This is Deeno from MadDinoAsylum, and Oh Coco Jo, I'm getting all sorts of giddy FEELS from this drama and part of is just the joy of watching a satisfying story unfold. I'm so happy that the ghost of the week storylines have taken a backseat as we get further into the main story.

We get a bit more insight into Gun Woo's backstory, but for me it felt a bit forced. I feel like the death of Gun Woo's father is a plot device meant to tie him closer to Moon Shik. To make Moon Shik's shady dealings sting more, but Gun Woo is so optimistic and friendly that the tragic background doesn't really work. Not that everyone who has tragedy becomes a mopey mess, and I'd hate for Gun Woo's character to be sad and cold all these years later. We already have Lee Hyung Joon for that.

How awesome is it to have Kim Jae Wook as a ghost peering around every corner? He's lovely as he cries, protects, pines, and so much more. I thought that Gun Woo and Si Ohn had wonderful chemistry together, but Hyung Joon and Si Ohn are crazy intense and he literally can't even touch her. His presence is so powerful when he backs her into the bookshelves that it still gives me chills.

It's so hard to choose between such raw powerful emotions that make this love seem forbidden and the adorkable first love charm that Gun Woo spews out.

Now enough about all this love stuff. Let's get to the part that made me truly giddy! The kidnapping/murder attempt, the mystery, and the hit-and-run! Oh yes!

The murder attempt was definitely a rush job since it was so poorly planned. What prompted it? Si Ohn's returning memories are the most likely cause, but how many people are aware of their return? Seriously though the villain should have cut off the radio once Si Ohn started sounding panicked. And why attack someone on foot when the nearest person is 10 minutes away? I understand stuffing her in a car, but bringing her to a grave and burying her? You kill her first then go somewhere far away and bury her so she'll never be found! So the hitman loses some points. I think he needs some villainous advice, which I have aplenty.

What is with the hit and run? Cars are big items and easy to track or leave evidence behind in. I understand you have to use what you have and it feels safer since the victim can't see you, but you also can't be sure that the victim will die immediately. It's just not the ideal silencing method. I'm just saying a slit throat could do the job and send the message with just a touch more style.

It made me chuckle when Moon Shik scolded the hitman for being so inept because well, it's nice when someone does my job for me. The hitman gets a whole lot of points for getting rid of the rat before he regained consciousness. Finally, a smart move! Leaving a witness in a coma is never a good idea, but if they really understood that shouldn't Si Ohn already be dead?

So, villians, shape up and get some fresh brains in there. I want to see you smarter for the rest of the drama! Or else I'll sic my mini hippos on you! Small, but oh so hungry...

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