For this final episode of Unemployed Romance, we discuss the outcome of all the relationships, the drama's flaws and strengths, and deliver our final verdicts. Was it all worth it in the end?!


Unemployed Romance ends on a completely underwhelming note. After trying to be a little different from its K-drama brethren, it more or less succumbs to being the usual bit of nonsense. The final episode is actually pretty terrible.

Whereas earlier episodes had treated the romantic pain and longing in a pretty low-key, almost funny way, the final episode descends into utter inanity. The whole business with Jong Dae’s dad is such an obvious non-starter. They’re not going to kill him off on the last episode. That doesn’t make any sense. Instead, the show gets to milk some artificial drama and bring some tears that serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever. Then we have Seon Joo’s cry-fest that was not only awkward (she just keeps crying and crying), but also embedded into a final episode (and series) that absolutely had no use for her. Just was she in this series for? She did two or three things and only one of those was really significant. We never learned anything about her except she was mean, I guess.

Ultimately, regardless of its interesting structure and its often funny jokes, Unemployed Romance never really amounted to much. It’s a mostly pleasant diversion, sometimes a bit of nonsense, sometimes more substantial. Can’t say I minded too much watching it, but it’s not something that will stay with me at all.


The final episode played with my emotions, leaving me unamused. What began as a comedic story suddenly turned serious and sloppy. I will start with a character analysis of our couples.

Kim Jong Dae (Nam Goong Min) and Im Seung Hee (Lee Young Ah): This pair caused unnecessary trouble. They previously dated and like Seung Hee mentioned, at a time in their lives where they had nothing so getting back together shouldn't be a problem. They handled their relationships messily, causing pain for all. What made me upset was that they led the second leads, Song Wan Ha (Seo Jun Young) and Oh Yeon Woo (Jung Seung Ah) to extremes before dumping them. I simply cannot accept or understand it.

Song Wan Ha and Oh Yeon Woo: The feelings of the second leads were disregarded. To be dumped at the airport or altar without any proper explanation hurts. Furthermore, the second leads did not foresee the break-up because the main leads were leading the second leads on by not clearly denying the relationship. I hate drama when it could have been avoided. The bonus ending is a semi-consolation for the second leads, but I think it's a stretch that Yeon Woo would take interest in Wan Ha. Oddly, Moon Sun Joo (Bae Seul Ki) suddenly realizes her errors after more than a decade of grudges.

Jong Dae's parents: I don't see the point in creating a drama scene where Jong Dae's father, Kim Geo Boo (Myeong Gye Nam) has a cancer scare. If I were him, I'd get a second opinion from another doctor. I don't find this scene funny at all.

In a last desperate attempt to further minor plots, Jin Joo (Park Jin Joo) has a drunken one-night stand with Park Gwang Pal (Park Woo Cheon) and becomes pregnant. I don't find a one night stand pregnancy funny. To make it worse, Jin Joo has an adulterous affair with Uhm Hyo Sang (Kim Gang Hyun).

The entire Unemployed Romance story seems to be written by Seung Hee, which makes the entire story questionable. What is real and what is fake? I don't care to find out.


This is it. Hmm….you mean this is it? I don’t know about you, but I felt cheated. The ending felt rushed and abrupt. All the things I was looking forward to, happened off screen. Jong Dae was so wishy washy I almost hoped for an alternate ending. He started off okay, seemingly realizes his feelings and determined to reconcile with Seung Hee. Somewhere along the line, between Seon Joo’s apology and Wan Ha’s punch, he changed his mind – even after Seung Hee’s desperate plea. It’s like he heard her, but chose not to comprehend. Then when Seung Hee decides to move on (whether or not that is a wise decision is open to debate), her words suddenly make sense and he makes a last minute U-turn.

Jeez. I feel so sorry for Wan Ha who towards the end still made the best of his chances. At least we don’t see him suffer onscreen. That’s the only consolation. I don’t particularly like the epilogue where they threw Seon Joo and Yeon Woo at him, because he deserves so much better. Speaking of the epilogue, I was confused for a moment thinking the past ten episodes were merely scenes from Seung Hee’s drama. Then I saw her at the airport and realize she made her choice and the drama is a re-telling of her experience.

Another plot line that felt so wrong was Jin Joo’s relationships with Gwang Pal and Hyo Sang. What in the what! I’m pretty sure that’s a pretty wrong message to send to the audience. I mean at the end of the day, the lesson learned is “love conquers all” right?

Now that the series has ended, I personally feel that the format is all wrong. In the first place, I think ten episodes are too long for this drama. There is not enough meat to the story to warrant the episodes. In fact, I think this story works better in a movie format. I was chuckling throughout the episode, amused at the way some of the plot lines were wrapped up. Still, it’s not all negatives for me. Lee Young Ah and Nam Goong Min turn in decent performances. Lee Young Ah looks the prettiest I’ve seen of her so far in her dramas. More importantly, Unemployed Romance introduced Seo Jun Young to me. Since Song Wan Ha is the only character I heart in this drama, it ain’t all bad.

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