Hello guys! This is the 3rd post of the Drama Club for Who Are You! After the awesome intro by Deeno and the funny and engrossing follow up by Coco, it's my turn to add my say on the on-going tvN ghost detective show starring So E Hyun and Kpop idol TaecYeon.

Comas, amnesia and leukemia are three of the commonly used excuses to make plot twists. In the case of Who Are You, we have a heroine (Shi On) who was in a coma for years and miraculously wakes up and resumes her duty as a detective. Shi On also happens to see ghosts and having these preternatural vibes allow her to connect places and people and help her in solving crimes. Playing Shi On is a veteran of 15 drama shows So E-Hyun.

To assist in her investigation is a young detective Gun Woo (TaecYeon). The highly-strung yet good-natured rookie was skeptical at first. He also has formed an opinion of Shi On based on rumors but as he assists her, he began to change his opinion and gradually began to trust and respect how she works.

It may sound far-fetched in real life, but this drama-thriller has proven that old formulas can work if the right actors were chosen for the lead roles.

What makes the show tick? Simple. It's the chemistry between the two leads. Opposites attract and in this case, we have a female superior who happens to be independent-minded, yet vulnerable at the same time, while her counterpart, the junior detective is quite matter-of-fact but will go out of his comfort zone simply because he wants to keep her safe.

The tension both felt as a result of working close together also brings in the romantic side of the show.

TaecYeon's popularity enables the show to get a good headstart, while the new role for So E-Hyun (making her the lead star) also proves to be a welcome surprise to those who have seen her only doing supporting characters. There is of course, the age gap and while it may be an underlying issue, E-Hyun looks younger than her age and who says she can't have a younger man?

Expectations! There is of course, the issue of temporary amnesia for our heroine, and in the first episode we know that there was another detective who got killed. This mystery deepens the story and will probably become one of the show's highlights in future episodes.

I've been watching Kdramas for years and what I really like about it is the ability to mix fantasy with real-life issues. There are hits and misses, and in the case of Who Are You, my only concern is the kind of approach the director and the scriptwriter may take. While I find both the leads to be doing exactly what's expected of them, the director has the tendency to NOT handle them as tightly as he should. If our female detective is seeing many ghosts, then she should not be that surprised anymore. A more skilled drama director would caution his actors not to overdo things - especially with facial expressions.

There is a lot to be excited about Who Are You; aside from the growth of the characters and the thrills of solving different crimes, we have a great supporting cast that lend additional spice to the show. I hope to see Kim Jae Wook (he was awesome in the movie Sayangkoldong Yangkwajajeom Aentikeu) and find out what really happened. Also, Kim Chang Wan may play some important part later in the show. No Young-Hak is a promising young actor to watch!

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What do you think of this ghost-detective drama thriller? How about the actors? Let us know what you think!

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