It’s the final post from Unemployed Romance Drama Club! Gosh, how time flies. Join us: Maymay, Jhon and Powerz, as we sum up the series by all its flaws and strengths.

Maymay : This weekend marks the end of Unemployed Romance. So, how do you guys feel about the drama?

Powerz : I think it started off with potential, but it fizzled as a romantic comedy.

Jhon : It had some interesting wrinkles and structural things going on, but it ultimately just didn't end up amounting to much.

Powerz : I couldn't relate to the main leads, Jong Dae and Seung Hee so I think that was a major letdown. I did enjoy the comedic moments at the beginning of the story though.

Maymay : I neither liked the beginning nor the end. The middle stretch was a slight improvement though.

Jhon : The final episode is really bad, btw.

Maymay : Generally it's quite a letdown...

Powerz : I really didn't care what happened in college. I just wanted to know the present story line.

Jhon : I feel like it abandons the easy-going charm that it had going for it, and tries to get all sad for a while. Blah.

Powerz : Or serious, which really didn't fit the tone of the show.

Maymay : At least dad's non-cancer fits the tone of the show. Lol. I was laughing so hard when I saw my prediction come true

Powerz : There is something I really wanted to mention. Why weren’t there any scenes of Jong Dae, Wan Ha, Hyo Sang, and Gwang Pal together in the college years? Why is Wan Ha friends with the other three?

Maymay : I think Wan Ha was more Gwang Pal and Hyo Sang's friend than Jong Dae's.

Jhon : People need other people to drink with.

Powerz : I couldn't stand how cute Jong Dae's font was on his phone. Every time Wan Ha texted Jong Dae, we see his text in cute font. I don't think they were friends like that.

Maymay : You know I think this series has four leads but two of them ain't Wan Ha and Seon Joo.

Powerz : Who are they?

Maymay : Hyo Sang and Gwang Pal have more scenes than those two. Lol.

Powerz : Haha. They were really funny guys who kept the drama light and funny...except at the end.

Jhon : So random.

Maymay : My gawd. That epilogue left a bad taste in my mouth. Whose bright idea was it to consider a shotgun marriage and adultery FUNNY?

Powerz : Exactly!

Jhon : Eh. Not that big a deal :D

Powerz : Do you guys think Seung Hee and Jong Dae will break-up again?

Maymay : With that sort of ending, unlikely. Why do you think they would?

Powerz : Because it takes such a minor problem for them to break-up.

Jhon : The series wants to be definitive. They both find success and love, regardless of how earned it feels.

Powerz : I wanted to fire Seung Hee if she did indeed write the entire plot. Sun Joo's writing style fits me more, haha.

Maymay : Lol. Her drama was reportedly a ratings success. Maybe the audience dig that.

Powerz : Poor audience. Why would they want Wan Ha to suffer like that? There should be "save Wan Ha" protests at the TV station.

Maymay: Lol. Staged by Wan Ha campers like us maybe. :-)

Powerz : I'm sure there's a lot of people like us out there.

Jhon : He gave it his best shot. Oh well.

Maymay : Speaking of Wan Ha, I wonder why there are such discrepancies with him and his glasses.

Powerz : What discrepancies?

Maymay : One moment he's wearing another he's not. And I swear he has several different glasses...

Powerz : Really? He must be a fashionable guy then.

Maymay : Lol. I must have paid too much attention to his appearance.

Powerz : Maymay will definitely camp out in front of the TV station. :D

Maymay : Any thoughts to Seon Joo? Poor girl has the least screen time and impact among all characters.

Jhon : A victim of bad plotting and structure. We had to wait until the last two episodes to even know what she was thinking and about why she did things.

Maymay : Yeah I was surprised she didn't get any moment to shine.

Powerz : I don't understand why she held a twelve-plus-year grudge only to realize her faults after Seung Hee poured water over her head.

Maymay : I was prepared for her side of the story but it never materialise.

Powerz : I do agree that Seung Hee should have been more attentive of Seon Joo's feelings if Seung Hee considers Seon Joo her friend. Anyone can tell Seon Joo liked Jong Dae. I would at least explain my feelings to Seon Joo. I also thought Yeon Woo needed to be more attentive as well. Why didn't she notice anything was wrong when Jong Dae was always off to space when she talked to him?

Maymay : I'm not sure. Maybe they are all in denial?

Powerz : The fact that Yeon Woo didn't get frustrated at all bothers me.

Maymay : Oh well we might never understand why these people acted the way they did. Since this is our last post on Unemployed Romance Drama Club, how would you guys rate it? On a scale of 1 to 10.

Jhon : I'd give it a 4/10. It's an okay show. Has some good ideas, but the execution and some of the story just wasn't that interesting.

Powerz : It's hard to give it a rating. I'd say 5/10. I couldn't stand ridiculous plot lines, but I am grateful for the beautiful music and our handsome leading actors. Episode 8 was my favorite episode.

Maymay : I'm going to benevolent and rate it 5/10. To be honest, this show just doesn't cut it. It was amusing at best but those moments were rare. I'm sorry for the actors.

Powerz : The plot didn't connect for me, making me wonder what was the point of it all.

Jhon : At the end, when they were talking about her series getting like 30% ratings, I laughed a ton.

Powerz : I just went wide-eyed.

Maymay : I believe I rolled my eyes. I couldn't remember but it wouldn't be a long shot. Lol

Jhon : Pretty sure this show didn't approach anything like that.

Maymay : Well it's been a pleasure discussing the drama with you guys even if the drama fell terribly short of expectations. Anything else you guys want to share before we wrap up?

Jhon : (might want to discuss what we're going to watch next after this)

Maymay : Lol. Powerz?

Powerz : It's been a pleasure working with Dramafever and my writing partners, Jhon and Maymay. I really enjoyed reviewing the series in its good and bad moments. I hope to see you all again!

Jhon : It's also been a pleasure.

Maymay : Alright. That’s it from us folks. I hope everyone enjoyed our posts as much as we enjoyed posting our thoughts. Ciao~

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