Hello drama clubbers! We are up for a new episode of Trot Lovers filled with realizations, scandals, and breaking points! Follow us as we discuss episode 8.

...Maybe he's just lazy?

Suzy: Uh oh. Secret’s out. Pres. Jo knows Joon Hyun & Choon Hee are roomies, and their super friendly banter was just more salt added to the wound. Trouble’s ahead for our leads.

Wendilynn: Let the jealousy reign. This had to be so disappointing after getting turned down like he was.

Rae: Gosh the disappointment in his face! It's going to start to get interesting on how this love triangle is going to turn.

Admit it Joon Hyun, you like Choon Hee.

Suzy: Could he be more obvious?! At least he seemed to be finally accepting his ever-growing crush on her. (Joon Hyun, your smile ain’t so bad either, considering I just stared at that gif for about a minute straight.)

Wendilynn: I love it when an actor can sell it with his eyes alone.

Rae: I know! The twinkle in his eye when he looks at her is so cute! Joon Hyun, just be upfront with your feelings already!

Totally unbelievable! What are the odds?

Suzy: My faves continue to steal the spotlight. Both of them holding those poses was cracking me up. I’m happy they discovered each other so quickly...but what comes next for the “God of Trot” and “Goddess of Ballads?”

Wendilynn: I laughed so hard. This scene was beautifully done. She’s got to be thrilled, he...doesn’t look so happy. Come on,Tae Song, she’s been your best chat bud for awhile now. Its not all bad.

Rae: If these two don't end up together, I don't know what I would do! I love their side story! Now, Tae Song is in love with Coach and Pil Nyeo must be thinking she hit the jackpot because they're together again.

Another low from Director Yang.

Suzy: So creepy and messed up. I heard the camera shutter and audibly whispered “noooo.”

Wendilynn: Yeah, my heart dropped when I heard the camera shutter too. Its like, now what?

Rae: This is a total invasion of privacy. They look so peaceful sleeping, but Yang just has to ruin Choon Hee, doesn't she?

I think she finally hit her breaking point.

Suzy: I can’t blame her for being upset about her opportunities being given to Choon Hee, but Soo In’s going down a bad path. Her mean girl side is out, and it’s angry. Very angry.

Wendilynn: I hate when they have the girls act like 3 year olds and throw tantrums. Accusing Choon Hee of doing what she herself has no problem doing is always a bad sign. I get that she is feeling insecure because Mom has been buying her way into everything, but taking it out on Choon Hee doesn’t help her case any. She’s a good singer, someone needs to remind her that she is good. She’s not just her mom’s stand in.

Rae: I totally agree with Wendilynn. She sings very well, but Geun Woo already pointed out that what she lacks is emotion in her singing. Why won't she put all that anger and emotion she's feeling against Choon Hee into her singing. Maybe she won't have to resort into these dirty tricks and tantrums.

A scandal can end a singer, but it doesn’t mean you have to stop being her manager.

Suzy: Pres. Jo, why must you make me resent you? You’re charming and funny but when jealousy sets in, you’re just unfair. He acts like a scandal with the president of the company wouldn’t mean anything but a scandal with her manager would be the end of the world. And most importantly, he’s taking away my adorable Joon Hyun/Byul scenes.

Wendilynn: After Angel Eyes, noble sacrifice makes me want to throw up. Geun Woo has a point in telling him that Choon Hee’s position is very precarious with Mommy Dearest out to get her. Moving out would have been the simplest option, not quitting being her manager.

Rae: Can't believe Geun Woo threw that card at Joon Hyun. Idols live with their managers all the time and if it was a problem, Joon Hyun could have just moved out. Joon Hyun has been doing a good job being Choon Hee's manager.

Daddy Choi, why won’t you just see your daughter?

Suzy: I’d yell at Joon Hyun for not recognizing our dear old Dad, but he already scolded himself later on in the episode. Daddy Choi is becoming the invisible hero of this story, he just needs to stay invisible to Director Yang.

Wendilynn: I don’t think he knows about Director Yang being involved in this scenario. I understand why he hasn't faced his daughter yet, I don’t like it, but I understand it. However, I think when Daddy finds out about Mommy Dearest, he’s not going to be so passive anymore.

Rae: Especially since Mommy Dearest may be the reason why his wife is dead. Although he remains invisible, his parental skills do not lack. He still shows his support to Choon Hee in the most sincere and humblest way.

Joon Hyun’s farewell to Choon Hee.

Suzy: Ugh, my heart. Their last day together was so lovely, and he even bought her the bow. I KNEW he was going to leave while she was singing, that jerk. He is a noble jerk though. Come back soon, okay?

Wendilynn: I LOVED how he snuck that bow onto her purse strap. As lovable as this last day was, as much as this made me tear up. TALK TO THE PERSON!!! So much angst would be avoided if they would simply be straightforward and talk about the problem to find the best solution. Her Dad left, You leave… boy, you really didn’t think this one through.

Rae: At least he gave her fair warning that he wasn't going to be her manager anymore and that he was moving out. But if you say you're going to stay after the recording, you better stay!!!! The worst way to leave is unannounced.

So what will happen to our lovely Trot Couple? Did you enjoy the episode as much as we did? Discuss it in the comments below and tune in again next week for a whole new set of episodes!

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