Coco from Kdrama Fighting here! The last few episodes of Who Are You finally got to the good stuff. We’ve spent a large portion of the drama waiting to find out what really happened the night Si Ohn was beaten into a coma and Hyung Joon was murdered, and now all things have been revealed. Now we have the complete picture of who is really behind the drug smuggling operation, and it turns out that Choi Moon-Sik was just a small link in the chain.

I was really relieved to find out that Choi Moon-Sik was not all bad after all and that he did not mean to actually kill Hyung Joon. In the end he was repentent and gave his life so they could escape. I just knew he couldn’t simply be evil, I mean, it’s Mr. Hong!

This drama has really been all about trust. Si Ohn once fell in love with a man who promised to be at her side forever, but that trust was broken when he tragically died. Since then, Si Ohn has been unwilling to open up to others again because you have to trust that someone will always be there in order to be able to do that. This theme is the most tangible in the parallel scenes of Si Ohn walking with Hyung Joon and Gun Woo. Coincidentally, they both offer to be her driver forever when they learn that she has been traumatized into not being able to drive since her parent’s death.

Her response to Hyung Joon is a deeper love and an acceptance of his promise, but since that was broken, her response to Gun Woo is rejection and distrust.

She simply is not ready to take the leap of faith necessary to let another person into her heart.

Gun Woo has always provided a nice foil to Si Ohn in that he is a very open and transparent person who wears his heart on his sleeve. Gun Woo has been endlessly frustrated with Si Ohn's lack of consideration of his concern for her and her lack of trust in him. However, after the revelation that Choi Moon-Sik, who was like a father to him, was actually part of a drug smuggling operation, Gun Woo is shocked that he could be so wrong in his decision of whom to trust.

Will this experience cause him to become as jaded as Si Ohn, or will they be able to help each other learn to love and trust again?

The last few episodes have also been about letting go. Both Si Ohn and Hyung Joon are being encouraged to let each other go by other people.

Clearly neither of them are ready, not only because they still need to capture the culprits, but also because their hearts are not healed. I’m anxious to see how this couple resolves their relationship in a way that allows them to move on happily. It hardly seems possible because of their great chemistry, but I just hope I feel half way ok about it in the end.

Now we only have 4 episodes left to watch the detective team take down the powerful culprits and resolve the love triangle. I’m excited to watch as Si Ohn and Gun Woo build a relationship of trust in each other that they’ve been fearing they could never find again.

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