Hello guys, it's Jed from PsychoDrama. This is the 3rd installment of the Drama Club for Who Are You. I'm pretty sure you have read Deeno and Coco Jo's takes on the succeeding episodes of this ghost-investigative drama/thriller. After the sort of creepy, romantic and thrilling introduction in Episodes 1-4, we get to witness the development of the lead characters in the succeeding 4 episodes, while revealing more of what happened to our heroine.

Detective Yang Shi On continues to get headaches every time she touches an object that has emotional attachment to ghosts, and during times of danger her partner Detective Cha Gun Woo is always there for her. In due time, she reveals how she gets ahead of the investigation by the help of spirits. Her young partner now believes her more than ever after an attempt on her life was foiled. It seems their common friend, the overly enthusiastic Choi Moon Sik is not what he appears to be...

As I predicted in my review of the first 1-4 episodes, our initial lead character (Kim Jae Wook) who got killed, comes back not only to haunt Shi On but to put her in the right direction. There is something sinister about some of the people in the Police Academy and they might as well be involved in her accident 6 years ago.

An old policeman who investigated the accident involving Detective Shi On was about to reveal what happened when a car struck him, the driver is the same guy who attempted to kill her. He was not allowed to survive and this further frustrates Shi On. Her quest to find out what really happened is being hampered by the very people she trusts... Will she gets the chance to find out what really took place on that fateful night?

Afterthoughts on Episodes 5-8: Both guys (Taecyeon and Kim Jae Wook) cried. Taecyeon's character gets up close and personal, with the revelation that he has a father who died without having the necessary closure and reconciliation. Jae Wook's character shed tears a few times, as he witness his lover getting romantically involved with her new partner. The dead detective also has to witness how people attempt to kill her. Both actors were quite convincing, with Jae Wook on top of the acting scale.

A lot of questions on the logic of the story - Why would a professional and dedicated detective (Choi Moon Sik) be involved in a crime and all the files about the 6-year old crime/accident is supposed to be confidential? After escaping from her killer, why would both detectives not pursue him and instead rely on CCTV for evidence? What is the purpose of having the flirty fortune teller get involved just to send a message?

If not for the intense acting of Kim Jae Wook, the episodes would not really work for me. He has a tremendous screen presence and his portrayal of the detective seeking justice is spot on.

I really hope our inexperienced director and his equally inept scriptwriter would do something about the way the supporting characters act. Will the next episodes involve the viewers with more investigations or will they focus on the lead characters - get into a romantic situation or head on with the 6-year old crime? I also hope our villains get their acts together, as my fellow blogger has suggested.

Notwithstanding the directing and the writing, the actors - So E Hyun, Taecyeon, Kim Jae Wook are as awesome as ever! Can't wait to see more acting highlights in the next episodes.

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