Coco from Kdrama Fighting! here. I’m excited to bring a little humor and some fun memes to this Drama Club review of Who Are You.

By the end of the fourth episode, Who Are You had me hooked! If you aren’t watching it yet, get on it! Let’s take a look at what makes it great:

Female Lead: Detective Si Ohn

I liked So Yi Hyun as Si Ohn from the beginning, which is rare for me. Most Kdrama female leads start out a little over the top, and it takes awhile for them to grow on me. She, however, is strong and smart from the beginning. If I had watched this show two weeks ago, we could have added her to our List of Competent Kdrama Female Leads.

Just check her out putting insubordinate males in their place, waking up quickly from being drugged, and kicking in chained fences.

And let's not forget blocking knives!

Apparently blocking a knife with your hands precludes you from marriage. Wish I had known! I would never have blocked all those knives...

I’m interested to learn more about her background once she regains her memory, and I hope that we gain more insight as to why she is cold and distrusting of others.

Male Lead: Cha Gun Woo

In addition to being a Kdrama hottie, Taecyeon’s character is fun and interesting and seems to have a lot of potential for growth. His character growth does not need to be in the typical Kdrama male lead fashion, where they turn from snotty, rich, and rude, into nice and loving. His character simply lacks maturity and sensitivity. Let’s recall the scene where he tells a kid to commit suicide because he does not believe that the kid will do it. Bad idea! We can, however, see some character growth as he stands up for Shi On when others are condescending towards her.

Even if it is in a tricky, immature way I couldn’t help but love that he did it. He seems to have an open and straightforward character and a pure heart, which makes him a foil to Shi On’s secretive and guarded personality.


The main couple is already progressing quickly from the stages of mutual annoyance and dislike of each other,

to sexual tension,

Nice move, Shi On. Mental note: add forcing a guy to use acupuncture to my repertoire of romantic moves.

to jealousy,

to frustration.

I’m interested to see where this relationship goes and what obstacles they face.


As far as the actual detective/mystery/horror theme goes, this drama isn’t the strongest in its genre. Its Sixth Sense, “I see dead people” feel doesn’t quite take it to the level that I need to really feel scared.

Update: After watching episode 3, I changed my mind about not being creeped out. The last scene just killed me and made me terrified to go pick up my laundry from the basement. That ghost just standing in the corner crying! Scary sad. Then episode 4 came along and made me cry! As I’ve mentioned before, I am not a Kdrama cryer, but the tragedy of that poor girl being killed by her mother in-law and her fiance just thinking she abandoned him- too sad.

This caused me so much emotional distress!

To see what rating I give Who Are You on the Kdrama Feels-O-Meter, check out my Who Are You Episodes 1-4 Review on Youtube.

So what do guys think of Who Are You so far? Are you shipping the OTP? Do you find it scary at all? Comment below.