Join us as the Unemployed Romance Drama Club talks about the boss from hell, candyness and the funniest moments in the show.

Jhon: Hello, welcome to the Unemployed Romance Drama Club. In this installment, all members of the Drama Club get together to have a fun chat about what's going in the drama. I'm Jhon. Here with me is powerz and maymay. OK. We've all seen the first two episodes of the show by now. My first question to both of you is what would do with a boss like the one Seung Hee has?

Powerz: *shakes head* I think I need to hunt him down. I would be suspicious as soon as checks bounce. There's no way I'd give him my car without some kind of collateral.

Maymay: Yes. I think she gave him too much credit! I would never have given my car away. Wonder if why he ends up such a compulsive gambler in the first place...

Jhon: He's researching for the drama, right? I thought it was supposed to be funny that he ends up gambling everything away.

Powerz: Only it isn't! He went spiraling out of control, gambling everything he has.

Maymay: I thought it was a harrowing experience watching him slowly gambling his possessions away. I didn't find it funny at all... I thought it felt like he spiraled out of control.

Powerz: His pathetic chicken scene in the back of a truck was funny though.

Jhon: As for me, I would've probably tried to find another job a long time ago. Apparently, this isn't the first time they thought they had gone bankrupt!

Powerz: Smart move, Jhon.

Maymay: They had never gone bankrupt, I think. More like there were occasions when money was tight I think.

Powerz: Though, I'm sure Seung Hee would have gotten a better job if she had that opportunity.

Maymay: I don't think Seung Hee could've found another job if she had wanted too. Isn't that why she stuck with that company?

Jhon: The show does make the point to show that writing is pretty much the only thing she can do. I cringed throughout the entire scene where she teaches.

Powerz: I was waiting for her to lay down the law, but she's so apologetic.

Maymay: I'm not sure why she could not have found another part time job. Isn't candyness a common nature in kdramaland?

Jhon: Candyness?

Maymay: Candy-ness. You know, all the candy girls...?

Jhon: You lost me!

Powerz: Me too~

Jhon: It's okay. We're learning.

Maymay: erm...the stereotypical heroine in kdrama? The ones who are dirt poor, work multiple jobs, forever upbeat and cheerful..

Jhon: Ah, ok. I'd never heard candy-ness before though. I know what you mean now.

Maymay: I probably coined the term on my own.

Powerz: Oh~ Interesting. She's not one of those typical females.

Jhon: I think she takes pride in her work too much to try to do anything else. Even if they're just cheap imitations.

Jhon: OK, powerz and maymay, what were the funniest moments for you?

Powerz: The funniest moment has to be when Seung Hee and her colleagues were fighting for office property. From the radar scanning to the actual long kick from Seung Hee.

Maymay: I laughed most at the zombie dance! It was so surreal, I had to rewind to check I wasn't seeing things.

Powerz: Actually, that "Don" song has been stuck in my head for days.

Jhon: haha, those are some great moments. I have to go back to the ride with the chickens. It takes someone who's already down on the dumps and makes him even more ridiculous.

Maymay: Did you guys notice how Kim get stuck with the most cheesy music? It's like a throwback to the 80s or 90s.

Jhon: I didn't realize that at first.

Powerz: Oh yes, and you even mentioned it in your review, Maymay.

Maymay: But that was only 1 song. When I went through his scenes again, there actually a couple more.

Jhon: I'm not well-versed enough to spot that sort of thing. I do appreciate other people pointing it out to me, though!

Powerz: I'll have to rewatch it as well!

Maymay: It stood out for me because when the music came on... because I felt like was watching some old MV. I think it was intentional and I find it funny.

Powerz: I definitely had the feeling of watching old MVs.

Thanks for joining me, powerz and maymay. I can't wait for episode 3! You can find out where to read more of our stuff below. See you next time!

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