Welcome back to episode three of the Unemployed Romance Drama Club! Amidst being unemployed, broke, and single, there's still a glimmer of hope for our lead character, Im Seung Hee. Maymay, Jhon, and I will share our thoughts on the drama's progress.


This little drama has a very interesting trajectory for me – Episode 3 is like a manual car which accelerated from gear 1 to 3. What do you mean people don’t drive a manual anymore. *Stuffs ears* To be honest, I’m in this for the romance so it suits me fine that the romance index rocketed. I’m actually antsy for the next episode, and you won’t believe how glad I am to have all these fluttery feelings.

Wan Ha making a move for Seung Hee so fast was something beyond my expectation. He was proactive, as second leads usually are, but the best thing is – he made his feelings KNOWN. Yes, that seems like a simple act but most second leads fail because they are just that one step too late. And if we need further proof of that, I’m inclined to think that he lost out the first time because of that too (future flashbacks may shed more light on the actual timeline though). And OMG was he such a dork in the flashback – in his not so subtle efforts to see her regularly. LOL. So so cute. I’m so glad he gets a chance to actually date her for real this time and that makes for a compelling love triangle.

Why am I already convinced that it will be compelling? Nam Gong Min!! The flashbacks from Seung Hee’s point of view are deliberately misleading and paint Jong Dae in a not-so-nice picture. However, the snippets of their happier times together are dripping in syrupy sweetness. Otoke? I know the next couple of episodes will explain things more from Jong Dae’s perspective and I can’t wait. I do have to applaud Seung Hee for moving on from that sort of break up – like a normal person. After watching so many dramas where the leads refuse to move on from their previous relationships, it’s kind of refreshing to see one who does. You go girl!

I do wonder what is in store for Sun Joo. She has not had much screen time as well (at times I almost forget she is in the story). I’m not sure if she is just going to be the interfering third party but already it’s safe to bet that she might have a hand in Seung Hee’s break up with Jong Dae. Since she seems to feel something for Wan Ha too, is she going to reprise her role again?


The world continues to deliver nothing but setbacks and disappointments to Seung Hee. It's ridiculous how many awful things happen to her. The list of is a long one. To begin with, she embarrasses herself in national television by breaking down and crying after she receives all sorts of criticism (learn new skills, do realistic things, etc.) from a panel of people. She gets in trouble with the police because she took and then sold a bunch of stuff from her boss' office (turns out that stuff didn't even belong to him!). She finds the boss and then loses him after he runs away again. In short, nothing goes right.

In K-Drama, our heroine often begins at the lowest point imaginable before slowly beginning to build up her life again (either through professional or, most likely, romantic success). I'm reminded of Son Ye Jin's character in Personal Taste, for example. And, Unemployed Romance seems to be heading in that direction with the more overt advances of Wan Ha who's held a long-nurturing crush on her since their student days (back when she went out with his friend, Jong Dae).

What makes this of interest is how Seung Hee remains stuck in the past. Although her present situation is pretty terrible, she often thinks back about how things even got to this place. In this episode, we get flashbacks from two different points of view. We see Seung Hee's flashbacks to the key moment where Jong Dae ruined her chance at writing a prestigious drama (here Jong Dae's behavior is completely inexplicable, as we're within her point of view). All her failures, her frustrations and such over the last few years are channeled into this one moment - the day when everything was ruined. One of the cruelest ironies here is that her roommate ended up getting the drama gig, and as such serves as a daily reminder of what could've been.

The second flashback is from Wan Ha's point of view regarding how he first met Seung Hee. It details his constant trips to the pharmacy in order to get patches and just keep seeing her. His flashback offers an idealized version of who Seung Hee is... which then gets demolished the more he actually learns about her. I'll be curious to see how their relationship changes with the more he finds about her.


The romance is becoming clearer and I can't wait for Im Seung Hee's (Lee Young Ah's) romance to begin.

Besides, Seung Hee's smile, her clothes have been attracting attention. Seung Hee's fashion sense reminds me of a casual version of Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider franchise. She's almost always in a plaid shirt, short pants, and boots. Towards the end of episode three, her fashion became more urban when she wore such cute hidden-wedge sneakers with Velcro strips.

After learning the history of Kim Jong Dae (Nam Goong Min) from Seung Hee's point of view, I became enraged. How could a guy leave his girlfriend after she fell down an escalator? Okay, fine. If I give Jong Dae the benefit of the doubt, he should have at least tried to contact her within that month. When Seung Hee wanted to break up with Jong Dae, Jong Dae tried to negotiate their break-up terms. This man is a bad egg.

Song Wan Ha (Seo Jun Young) is becoming such a cute and handsome man. He has saved Seung Hee numerous times from understanding her on the TV show, looking for her car, and helping her find her boss. Like Maymay, I was shocked at Wan Ha's quick confession, but unlike many other dramas, I'm actually happy that the second lead gets to date the main lead.

Was anyone touched by the song that played after Wan Ha's confession? It was a famous 2001 song, "Good Person," from a project group called Toy, who is actually Yoo Hee Yeol. The lyrics are happy, yet sad about a man who is in an unrequited love, but still supports the one he loves. I would marry this type of man in a heartbeat.

Coming soon: Maymay, Jhon, and I will become TV panelists who dish out advice to Seung Hee!

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