Welcome back to Unemployed Romance…or is it Unriddled Romance? With Jhon off this week, Maymay and I did some girl talk. What did we talk about? Guys, of course! With episode five being an extension of episode four, we’re starting to realize that the number of like-able characters are dwindling in this drama.

Powerz: Maymay, clearly Jong Dae and Wan Ha were affected by Seung Hee's love. Do you think this is exaggerated? Do you believe in the power of love where it can hurt your career?

Maymay: The timing of it yes. Jong Dae was young and naive. We might not agree with his choice, but I believe it could happen. Sadly, a gesture that is supposed to make him swoony just felt like a poorly made decision, especially since he never quite overcomes that hurdle ever since.
For Wan Ha, it was just a one off occurrence. He was smart and he got over his disappointment earlier. He made something of himself and therefore, he's a bigger catch than he was then.

Powerz: Was it me or did it feel like Seung Hee was too smiley? I know this is shown from Jong Dae's point of view, but I cringed at her constant smiling.

Maymay: LOL. It does feel that way since you brought it up. I remember thinking some of the smiles seem forced but I figured maybe she needed to be this smiley angel in Jong Dae's memory. But man, I cringed at Jong Dae's dirty thoughts. LOL. It's probably normal but it ain't a good way to endear him to us viewers.

Powerz: His friends were really a bad influence.

So that leads to me ask you if you thought Seung Hee was a bit evil. Do you think she purposely left Jong Dae alone to spend some time apart? Do you think she really didn't believe in him? It seems like Sun Joo and Jong Dae's friends were all against the relationship.

Maymay: I'm not sure what to think actually. There were some gaps in between when they were not in contact that I think will provide crucial clues...but we're not privy to that...just not sure if it was intentional or a directing slip.

Powerz: Or maybe the writers were trying to create some tension in an otherwise happy, love story.

Maymay: If they are...it's not working very well don't you think? I mean, five episodes in and we're still rooting for the second lead.

Powerz: I know. Isn't that crazy? A drama first? I still love Wan Ha a lot! Even though I don't know anything about him in flashback, I feel like a part of me wants him to find a woman that is better than Seung Hee for him.

Maymay: You and me both dear. Even with one measly scene for two episodes now, Jong Dae has not dethroned Wan Ha from my heart. I have no idea how the writer is gonna make him [Jong Dae] palatable to us.

Powerz: As I said before, Jong Dae is still creepy. Despite their constant girl-chasing habits, I did like the Gwang Pal-Hyo Sang team. Did you have a favorite Gwang Pal-Hyo Sang moment?

Maymay: I thought it was funny how they kept lining up for energy drinks because of the hot chick...LOL.

Powerz: Yes, that was hilarious! And, they knew of Angelina Jolie and her brother. My favorite scene was when I heard Gwang Pal tell Jong Dae to date both Seung Hee and Moon Joo at once. Gwang Pal is the ultimate player. I've never heard any guy say that in dramaland. I couldn't believe my ears.

Maymay: Haha. Well, he would if he could.

Powerz: We'd hate Jong Dae even more.

Maymay: As if we don't already. ..Sigh.

Powerz: Ah, and lastly, we come to my last burning question. Sun Joo! What did you think of her actions? Was she crazy [for kissing and confessing to Jong Dae]?

Maymay: I don't think she's crazy. I think she's normal....for a second-lead female. She sure as hell didn't deviate from her destined path so far. And here, I thought we have an awesome Wan Ha...why can't we have an awesome Seon Joo as well? In any case, she makes me, blergh.

Powerz: Yes, but it didn't make sense to me why she did that.

Maymay: Desperate people don't make sense. If I'm going to be kind, I guess at least she tried?

Powerz: Being friends with Seung Hee didn't even make her hesitate though, which makes me question her even more. Nah, she took off her cardigan or whatever to sexually lure Jong Dae. I thought that was low. As if Jong Dae would love her for her body.

Maymay: Did I say that both Seung Hee and Jong Dae had bad taste in friends?

Powerz: You are totally right!

Maymay: I was relieved Jong Dae didn't fall for that though...

Powerz: But if he did, then that would justify a big break-up so we can finally move on with the story. Haha.

Maymay: With his brain already preoccupied with sex and all. Yeah...as it is, we still have not reached their break up. Next week, maybe?

Powerz: It looks like that tall, handsome PD, the one that Jong Dae tried to punch, has more to do with the story than we originally thought. I can't wait.

Maymay: I know but that's one more guy Jong Dae has to best. LOL.

Powerz: Well, we know the outcome to that one! Haha.

Maymay: Poor Jong Dae...Or not. LOL.

Powerz: He then somehow ends up at the unemployment office. It's funny how Jong Dae ruined Seung Hee's career. He had to take her down with him.

Maymay: They are probably each other's kryptonite. Jeez, I suddenly feel bad I'm not warming up to NGM's character. PD nim, make him likeable already please...

Powerz: Haha - in the present day, he seems to be a player, dating a really hot girl.

Maymay: I think it's for show and he's just lonely and longing for Seung Hee back in his life.

Powerz: Looks like we have to find out how he's really living in the present day.

Maymay: If the show is done with the past a.k.a. flashbacks, you mean.

Powerz: That leads me to wonder because we saw previews of Seung Hee having a hard time at the unemployment office, yet we still don't see any of those scenes in the last two episodes.
I guess they are saving it for next episode. The present is more exciting.

Maymay: Raising my hands here with you, Chingu.

Powerz: High five!

Maymay: Back at you!

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