Welcome, Trot Lovers, to episode 7! We’ve been dying to discuss this one. So much happened: love confessions, fights, more of Mommy Dearest’s scheming...and a whole lot of goats?! The pace is moving quickly, so we’d better keep up. Let’s go!

Finally...a phone call.

Wendilynn: I'm so glad he called. There wasn’t going to be anything that would convince her that her dad was safe. She knows the gangsters want him. It's just a shame that this allows for Mommy Dearest to implement blackballing her from broadcasting.

Suzy: Good timing, Dad! Though I guess it would’ve been better before she missed the broadcast, but I’ll take it. I wonder how the gangsters would react if he came home, considering how supportive they are of Choon Hee, who is sort of paying his debt for him. Hm.

Rae: So happy that dad was safe and called. Gave Choon Hee some closure that her dad is really watching over her and Byul. Hope she doesn’t fall for a slick trick like that again.

Byul-ah...you seem to have grown a lot overnight…

Wendilynn: “Nothing like the warmth of a woman’s bo…...wait a minute... I don’t have feelings for this girl.“ Go on, Joon Hyun, convince yourself you don’t want her…...we’ll wait.

Suzy: Haha! I’m glad he pulled away for the sake of what Choon Hee’s reaction would have been when she woke up, but we all knew he wanted to stay, even if he denies it. The sexual tension grows and grows, asleep or awake.

Rae: I was expecting a classic kdrama wake up in each others arms, but I love how gentleman-like Joon Hyun is being, even if he still denies the feels.

This is going to be a goatload of trouble.

Wendilynn: Cause nothing is going to calm goats down enough to eat like piercing music from a loud speaker. I love that she went through with this. She is not stuck up. She isn’t overly concerned about fake pride. She knows she screwed up and that she has to work herself up from the bottom.

Suzy: Props to Tae Song for hooking Choon Hee up with this top-notch broadcast. I mean, it was ridiculous, but I also loved that she went through with it without a complaint. I’d love to see how the actual fictional broadcast of this would have been edited together. Spinoff? No? Okay.

Rae: At least the goats got a free show! Choon Hee is so admirable. She stays humble and works hard.

Just ignore that he’s your company president. No pressure.

Wendilynn: I was wondering when he was going to confess. Stuck in the middle of nowhere is as good a time as any, I suppose. This won’t complicate her life any…….

Suzy: Nope, not at all. But seriously, Pres. Jo is so blunt with his feelings, it’s hard to watch Choon Hee struggle to NOT respond. I still can’t tell how she actually feels about him, but I guess her whole situation prevents us from finding out.

Rae: President Jo doesn’t hold back anything and I love it! I would be awkwardly smiling if I was confessed to too.

A kiss!! Aaand a slap.

Wendilynn: What’s a girl to do? Two confessions in one day. If you don’t want them, can I trade places?

Suzy: I volunteer as tribute! This episode really put Joon Hyun in first place for me though. He’s still sort of a wildcard, but hey, the guy can kiss!

Rae: She’s so lucky. Where do I sign up?

Love triangle #2, here we come!

Wendilynn: I laughed so hard when I saw they were chat buddies. Can their story get any funnier? She likes him, he likes his boss.

Suzy: The whole Tae Song loving Coach was so random, but hysterical. Pil Nyeo has also become so pathetically funny to me, they really are a good match. I say it every week, but more of these two please!!

Rae: I agree! These two are my favorite side story. And I know that Pil Nyeo is ready for that chase.

Does that look like the face of a happy camper to you?

Wendilynn: He worked sooo hard to get that ban lifted. He got jipped on this one. He gets no recognition for it. However, this really goes a long way on me finally liking Joon Hyun. I’m on his side now. He’s lost the raving arrogance he had in the first two episodes.

Suzy: His dedication to making Choon Hee happy is admirable and wonderful. And yep, this is another scene that sold me on Joon Hyun! He even said he’d apologize to Pres. Jo. But he wants more. And so do we.

Rae: He’s finally thinking about someone other than himself. Joon Hyun has finally changed. He’s willing to do anything for Choon Hee now.

Cuteness. Overload.

Wendilynn: Enter Joon Hyun, big brother and member of the family. This sealed the deal for me. As much as I like our President, I’m no longer suffering from any SLS. This scene was so adorable.

Suzy: My SLS is lingering, but FLS has taken over. Still smiling like an idiot over here.

Rae: Joon Hyun fits right in! I love these two’s relationship! It’s so cute!

Phew, I think we covered most of the important happenings in this episode. Tell us your thoughts in the comments. Team Joon Hyun or Team President? Or...team both? Neither? Let’s discuss, and stay tuned for our discussion of episode 8!

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