Hey Coco from Kdrama Fighting here! Whoa, things are about to get real in Who Are You! These last four episodes covered a lot of major plot twists. This show is getting so good, you guys! Get on the Who Are You ship right away if you haven’t! For the first four episodes, I gave the show a 4 out 5 on the Kdrama Feels-O-Meter, but after these last four episodes, I have bumped it up to 5 out of 5! So many more than the average American show. Let’s just take a look at all the FEELS!!!

1. Cha Gun Woo’s Dad

Oh no, here come the tears! I thought the end of episode 4 left me pretty teary eyed, but that was nothing compared to the tears rolling down my face at this point.

I felt so much for Gun Woo; how much he lost when his dad suffered brain damage in the accident, how much guilt he felt at disregarding his father’s efforts to show him love, and how much he must miss him now and just want his dad to know that he loved him too. This episode gave his character a lot of depth, and I really loved getting to know him on a deeper level. Also, Taecyeon is not always praised for his acting, but he did well enough to make me feel Gun Woo’s angst. I just want to give him a big hug (and I wouldn’t mind a kiss either, I’m not going to lie.)

2. The Dead Boyfriend

Oh the tragedy of love lost with no possibility of ever returning! And the intense emotion evoked by the single tear rolling down the cheek!

Plus how hot Kim Jae Wook is as Lee Hyung Joon. This is just too much to handle. Look at how happy Lee Hyung Joon and Yang Si Ohn were together!

And then they added in that the psychic lady can hear him, but Si Ohn can’t. The injustice! (Although I do really love her character. She’s kind of bratty but also sassy and fun).

And now all he can do is protect her to show her his love. But seriously, how can this part of the episode be so sad, and thrilling, and kind of sexy at the same time? I have to give props to the actors and directors for that one!

3. The Love Triangle

It’s no secret that I’m already in love with Taecyeon (which is why I really chose to review this series and gave Vivi The Master’s Sun), but I love him as Gun Woo all the more. He’s so freaking adorable. Gun Woo is so cute in his growing protective love of Si Ohn. I get all giddy when I see his nervousness at showing her affection and his displeasure at her seeming indifference when he cares so much.

Then this happened,

And then this,

And then this was me,

because I feel so torn. The poor dead boyfriend makes me so, so sad, but the new love makes me pretty dang happy. I know it is more futile than ever to ship this female lead with the second male lead, but I can’t help but kind of want him to miraculously come back to life, or at least find an awesome ghost girlfriend.

4. The Villain

Then there was the fact that Mr. Hong, I mean, Choi Moon Shik, is actually evil!

And he seemed so kindly. I should have seen that trick coming. I did think he was going to die for being so nice, but did not fathom that he was the villain. I mean it’s Mr. Hong from Coffee Prince for goodness sakes!

So, what would you give Who Are You on the Feels-O-Meter? What part just killed you? Comment below.

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