It's girl power yet again as we the ladies, Maymay and Powerz host the second part of Unemployed Romance Drama Club for this week. With Jhon out of the picture (no, we didn't sabotage him), we gossiped freely on Jong Dae's new love interest, Yeon Woo and his creepy love-starved colleague. We also speculated wildly on Kyung Hee unni's master plan with hopes of smooches and sexy times. What? You didn't wish for that?

Maymay: Powerz, we got acquainted with the new girl – Oh Yeon Woo in this episode. How do you feel about her?

Powerz: I am genuinely impressed with Yeon Woo. She even tolerates Jong Dae using her because she loves Jong Dae so much. Whenever Jong Dae tries to lightly push her away, Yeon Woo always finds a way to get close to him. She is rich, but she doesn't let wealth get in the way of their relationship.

Maymay: I thought she did everything right too. She wasn't shy about her feelings, waiting patiently until he responded and cool about his financial status. I just wonder why she bothered with the unemployment benefits if she's already loaded...

Powerz: I almost feel sorry for her because Jong Dae couldn't love her the way he wanted to.

Maymay: I think he would have, if Seung Hee had not reappeared! Jong Dae seemed really keen on her...

Powerz: I wonder why Yeon Woo is at the unemployment office in the first place too. Maybe she is trying to establish her independence, which would be another trait I admire from her. I don't like how characters have to act spoiled just because they are rich. Did you think Jong Dae was really going to kiss her after she kissed him on the cheek?

Maymay: I wished she had gone straight for the lips, to be honest. When I saw the cheek peck, I knew he would be reminded of Seung Hee's kiss, after all he had only one prior relationship.

Powerz: Haha ~ She was trying to play coy.

Maymay: Well, I sighed for her. It was a wrong move, but it's not exactly her fault.

Powerz: I felt bad for her again because even though Jong Dae hugged her, she was smiling as if being kissed didn't matter. It's going to be hard when Jong Dae has to break-up with her since his heart is still not with her.

Maymay: Speaking of new characters, what do you think of Jong Dae's what’s-his-name colleague?

Powerz: I see his name is Sun Tae (Ji Sang Min). He is strangely creepy to me because he has such an almost-too-clean look. It's scary that he has such pervert thoughts.

Maymay: I thought he was just a geek, hoping to score a hot chick. A geek version of Gwang Pal?

Powerz: Yes! He even has a manual! That could be creepy."How To Handle Beautiful Women Beneficiaries".

Maymay: Remember Jong Dae’s interesting insight before Yeon Woo turned up? When he said something to the effect of "pretty girls are less likely to get laid off", do you agree?

Powerz: Hm...I think anyone can get laid off in any situation. A person might be pretty, but that might invoke jealousy. In the end, I believe in a person's actual talent and dedication. We don't know if Yeon Woo actually did her job well before she got laid off. She could have also angered some key people in the industry or even her boss. We don't know.

Maymay: Well, we don't know about her efficiency but I sure am curious about Seung Hee's sister's plans for Wan Ha! What do you think she has in store?

Powerz: I can't wait to see Wan Ha meet the family! It seems like Seung Hee's nephews have to be on their best behavior. Kyung Hee's "making him our family" operation does sound interesting.

Maymay: Yeah. Hopefully we get smooches too!

Powerz: Yes, please let me see a smooch before Jong Dae does anymore damage to their relationship!

Maymay: That's not too greedy right? Jong Dae already had kiss scenes with THREE ladies!

Powerz: Yes, yes. Wan Ha needs to have a turn. I don't want to feel sorry for him. And please, play that beautiful "Good Person" song!

Maymay: Lol. Can we hope for more? They aren't exactly innocent 18 year olds anymore....

Powerz: Haha. If Kyung Hee had her way, maybe she'd arrange something.

Maymay: Ah...that's probably asking too much, Jong Dae took ages to make that happen! LOL.

Powerz: Well, to me, Wan Ha is a very respectful person. I don't think he would take Seung Hee to a motel. He'd probably propose first.

Maymay: True that. If you were to judge by chemistry, how would rate the pairings?

Powerz: The Jong Dae/Yeon Woo pairing: fizzling. The Seung Hee/Wan Ha pairing: Heating up. The Jong Dae/Seung Hee pairing: rocky.

Maymay: LOL. Spot on. Well, we’ve covered all the juicy details so until we meet again next week, happy drama watching everyone!

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