well. Look who’s suddenly all cute again.

Rae: He is so cute and innocent! Thank you Geun Woo for being there for Choon Hee in her tough time.

Wendilynn: This was adorable. And watching Joon Hyun’s face as he struggled for a moment with jealousy was cool. His head is trying to remember.

Suzy: This scene had me liking Geun Woo again, which I really wanted to do. He wanted to make her feel better for her benefit rather than his own.

Hey, she’s just abiding by the contract.

Rae: The old Joon Hyun is back and he has his guards up. Poor Choon Hee is just doing a good deed.

Wendilynn: You have to pay attention to his mannerisms and face, but they change as he moves from old memories and attitudes to the new ones he acquired later. It’s really telling which “persona” is in charge at any given moment.

Suzy: He knows he’s missing something but his only concrete memory of her is as “Crazy Medal Girl.” Joon Hyun, you lost months of memories, be more suspicious!

MJ? Damn you, K-drama nicknames!

Rae: And let all the confusion start. I hope he can figure it out soon!

Wendilynn: Well if he still had his phone, a simple call would find him the answers to who MJ is, but that’s mysteriously disappeared. What I find funny is that he refers to Choon Hee as Medal Crazy Girl several times but never makes the connection.

Suzy: Having his phone would just be way too convenient for us. We must suffer, it seems. By the way, that necklace is super pretty and my birthday is coming up soon. Just saying.

How long until you think Joon Hyun gets his memory back? Or has it already been too long? Do you think Soo In’s conscience will ever pull through? Let. Us. Discuss!

And stay tuned for this week’s episode 12 discussion!

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