In this week's Unemployed Romance Drama Club, we talk about Gwang Pal's surprising honesty, the funniest moments of the episode, the couples, and mysterious phone calls. Join us!

Jhon: Hello, welcome to the Unemployed Romance Drama Club. I'm Jhon and joining me today are May and powerz. Today we'll be discussing Episode 8.

Let's start with Gwang Pal's surprisingly serious late night talk with his friends.

Maymay: Jong Dae tries to spur everyone on, even if he's not doing all that great himself. But I do wonder what exactly flipped switch for him.

Karen: I feel sorry for him because that's the only way he can feel better about himself. That is why he would rather go through life in a joking way instead.

Maymay: I did enjoy how honest he was about feeling much better in the face of Jong Dae's woes.

Jhon: I like the surprising honesty about his situation in life, even if he comes to the conclusion that he's not at a good place.
Karen: Hyo Sang is right in asking if they will ever grow up. There is still a light at the end of the tunnel for Gwang Pal (if you checked the previews, that is!)
Maymay: I think Hyo Sang is at better position than Gwang Pal who's still trying for the elusive BAR exam after all these years.
Karen: Hyo Sang might have more work experience, but he is just as miserable.

Jhon: What did you guys think were the funniest moments of the episode?

Maymay: I love all the moments between Jong Dae and Yeon Wo's dad!!

Karen: The jailbird accidentally ripping up the back of a lady's shirt was too hilarious!

It's even more funny in a conservative Korea.

Jhon: Definitely the jail guy. I thought it was going to be a sad story with him, but then they used him to tell jokes. Also, Seung Hee's sister thinking that they were going to get it on in their apartment while they had stepped out.

Karen: Which is a bad move on her part.

Maymay: It was awkward at best butWan Ha rolled with it

Karen: His first kiss made me swoon. I didn't get my favorite song, but I'll settle for the surprise factor.

Maymay: I liked his excuse better... because it worked!

Karen: haha~ fail! But, I still love him! It's better to just admit that he wanted to kiss her.

Maymay: Well, we got our wish!

Jhon: Somehow I think this happiness will not be long-lived.

Maymay: Yeah, the tell-tale signs are all over the place.

Karen: It already started for him. The poor guy is stressed after realizing Jong Dae and Seung Hee already met. He even developed some new wrinkles.

Jhon: What did you guys think about the very relaxed and calm Jong Dae we saw in the last part of the episode?

Maymay: I like the change in him. I'm more concerned about the lack of change in Seung Hee.

Karen: I feel sorry for him. I think he is struggling with himself, because he is realizing that he loves Seung Hee more than he thought. Look at his ribs!

Jhon: His refusal to take money from her father actually earned my respect. It shows that he more or less knows what he wants. I feel like the old him would've gotten swept up in it and then regretted it.

Karen: After 13 years of soul-searching, it's only natural for him to figure out what his life purpose is.

Maymay: Actually I think he also realizes that a relationship with Yeon Woo just doesn't feel like love to him, especially with Seung Hee's constant presence as a giant reminder

of what love used to feel like - giddy passion and all.

Karen: The "new" Jong Dae actually reminds me of his college days, when he would do anything for Seung Hee. He does so many crazy things for her.

Jhon: Okay, moving on, what did you guys think about the mysterious caller? The unidentified call for Seung Hee?

Maymay: Well I admit to have quite forgotten about that call, especially when it was a fakeout to Jong Dae' conversation to Yeon Woo.

Karen: I know, I feel like there is something more to it and it felt a bit creepy since nobody spoke. By process of elimination, I think CEO Kim is back!

Jhon: He's back in the preview, I think.

Karen: It couldn't be the murderous Sun Joo since she's in the next room.

Jhon: I thought it might've been the guy from the jail, but I don't think the show would really go in that direction.

Karen: Yes, I think his story is done. He's one rough teddy-bear. I think it's CEO Kim because I think it's about time Seung Hee gets a job.

Jhon: I do think she'll use the guy's life as a basis for a drama. That's what it seemed like, at least.

Maymay: Yeah, we've got just 2 episodes left so it's time for everyone to get a job.

Karen: Haha, well said, Maymay! Not just a job, but a job they all like.

Jhon: It only took 10 years.

Karen: Even Jong Dae's father became a security guard.

Maymay: Mum is happiest at that...

Jhon: So over the top with her happiness.

Karen: "This is what true freedom is like!"

Maymay: Dad did spiral downhill for what seems like forever... but at least he ALWAYS had a job.

Karen: And he kept his upbeat personality. I like that. It's so easy to go into a depression when a person is jobless.

Jhon: What do you think the final pairings will be? We saw a hint of another couple in the preview.

Karen: This one is a hard one! It's only right that Jong Dae and Seung Hee get back together, but I am still holding on to Wan Ha and Seung Hee.

Maymay: Personal bias aside, I think Jong Dae-Seung Hee would be the endgame. I like the hint of JinJoo with Gwang Pal though.

Jhon: I hope everyone ends up alone!

Karen: I think the joke is ultimately on Gwang Pal, who repeated chased beautiful ladies.

Jhon: I'd rather Jong Dae stick with his current girlfriend. Build something new.

Karen: Alone would be too sad for a romance story.

Maymay: LOL. If everyone ends up alone, that would be a drama first for a rom-com.

Karen: Actually, no~ In the Rebirth - Next drama, everyone ended up alone. That was sad for me.

Jhon: haha, maybe it's just the mood I'm in! Very cranky this morning.

Maymay: Ok... I didn't watch that.

Karen: We know what to do if Jhon has indigestion, but how to cure crankiness?

Maymay: Send him a virtual girlfriend?

Karen: LOL. Honestly, episode 8 was so much fun for me. I like this episode a lot.

Maymay: week plus into your birthday and you're cranky already. Don't, you'll age faster!

Karen: Wrinkles!

Jhon: And that's a wrap.

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