Hi, I'm Deeno from Mad Dino Asylum. I'm a lover of most things morbid, creepy, and blood-splattered. I'm excited to get the ball rolling with a ghost drama! Now that I've introduced myself a little can I just say what a great introduction these first four episodes are. The mood is set and effortlessy glides from light-hearted to creepy. Time really flew by as I watched these episodes even when I didn't start till the wee hours of the morning. shi_ohn_pairing I'll start out with Jang Si Ohn who is a heroine that I can love whole-heartedly. She is fiercely independent and completely capable. I'd like you to try and name ten other females that fit that description. You can have a few days to mull that one over. For once I wasn't groaning at the kidnapping attempt, it is my most hated drama trope, and cheering as a female character finally did her best to escape. She broke through a chained gate, leaped off a ledge into a pile of rubble. She probably could have escaped without someone saving her, but having a trusty sidekick is always nice when you're in a pinch. That's why I keep my ninja husband around. Well that and for those pesky bottles of nail polish I just can't seem to open. gun_woo_pairing Chan Gun Woo is adorable. Seriously, that's all that matters. He's a character that's impossible to hate. I'd love the character no matter who acted as him, but Taecyeon is cuteness personified. Taecyeon has either been taking lessons or his real personality really suits this role because I love the combination of Taecyeon and this role. He is a man-child with a heart of gold. I couldn't help but smile as Gun Woo picks on the idol trainee under his care. Shiny fingernails. Gelled hair. Pfft. It makes me so happy because I know that as hard as I try I'll always see Taecyeon first and Gun Woo second. who_are_you_ep04_0095 I think the chemistry between Gun Woo and Shi Ohn is spot on for the first four episodes. Gun Woo is more of an adorable puppy dog and slowly gaining Shi Ohn's trust, which is going to take time. I hope that friendly chemistry can be turned into sizzling chemistry, but I don't think I need it because what Shi Ohn needs most right now is a simple dependable friend. How else is she going to get over Kim Jae Wook dying? Ice cream won't fix that especially when he comes back as a ghost, a ghost that only she can see. Nope not even the rare brownie batter flavor I can never find in stores. It was a valiant effort though. How amazing was our first villain of the week, psychiatrist Park Hyung Jin? He gave me the goosebumps especially when he said that people are his hobby. That's just sick as was his whistle when he was looking for Shi Ohn. *shudders with glee* There is so much that I'm looking forward to with this drama. I'm also keeping a close eye on the fatherly Choi Moon Shik, who I already suspect is going to die. I'm probably just getting my hopes up for no reason. Follow the WHO ARE YOU Drama Club on their own blogs! MadDino: http://www.maddinoasylum.com PsychoDrama: http://psycho-drama.com Coco: http://kdramafighting.blogspot.com