An-nyeong! Told you we’d be back *wink*. Welcome back to the second installment of Drama Club for Unemployed Romance this week, with myself and fellow bloggers, Powerz and Jhon. Instead of dishing out advice, this time we'll be weighing in on Jong Dae’s episode long flashback including his questionable dating tactics, sleazy advice from so-called friend, and the mystery of female friendship.

Maymay: Let's see. So what do you guys think of Jong Dae's dating techniques? Start by rating them maybe...on a scale of one to ten?

Powerz: I have to laugh first and then get worried. Jong Dae is a creeper! He's creepy, following Seung Hee around and saying random things. I'd rate him a 4/10. I think the odds were against him.

Maymay: Jhon..? From a guy's point of view?

Jhon : I'd give him a 6/10. He's obviously very smitten with her, but his strategy of tagging along with her to that one town could easily backfire horribly. He's not smooth, basically, and it's only because of Seung Hee's innocence that this isn't taken for the potentially creepy thing it is. In retrospect, it might even be seen as romantic. Only because it ends up working out in his favor. If Seung Hee hadn't started liking him? Then he's a creep to everyone. Tricky stuff for Jong Dae.

Maymay: Where do you draw the line?

Powerz: I think where Jong Dae succeeded is because even though he does weird, creepy actions like following Seung Hee around, he manages to also calm Seung Hee's fears with normal actions. If he continued being a stalker and acting like one, Seung Hee would run away.

Jhon: He's also just goofy. Notice the part where he has snot coming out of his nose. This guy isn't smooth, trying to put on moves; he just really likes her and isn't sure how to go about spending time with her.

Powerz: I liked how he walked Seung Hee home like a responsible boyfriend. Ah yes, Seung Hee can see that Jong Dae is harmless.

Maymay: What do you think of the friends' advice? Would it make or break a relationship?

Powerz: Pff...typical guys, I think, doing nothing, but chasing women. Gwang Pal's motel theory was pretty funny because we see some comical reactions from Jong Dae. In Jong Dae's case, I don't think he's that influenced by his friends because he hasn't been going along with a lot of their ideas.

Jhon: I thought it was interesting in that k-drama wouldn't allow the behavior of the best friends for the main character. Imagine if the main character was the one who was constantly taking girls back to motels, and his idea of romance was just sleeping with them. The very fabric of k-drama wouldn't allow for that, no? Unless this is some kind of crazy melodrama, which this isn't. Even if the friend's suggestions weren't terrible, Jong Dae still has to follow his own innocent love. If he didn't, then he would be the same as the supporting character, which doesn't quite make sense.

Powerz: But, it would make sense that if Jong Dae was such a person, I mean a person who had the same thoughts as his friends, the relationship between Jong Dae and Seung Hee would fall apart. I think that would realistically happen. Otherwise, we have the typical family financial background problems that split couples apart.

Jhon: K-Dramas have very little to do with realism. I agree with you that Jong Dae has the same thoughts, and I'm sure that he would like to do them. What I'm saying is that this behavior is usually relegated to the side characters, not the main character.

Maymay: That sort of intimacy is not depicted much in kdramas. Would Jong Dae cave in to Gwang Pal's brainwashing?

Jhon: Basically, his horndog instincts are made literal by Gwang Pal's constant bragging, but he's trying to be better than that.

Powerz: I honestly, thought Jong Dae would ask Seung Hee discreetly to a motel.

Jhon: That would've been interesting to see.

Powerz: Because, we didn't see any cracks in their relationship.

Jhon: Maybe as Jong Dae's situation becomes worse later on perhaps we'll see something like that.

Powerz: It will definitely get worse because it seems like one nasty breakup.

Maymay: Speaking of friends, why do you think Seon Joo stuck around with Seung Hee if she doesn't seem to like her much? How do you feel about this sis-mance?

Powerz: I wonder how far their friendship went or if they just met each other in college. It's a good question why they stuck together. Perhaps since they were vying for the same career, they chose to stay roommates. Or it's habit, since in the present day, Seon Joo clearly can afford to get her own apartment. But, she chooses to stay out of habit, saying that it helps her work better.

Jhon: Female friendship is a thing I do not pretend to understand!

Maymay: Whispers *(Me neither!)

Powerz: It's interesting because Seon Joo might try to sabotage the couple, yet she still doesn't get the guy in the end. She's still single in the present day.

Jhon: And the guy she likes right now, Wan Ha, doesn't seem to like her back either.

Maymay: As the friend who likes her best friend's boyfriend (twice at that!), do you think she should confess?

Powerz: She already confessed in class when she knew the teacher would be partnering up classmates. So, I think Seung Hee knew Seon Joo's feelings. Or should I say, she confessed to Seung Hee.

Jhon: We never know how she feels about their relationship, though.

Maymay: Predictions for possible break up reasons?

Powerz: Jong Dae will be more pressured to pass the BAR exam, Seon Joo will work her mind games, making Jong Dae believe that he is not capable of taking care of her and that Seung Hee is out with another guy, Jong Dae will witness the job interview and then draw his own conclusions. Seon Joo will then put the nail in the coffin with more gossip. For some reason, passing the BAR exam is the central reason for the break-up.

Jhon: I thought it was because he fought that producer or whatever. Were they still together at that point?

Powerz: Unsure of the timeline there.

Jhon: I think the producer fighting and her breaking her leg only happened a few years back.

Powerz: Perhaps they broke up prior to the job interview because Seung Hee had the same clothes on. Can't be after since she went into the hospital.

Maymay: True that. Ok then, we have reached the end of our discussion today. See you next week to see if our predictions are accurate! Would our predictions prove right or would we be surprised? Time to get myself a crystal ball too.

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