Welcome back, Trot Lovers-lovers! Episodes 3 and 4 had plenty of contract negotiations, jealousy, evil sunbaes, drama, and, of course, trot music. So let’s dive right in, shall we?

“Fan” and “stalker” are synonymous...right?

Suzy: Okay, so the hat may not have appeared in the actual drama, but President Jo certainly has been keeping a close eye on Choon Hee. Aloha, my butt. How long do we have to wait to get his backstory?

Rae: I have a feeling President Jo is going to be Choon Hee’s guardian angel. I mean he’s already “watching” over her very closely.

Wendilynn: This is where I knew something was up. President Jo has plans.

Beware the easy money!

Suzy: Cha-ching! But as they say, mo’ money, mo’ problems. For everyone involved.

Rae: Every time money is involved, people are easily moved.

Wendilynn: What’s that song from Sesame Street? “three of these things belong together, one of these things just isn’t the same”

Buying the kid food does not make up for selling her sister.

Suzy: Part of me couldn’t help but find this whole scene adorable, but it was only made possible by Joon Hyun’s thievery, so I refuse to accept it. Byul has a better grasp on humanity than he does.

Rae: I agree! It was pretty sweet. But in the back of my mind, I found it sort of sleazy. At least Joon Hyun is doing something for someone other than himself.

Wendilynn: Those pesky attacks of conscience. They just get in the way of being a total scum bag. I think the beginning of redeeming Joon Hyun starts here. I loved how he brought all this expensive food and she’s going, “That looks weird”. So good.

When you hit bottom, make sure to go save the girl you screwed over.

Suzy: Things got dark REAL fast when salon rooms came into play. But out of the darkness came a hero! I was expecting him to grab Choon Hee by the wrist and drag her out, but I was not expecting blood and broken bottles. FIGHTING, JOON HYUN!

Rae: Joon Hyun has hit rock bottom, so I guess there’s nothing stopping him now! Love how he comes and saves the day!

Wendilynn: I was really surprised how fast they drop the floor out from under Joon Hyun’s little world. Episode 3 gets dark fast. Everybody is miserable. This is probably the only way to get him to give Choon Hee and trot music a chance however.

When all else fails, get on your knees……...and BEG!

Suzy: Damn straight, he had to beg! But we finally saw some honest emotion, and it was much needed.

Rae: Hopefully this is the start of the transformation of Joon Hyun to no longer think of himself. If he wants to regain the only thing precious to him, he needs Choon Hee.

Wendilynn: Finally Joon Hyun is showing he has a decent human being hiding in there somewhere. This episode really pushed him to the brink though. As tired and sad Choon Hee is, she is not at rock bottom yet.

Mystery money from Dad to the rescue…..maybe she’s not quite as alone as she thought.

Suzy: My heart. It breaks. Choon Hee’s had her fair share of troubles, but she held it together pretty well for Byul up until this scene. At least we know Dad’s thinking about her too...

Rae: I’m glad that Dad didn’t forget about his kids. Poor Choon Hee. She stayed so strong and it was really heartbreaking to see her run around and search for him like that.

Wendilynn: Dad may have run off to avoid the gangsters, but he hasn’t totally abandoned them. This scene was so hard watching Choon Hee break her tough girl shell for a moment.

Knight, Armor…..Yup, we’ve got a prime candidate for SLS!

Suzy: Pil Nyeo is just about the worst for screwing so hard with Choon Hee...so it’s a good thing Geun Woo is just about the best ever. I can’t believe how hard I’m still swooning.

Rae: Geun Woo is odd, but totally sweet! I can’t help but fall for him.

Wendilynn: Nothing like a jealous sunbae to make things difficult. I still don’t get the need for characters to punish based on perceived faults and not real ones. Geun Woo shows that he’s not nearly as clueless as we’ve taken him for. I love how he lets her blow off steam to tell people off at the party.

Bwhahahahahahahahahahahaha!! That’s what you get when the President sees you spiking your junior’s drink with a laxative.

Suzy: Ooh, girl...you can’t say you didn’t have it coming. But poor Tae Song for getting stuck in there with her! Though, the girls’ bathroom probably wasn’t the best hiding place. I have a feeling those two have many more confrontations to come.

Rae: She deserved it! Glad she’s suffering because she has been bad to Choon Hee. I won’t be surprised if Tae Sung and Pil Nyeo end up together. Their fate is too intertwined.

Wendilynn: She totally had this coming. I agree poor Tae Song totally got the wrong end of the deal here. He just always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sure it was an accident….riiiiiiight.She was only your music rival. You didn’t mean anything by it.

Suzy: Oh boy, things got dark again. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a murderer. But was it an accident? Choon Hee’s mother seemed so sweet. More flashbacks, please.

Wendilynn: I wonder if the history of the two mom’s have anything to do with Pres. Jo’s actions? I vote for not an accident. She strikes me as a woman who would do anything to have fame.

Rae: The antagonist is revealed! I agree she does look like she would do anything for fame. I wonder what will happen when she finds out that the woman she ran over was Choon Hee’s mother! I can feel Choon Hee and Soo In’s rivalry brewing even more.

And you thought trot was outdated...

Suzy: YaAaAs! Embrace trot! The amount of effort he put into getting that one ball back was awesome. And we got a cute hug between the leads out of it! I’m liking him more and more as we go.

Rae: A part of me really thinks Joon Hyun secretly loves trot because once he gets started he doesn’t seem to stop! Look at him sway and move! Glad he was willing to go through all kind of lengths for Choon Hee to succeed.

Wendilynn: The look of pain as he starts singing had me laughing. While I like this more human Joon Hyun, I still like seeing him repent a little for what he did to Choon Hee. In the end he gets to save the day and be the hero, so it balances out.

Episodes 3 and 4 took us on a rollercoaster from dark lows to fun highs. What does this drama have in store for us? What did you think? Do you have any predictions for next week? Let us know in the comment below.

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