Hi everyone. The end is nigh...for this drama at least, and we have mixed opinions for Episode 9. Find out what Powerz, Jhon and I have to say on the latest developments on Unemployed Romance. Someone gets cancer, the cat is out of the bag, old feelings are rekindled and second leads are shafted for the gazillionth time. Cheers.


We’re finally wrapping up with Unemployed Romance, but it’s shaping up to be a bumpy ride. One episode to satisfactorily conclude all the plot lines we’ve been seeing probably won’t be enough. I’m guessing we’ll be left hanging on some key stuff. Let’s get to the issues.

What is up with Jong Dae’s dad? This seems so completely unnecessary. It’s such a strong revelation in a show that’s been fairly lighthearted about everything. It strikes me as a final desperate attempt at pathos, and it rings false; it’s inconsistent and completely at odds with the tone that the show usually takes. Has this been foreshadowed at all? Maybe someone can remember this?

I wouldn’t have any trouble with the Sun Joo stuff if the show had bothered to give her any type of personality or inner life (besides being jealous of Seung Hee and ruining her relationships) at all during these last 9 episodes. Instead, we just get one quick crying scene, and that’s supposed to be it? Meaningless conflict.

The return of her boss strikes me as the show’s attempts at trying to setup the ending stage, but his role remains to be seen. I would’ve liked it more if he had never returned and Seung Hee had figured out something to do by herself. Speaking of which: ever since getting her unemployment check, has she been doing anything? All we see her do is just lounge in her apartment or go out on dates with Wan Ha. Not a lot of motivation in this girl.

Wan Ha is the second lead. As he starts putting together the real truth behind the breakup between Jong Dae and Seung Hee, he tries to rush things with her by giving her the rings. It’s a move of desperation, because he knows what’s coming next and he’s trying to stop it from happening. Your fate was pre-destined, Wan Ha. It’s not your fault.

The episode’s best moments are the interview dates with Gwang Pal and the assistant writer (with Sun Joo and everyone else tagging along). The show does such a great job at building up the discomfort (the little arrows that point to the person they’re infatuated with) during the talking scenes, but it’s at its comedic best when the characters go to the club and start dancing. So pathetic. So hilarious.


As we approach the finale of Unemployed Romance, we find our main characters in a very vulnerable position. With only one episode left, there probably isn't going to be enough time to resolve the romances to my satisfaction. Episode nine left me with a worried and dreadful feeling toward the inevitable, mainly toward Song Wan Ha's (Seo Jun Young's) heartbreak.

At this point, Im Seung Hee (Lee Young Ah) is annoying me with her fluctuating preferences. Does she prefer Jong Dae or Wan Ha? She knows the answer, yet she is not taking firm action to end relationships with either men.

Wan Ha scared me for a while with his silent treatment towards Seung Hee after the couple dinner. Instead of thinking the relationship through, Wan Ha forges on and presents Seung Hee with a couple ring which Seung Hee seems to comfortably wear. I was beyond mad when Seung Hee dared to kiss Kim Jong Dae (Nam Goong Min) while still wearing her couple ring in an ultimate move of betrayal. I wouldn't be as upset if Seung Hee broke up with Wan Ha first before her kiss of betrayal happened.

In other topics, I felt that having Jong Dae's father become sick in the story was unnecessary. It was merely an excuse for Jong Dae to seek Seung Hee. Also, I thought I would like the Jin Joo-Gwang Pal couple, but it would only be fun if Gwang Pal actually shows interest in Jin Joo. Otherwise, it's another sad, cruel, unrequited romance. Episode nine made me feel moody and I can't foresee a happy ending for everyone.


Oof. I do believe Jong Dae's dad is possibly the most tragic character in this drama after all. After being in and out of jobs for what seems like forever, and earning the ire from mum in the process, he has a malignant brain tumour to boot. What's even scarier is that Jong Dae seems to have inherited dad's perennial bad luck. Surely father and son deserve a break from their crappy luck, especially since they have doggedly strove to improve themselves despite everything.

I really love how Seung Hee described Jong Dae - that he was a warm person who places his family's happiness above everything. Because that's exactly how I feel. Even when he was young and immature, there is a sensitivity about him whenever he interacts with his family, more evident in his conversations with dad. That is why while I never warmed up to him as a romantic interest, I still find him an earnest young man.

Seung Hee's presence in his life, at this vulnerable stage, may prove decisive. It is clear neither is over each other and with Seung Hee clueing on Seon Joo's lies, she will have to reevaluate her feelings for Jong Dae. She loved him then but has she ever stopped loving him? Her decision being apparent, I wished fervently all episode that Wan Ha would recognize his ship has sailed so that he could be spared of all the impending pain. I thought he was really sweet (but probably desperate) with the couple rings. Needless to say, the scene in which Jong Dae held her ring-clad hand while they kiss resulted in many a pangs in my heart. I felt like he has never set a wrong foot thus far but such is the fate of second leads. I was a bit relieved that Wan Ha wasn't tasked with the big reveal about the break up. For a moment it seems that the show would be cruel and force Wan Ha into making a bad decision so I was really glad that Gwang Pal ended up the one who cleared up the misunderstanding.

Still, Seon Joo finally gets outed and that's something to cheer about. She's been condescending all series long so I've been looking forward to her comeuppance. I still don't sense any regrets, far from it even. Boss Kim is back in the picture but I'm still doubtful he's gotten rid of his gambling habits. In any case, if he's Seung Hee's ticket to get out of her rut then so be it. With only one episode to go, I'm just disappointed that I'm not exactly waiting with bated breath.

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