Hello, Unemployed Romance Drama Club fans! I hope you have been keeping up with the drama so far. Episode 9 threw us all for a loop. With the last episode quickly approaching, Maymay, Jhon, and I, Powerz, discussed relationship dramas and ending predictions. With more characters joining in on the romance, will we ultimately see the conventional ending or will there be a surprise?

Powerz: As I finish the end of episode nine, I had a lot of wild thoughts for our couples. What do you all think of the relationships so far?

Maymay: Hmm...which couple?

Powerz: We can pick any couple to start with.

Jhon: It's all very inevitable. I don't know on the exact note it's going to end on, but the writing is on the wall for Wan Ha.

Powerz: How do you think Wan Ha will handle this situation? I've never seen him this upset before. It's scary.

Maymay: Well, he's considered lucky by second lead standards. He gets to date the girl and a kiss too. I'd rather he gets off the train now before it crashes.

Jhon: I was surprised that that was their first kiss, haha.

Maymay: Well, they kind of went into a dating relationship pretty quickly...

Jhon: I like that Wan Ha isn't being all self-sacrificial about discovering the real reason why Seung Hee and Jong Dae broke up. He wants to get her. At least he isn't doing that... yet.

Maymay: I was more wary of the silent treatment...that scared me.

Powerz: Why do you think Seung Hee took his couple ring?

Maymay: She doesn't realize she shouldn't. (Sigh.)

Powerz: Or is she too surprised at getting such a present for the first time?

Jhon: She might associate it with Jong Dae. Notice how she immediately brings him up when she gets one.

Maymay: Oh, but bringing up Jong Dae was a terrible, terrible move...

Powerz: Aww...how sad for Wan Ha.

Maymay: That has got to sting. I couldn't believe she said that.

Powerz: Do you think Seung Hee should have at least put the relationship on hold at this point with Wan Ha?

Jhon: Definitely. But, she's still confused about everything. And she just figured out the truth about their breakup. She hasn't adjusted yet.

Maymay: On the other hand, if she has decided, I think it's better to move on than to compound on everyone's misery.

Powerz: I kept debating to myself whether Jong Dae should have called Seung Hee, his ex-girlfriend to talk about his problems. Do you think it's weird that he called Seung Hee for honest talk?

Jhon: No, not really. If that's who he's thinking of, that's who he's going to reach out to.

Maymay: He was upset and clearly missing her and she's repeatedly demonstrated she cared. I'm not even pretending to be surprised.

Powerz: I thought it was weird since he hasn't seen Seung Hee that long and he knew she was dating someone else so that would have caused a misunderstanding with everyone else. He seems to show no caution to his friend or Seung Hee. I guess he was drunk regardless.

Jhon: By the way, has he completely broken up with his girlfriend? I thought the preview had her showing up again.

Maymay: Is there? I must have missed that.

Powerz: I don't think they broke up yet. For some reason, I don't feel too bad for her because Jong Dae already indirectly showed her his feelings while Wan Ha still didn't get the indication of a break-up from Seung Hee. I wish Wan Ha and Seung Hee's break-up can be as hilarious, but I think it will be a sad one.

Maymay: I'm already prepared for that, sadly. Tissues on standby.

Jhon: I'm looking forward to it!

Powerz: Wow, such opposite reactions! Well, that leads us to the question that I am dying to ask: How do you think Unemployed Romance will end?

Maymay: Seung Hee with a job, Jong Dae with a girlfriend and Wan Ha with a heartbreak. I don't care what happens to Seon Joo but I'd like to see Hyo Sang with the assistant writer. And, a false alarm for dad.

Jhon: Jong Dae and Seung Hee both jobless but happy. Or; just everyone happy, I guess.

Maymay: I don't foresee doom and gloom. It's not that kind of drama. So I guess we should just be grateful for that.

Powerz: Hyo Sang and Jin Joo...that's an interesting pair.

Jhon: Something funny, something sad. That's what I expect.

Powerz: I think I'll go with the standard love ending. Seung Hee will be together with Jong Dae. I really hope Jin Joo doesn't get Gwang Pal because he's not appreciative of her. Wan Ha unfortunately needs to find another girlfriend to sooth his heart. I guess Seon Joo will have to move out of the apartment because of what she did. Seung Hee will get re-employed and perhaps Jong Dae has the opportunity to pursue his real dream as well.

Maymay: For a drama with such an unconventional format, it really is a standard rom-com after all.

Powerz: Maybe. We'll have to tune in to find out next week!

Maymay: We have to - it's the last episode!

Will our predictions prevail? How do you think the drama will end? Be sure to watch the finale of Unemployed Romance this Saturday on Dramafever.

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