Hello, drama club fans! Unemployed Romance, episode eight is as exciting as ever! Is it because the drama is coming to an end? Are we ready for the climax? Get ready because Maymay, Jhon, and I have a lot to talk about this week!


Interesting. I'm genuinely torn in this episode. On one end, I really do like Jong Dae. I mean he really stepped up big time as a whole - I quite like his new found sensitivity and calm. Well, except for his unfortunate attack on the poor ahjussi. More on that later. I like how he handle Yeon Woo's dad who is hilarious by the way. That's a cheeky portrayal of one of dramaland's most common cliché. I cracked up at dad's derp face whenever Jong Dae reactions caught him off guard. When dad tries to reason with Jong Dae over his lack of resistance, I almost died laughing.

On the other hand, I couldn't help feeling bad for Wan Ha who continues to be awesome. He gets a kiss (yay!) and his awkward explanation (the sweetest anesthesia ever!) was so so adorable. I expected more from Kyung Hee's alleged master plan but it resulted in their first kiss, so I wouldn't deem it a complete failure. The rest of the episode is painful for the poor guy with Seung Hee obviously exhibiting more concern than is appropriate for an ex. He put up a brave front but his unease is palpable.

At least the new characters provides the funnies as the plot heads into angst territory. The misunderstood ahjussi deserves much sympathy for the worse luck ever. And well, he should maybe consider a career in pro-wrestling or something. And Yeon Woo's dad is the most thwarted rich daddy character ever. LOL.

Speaking of side characters, Gwang Pal's honest appraisal of his lack of direction in life is refreshing. They are still clueless as ever but they are candid about their own shortcomings and do not seem quite disillusioned with their lot in life, which I feel is a kind of positive thinking by itself.


In this week’s episode of Unemployed Romance, the things that our characters have steadily been working for are starting to unravel. Or, rather, what they thought they wanted isn’t at all what they actually want.

Jong Dae learns this first as he somehow further ingratiates himself in Seung Hee’s life. First by getting one of his ribs fractured trying to “rescue” her (his reference to her as “my Seung Hee” pretty much sealed the deal); second by not really backing out of meeting with her and Wan Ha. You know, he could easily just say no and have her out of his life, but something won’t let him. He could also keep his girlfriend, but when her father comes calling, he easily says he’ll break up with her. He’s not looking for a fight; he’s looking for an excuse to leave her. Jong Dae’s eerie calmness by episode’s end suggests that he’s finally figured something out for himself. Perhaps he even knows what he wants.

Seung Hee, on the other hand, still hasn’t quite accepted what the world seems to have in store for her. Her family tries to get a mood going for her and Wan Ha at their house (which is awkward, to say the least), but everything’s cute and polite and a quick kiss is all that happens. Meanwhile, she keeps running into Jong Dae, further entangling herself into his life one more. When she notices how his arm is moving weird, all she’s doing is pointing out the long history that both of them have with each other, which I’m sure makes everyone else uncomfortable.


Wow! Awesome! Jesus! Unemployed Romance is heating up again, filling me up with wild thoughts.

Kim Kyung Hee's (Hwang Eung Jung's) plan to leave Song Wan Ha (Suh Joon Young) and Im Seung Hee (Lee Young Ah) at Kyung Hee’s house was far-fetched because developing passion at a family member's house is awkward. Having a kiss, however, is possible. Go Wan Ha! He has his first kiss with Seung Hee.

I like the way Wan Ha and Jong Dae found out how they were linked with Seung Hee at the police station. I'm not sure why Seung Hee had to lie to both men. The truth would eventually come out anyway.

Credit for Key's picture: http://letstalkkpop.files.wordpress.com

Wan Ha reminds me of SHINee's Key.

Seung Hee reminds me of Jun Ji Hyun (So Yi Hyun) in the drama, My Shining Girl. Both writers have two hot men chasing them down.

Who is the person who called Seung Hee with an unidentified number? Is CEO Kim (Jun Chang Gul) making his reappearance?

To avoid Jong Dae from actually pouring himself a drink, Uhm Hyo Sang (Kim Kang Hyun) tapped his index finger on Jong Dae's cup. In Korean culture, pouring oneself a drink is rude and selfish, but there are also varying Korean superstitions as a result of pouring oneself a drink: the pourer will stay single for three years, the pourer will have three years bad luck, or the people sitting around or across the pourer will get three years bad luck. Can it get worse for these men?

At the double date, I like how Seung Hee refreshingly changed her hairstyle for once. I almost didn't recognize her.

There is a discrepancy with Oh Yeon Woo's parents because her father said he raised her alone, but she mentioned her parents during dinner. The father was hilarious as well in what I call a reverse reaction to how calm Jong Dae was toward breaking up with Yeon Woo.

There is only one more event to push Jong Dae over the edge while he battles his feelings for Seung Hee: the truth behind their breakup.

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