Break-ups are sad, depressing, and inevitable! Welcome to episode six of the Unemployed Romance Drama Club. We’re your hosts, Jhon, Maymay, and Powerz. Follow us as we finish navigating through Jong Dae’s past, which leads us up to Jong Dae’s painful break-up with Seung Hee. Who knew this “jerk” had a heart?

Powerz: Now that we're all caught up with the present, did you have any different thoughts about re-watching the break-up scene from Jong Dae's point of view?

Maymay: Memory is a tricky thing. Especially after the passage of time.

Jhon: When we saw it through Seung Hee's point of view, Jong Dae seemed like such a huge jerk; he was ruining her life! We never got any explanation as to why this was happening.

Powerz: I also thought Jong Dae was the biggest jerk. How could he have ditched her after she fell down the escalator?

Maymay: I would be the first to admit I have no sympathy for Jong Dae too initially.

Powerz: So now, what do you think? Is he still a jerk? Is he still ruining Seung Hee's life?

Jhon: It's more like he's ruining his own life, to be honest.

Powerz: You mean, his career? Or not pursuing Seung Hee anymore?

Jhon: He always finds a way to set himself back, doesn't he? Bailing on the bar exam? Making fun of his boss?

Maymay: He's just immature. Period.

Powerz: That was funny, actually. He is really the unluckiest guy. Or is he really that incompetent? Do you blame Seung Hee for grumbling about supporting him?

Maymay: I think it is normal for Seung Hee to grumble. Their relationship needed a change of dynamics. And he was static.

Powerz: Ten years! Can you believe it?

Jhon: I did like that he genuinely seems to very good at the research/thesis that he was doing.

Powerz: Perhaps, Jong Dae should have became a professor.

Maymay: Maybe he's trying to do right by his father ? Dad did ask for him to take the Bar exam...

Jhon: What I think this Jong Dae POV section really highlights is the strange paths that our lives can take. The story has spanned a good decade and Jong Dae's trajectory has been completely unpredictable. Sometimes the places we end up seem completely beyond our control. This is why I really like the flashback structure of the show.

Maymay: To me, the POV highlights how tricky a person's memory could be...especially when they are too caught up in their own emotions.

Powerz: Yes, Seung Hee is constantly shifting between angelic and evil in my mind. Do you both think that there was a way Seung Hee and Jong Dae could have saved their relationship?

Maymay: For me...I think they needed the separation.

Jhon: Seeing as how their dinner conversations are colored by Jong Dae's POV, it's hard to say if that's really how Seung Hee was acting, or if that's just how it seemed. Regardless, it probably makes sense that they broke up.

Powerz: I really thought they could have saved their relationship because how is it possible to suddenly cut off any communication with each other?

Jhon: That's the one part I don't get.

Powerz: I would have thought Seung Hee would at least try to contact Jong Dae. She knew her phone was broken.

Jhon: It's not like they don't know where the other lives.

Powerz: And wasn't she worried that he never contacted him?

Maymay: I think it was awkward for each other after their big fight and if no one takes the first gets harder as time goes by.

Jhon: Jong Dae was probably too proud to go after her. If he thought she had gone with another guy...

Powerz: Jong Dae had a reason not to contact her since he thought she was cheating, but Seung Hee was left hanging so I thought she should have pursued Jong Dae at least one more time.

Maymay: She tried through Seon a way she thinks is less awkward. It just didn't work out since Seon Joo is no angel.

Powerz: It surprised me that it took so little for them to break-up after a ten-year relationship.

Jhon: They were tired.

Maymay: There were cracks in that I'm not surprised. Sometimes, the little things build up to be something major in a way you could not have predicted.

Powerz: Since we all know that Jong Dae sincerely loved Seung Hee, do you think he will pursue her again or do you think he's over the relationship?

Maymay: I think he never quite got over he probably needs to address whatever feelings he has for her.

Jhon: Hmmm, I think he might blame her a little bit for how the last few years turned out. He might also think he's forgotten about her, but it's not true.

Powerz: Three episodes of build-up just for this moment!

Maymay: Too much, too little?

Jhon: I think it's fine. We know the characters a lot more now. We understand where they come from. We understand the history.

Maymay: I do realize something funny. “Unemployed” in the title actually refers to Jong Dae rather than Seung Hee.

Jhon: Ha, that's true.

Drama club readers, do you all feel for Jong Dae or do you think he brought this upon himself? Now that Seung Hee and Jong Dae meet again after their three-year break-up, will they reconcile? Let the unemployed romance begin– again!

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