Another week has passed and we're treated to a brand new episode of Unemployed Romance. This week's drama club sans Jhon (who is currently traipsing somewhere out of town) will discuss the merits of the show's format, Jong Dae's appeal (or the lack thereof) and by and large, the conspicuous absence of Wan Ha! Without the distraction of an utterly swoony lead, it's no wonder that us ladies are really missing the awesome lawyer boyfriend.


Err…I’m starting to have a funny feeling about this show. We’re halfway through the episodes and yet narrative wise, we have not progressed beyond the initial meet up between the leads. Or re-meet up. I have no problem with the story per se, but two episodes of full flashbacks, or maybe even three by the looks of things, seem a bit too much for such a short drama. I was counting on the story unfolding after their awkward reunion at the unemployment office and was prepared for a couple of set up episodes but the structure of this drama took me off guard. I’m all for experimental formats if they enhance the story but thus far, I do not feel that this format benefit the show very much, especially with its an episode per week broadcast.

That aside, it feels as though the story actually began in the past, and the present time line is more of a continuation of that story. Considered from that point of view, the past two episodes would feel less like filler and more like the missing pieces in the love story between Seung Hee and Jong Dae. In episode 5, we continue to be acquainted with Jong Dae as he struggles with raging hormones, stressful exams, sleazy friends and his family’s financial downfall. It’s interesting but I find Jong Dae to be quite the “normal” guy and therefore the antithesis of every drama hero ever. It’s more common to find heroes like him in movies than in dramas so while he might seem less charismatic, I like that he is rather relatable.

As a standalone episode, this one has a slightly introspective feel. Beneath all the silly, Jong Dae has matured a little towards the end. It is evident from his gentle rejection of Seon Joo’s confession, his steadfast love and devotion to Seung Hee, and his thoughtfulness of his parents’ situation. Yet years of failing to pass the elusive BAR exam and Seung Hee’s progressive achievements would render him vulnerable to self doubts. And I foresee that as an obstacle to their relationship.


Woah, another episode of flashbacks? My patience is wearing thin. I agree with what Maymay said since we're officially halfway through the series with no present scenes. I'm expecting a Jong Dae-Wan Ha fight soon. (Maymay: But me no want Wan Ha hurt, otoke?)

In the flashback, Song Wan Ha (Seo Jun Young) was still not friends with the guys. I was surprised that he failed his initial first round of exams, but then it was probably because his heart was broken. Surprisingly, after Kim Jong Dae (Nam Goong Min) miraculously passed his first exam, even with all his studying efforts, he had a failing streak since then. Maybe love led to his demise.

I still find Jong Dae's love borderline creepy. He kept having dirty thoughts about Seung Hee when he should be seriously studying. Bringing her into the "woods” for a make out session or confession was scary. On his last day of the second round of tests, I personally believed that Jong Dae should ask his friends to check on Seung Hee. The BAR exam was too important and Seung Hee was not in a life-or-death situation.

Since we're still watching the past unfold through Jong Dae's point of view, I'm started to think that Im Seung Hee (Lee Young Ah) has a possible bad side to her. Why wasn't she answering Jong Dae's calls after their embarrassing failed make out session? Was it true that she didn't believe Jong Dae would pass the exams?

Also, Moon Sun Joo (Bae Seul Ki) was destined to fail in the first place. Unless she knew Jong Dae has a wandering eye, what makes Sun Joo so confident she can confess her love to Jong Dae while Seung Hee is away? Seung Hee should have dumped this so-called friend when she had a chance.

This show is becoming a bit predictable. We have five more episodes to see the romance unravel.

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