Hi everyone. After Seung Hee’s cringe-worthy appearance on national television, we think she’s due for a round of proper advice from people who actually care for her well-being. I’m Maymay, your MC for the day and with me are our panelists - Powerz and Jhon. Ahem, a round of applause please as we proceed to discuss Seung Hee’s options in love and career. We will also take a moment to wonder if magical intervention is what she needs to turn her life around.

Maymay: Welcome everyone. We are honoured to have Jhon - respected writer, moralist, dandy – with us today. Jhon, what sort of advice would you give Seung Hee?

Jhon: Let's start with her career. Yes, she writes dramas. That's what she does or wants to do, right? I've seen very little of it, however! I realize the past few days have been pretty stressful and she is just figuring out what to do next, but instead of crying and feeling sorry for herself, it's time to fill out some job applications and start writing. I don't mean to belittle her dreams or question her motivation, but it's time like these when your mettle is truly tested and so far she is not cutting it.

Maymay: What would you suggest?

Jhon: She should really find a way to sustain herself either through a part-time job, or try to find work in her field if possible. More importantly, keep writing. As one writer to another, you can never stop writing.

Maymay: Anything else?

Jhon: As an expert on morals (and moral relativism), I implore her to keep using the older women's gossip as the basis for whatever she writes next. As a writer, you must look for inspiration wherever you can find it. And sometimes you have to be resourceful. Seung Hee must decide between these two choices: being a successful writer, or being friends with these random neighborhood ladies? If she"makes it," then she can probably move somewhere else and not have to worry about those women again. Exploit, exploit, exploit! But perhaps at this point I'm more like the little devil on her shoulder rather than someone who should be giving out advice. I don't know.

Maymay: Now Powerz here is our resident expert on unemployment. She used to be unemployed…for about two whole weeks. (Cue: applause!). She’s the go-to expert for fast re-employment and generally the best person here to offer an opinion. Given Seung Hee’s current state of employment, what do you think Seung Hee should do at this point?

Powerz: Look for a job ASAP. Forget about romance. LOL.

Maymay: Aww...That’s harsh. (secretly disagreeing). Should she persist with writing?

Powerz: Yes, since she is very adamant about being a writer.

Maymay: Does the fact that she receives unemployment benefit seem like a negative setback?

Powerz: I don't think so. It's just a financial means of support. I'm sure a lot of struggling writers would do the same. Of course, she would be embarrassed. There's no other way, but she has to face the reality. She needs the money.

Maymay: Do you feel that something about her is hindering her progress?

Jhon: I cannot understand what she is doing with her life. It seems like she’s willing to let the world beat her up and take advantage on her. What is with her attitude towards her boss, who only not took her car, sold it, but then ran off on her?! The way I see it she needs to go on the warpath. This is the scorched earth approach.

Powerz: Yes, she needs to stop chasing her boss. It will not change anything. She needs to focus on her life and her job.

Maymay: Okay...Let's say we play love doctor. What do you have to say to Seung Hee?

Powerz: Seung Hee should go with what her heart tells her. She should definitely date Wan Ha for a change, but her career should come first. Jong Dae is her ex and her past. She should move on with her life and throwing memories of them together away is a good start.

Jhon: I have no particular interest in this. Wan Ha seems to like her and he's nice to her. Why not go out with him? Then again, she needs money. Perhaps it's best to put these thoughts on the back-burner. Keep Wan Ha around, sure, but maybe this isn't the best time for a relationship. As for Jong Dae, this guy from her past, that's exactly it - it's in her past. She should keep moving forward.

Maymay: Do you think she needs some sort of closure on her previous relationship? They did not exactly parted ways amicably...

Powerz: Hmm...I think that if she's strong enough to start another relationship, having closure must not be too important. To start another relationship means that she has, most likely, made peace with the past and decided to move on toward the future. I don't think she made the decision in haste. Or did she?

Maymay: We have just enough time (or rather space) for a final question. Let's try something fantastical, if you were her fairy godmother and errr…godfather for Jhon, what would you grant her?

Karen: Can it be intangible? I really want to grant her confidence. Or if it's a tangible item - a "regular" book and pen so that she can jot her notes down. I want her to realize her true skill without relying on others too much. But I can make her think that it's a magic book and pen to give her an initial boost of confidence.

Jhon: If I were Seung Hee's fairy godfather, like Ed Wynn in Cinderfella, I'd definitely give her the chance to get even with the people who have ruined her life. My interests are purely selfish and I'd only be in it to see what kind of havoc she'd try and wreak. I'd use my powers to help her out in whatever way I can.

Maymay: Right. That's a wrap for us today. Do you agree with our experts? What kind of advice would you offer to our dear downtrodden Seung Hee? We'd be right back same time next week. Stay tuned for more Unemployed Romance goodies.

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