Sage: I don't think I stopped laughing during the course of this episode. The whole time I literally LOL'd. Don't believe me? Ask my mom. Join myself, Taleena and Tiara as we go over scenes from episode 15 of You Are All Surrounded.

It's Just Business


Kook attempts to convince Dae Gu, Soo Sun and himself that it was all just business.

Tiara: Well Mom’s advice is thrown out the window. Soo Sun is a rabbit eater no matter how much she denies it. I love how both aren’t sure how to feel about the kiss. Poor Kook, but the dude never had a chance. Is Cupid Pan Seok going to say something to either of the two?

Taleena: Really? Really?! You guys are just not fooling anyone but yourself and the desperate heartbroken man across the chicken table from you. I think Pan Seok has too many romance issues himself to play Cupid.

Sage: Poor Kook-i! They weren't acting like lovers and kissing against their will! That was purely voluntary! Plus when is news of this case going to come back up?

Moving On In


Pan Seok moves into the apartment with Dae Gu, Tae Il and Ji Kook after he discovers a leak in his roof

Tiara: I’m a bit disappointed Soo Sun has yet to move into Dae Gu’s room. I’m still holding out hope she could still move in. While we wait for those two to move in, I’m loving Pan Seok becoming roomies with the boys. There is no better way for these two to get to know each other than by living together. Dae Gu sees Pan Seok in a new light while he tucks young Ji Yong to bed. I hope Pan Seok’s apartment get destroyed just to watch more of this bromance blossom.

Taleena: Well my hopes of Soo Sun awkwardly living with the boys have been dashed. All hail the hilarious spectacle of Pan Seok sneering at the bran flakes. Squad Leader Lee, you magnificent animal! Your children are darling and your wife is a saint! Nice to see the one NORMAL, non-angst ridden person on this show. You know they live out there in K Drama land, popping out insanely cute children living happily ever after.

Sage: Won't it be weird if she moves in now that he's admitted his feelings to her? Plus I think she's got her own place now. Also, I am really excited to see what happens while he live there with him! I have no doubt it will be hilarious/a little awkward. I am fully prepared to see Pan Seok take an angry shower.

Since You Didn't Have Breakfast (This bleep is bananas B.A.N.A.N.A.S!)

Dae Gu gives his breakfast/lunch to Soo Sun since she hadn't gotten the chance to eat.

Tiara: Bwahaha! “Maintain a safe distance! That’s your rule!” I thought rules were made to be broken because I would gladly break the rule. How sweet, he is taking care of his noona. You're killing me, Smalls. Be a man and admit your feelings Dae Gu.

Taleena: Love is giving someone your banana milk and product placement flat wrap sandwich. What is in a Korean Subway? Sweet potatoes and kimchi? Inquiring minds want to know.

Sage: You know they have a place there called Mr. Pizza and they put sweet potatoes in the crust. Totally want to go! Anwho, really want to taste Banana milk because Dae Gu is thirsty for it. (get it?)

You Lie! You Lie!

Dae Gu visits the detective who received Soo Sun's statement 11 years ago, Joong Tak.

Tiara: It was only a matter of time before the Chief would be found out. I wonder if Pan Seok will say anything to Dae Gu or he happens to find out. Either is a crappy way to find out the woman who helped you is just as guilty of killing your mom.

Taleena: Clearly that man needed lunch and soju to jog his memory. Just as clearly we see why he retired to Brazil and got out of the mystery solving business. hard to figure out who is going to be more upset about the Captain: Pan Seok or Dae Gu. On the one hand: lost a wife, lost a kid, lost a partner, betrayed by a trusted superior, obsessing and emotional baggage for 11 years. On the other hand: lost a mom, lost only home you knew, devoted life to revenge only to find yourself betrayed by new mother figure. I have to say Pan Seok lost more to the Captain's betrayal.

Sage: I think everybody is going to have some serious trust issues (worse than Drake) after they find out. I just wonder when he is going to tell Dae Gu (if he's going to tell Dae Gu) and how he is going to take it when he finds out. If he doesn't just tell him and Dae Gu finds out that he knew, all the trust that Pan Seok had gained from Dae Gu is just goign to fly out of the window.

The faces Cha Seung Won makes are absolutely comical. Has anybody seen the new Fated to Love You? The main character guy reminds me of Cha Seong Won's character in Greatest Love.

Taking BROMANCE to Another Level


At the company picnic people get a little too friendly

Tiara: I’m surprised they just didn’t go all out and play the pepero game. Haha!!! I get the feeling this will be the last time we see all happy and cheering.

Taleena: While the unintentional kiss was funny, the best bit had to be the Dae Gu running the track as Vangelis' sweeping electronic score played. Who hasn't run down the road and pretended they were an Olympic athlete competing for the gold?

Sage: You know what got me? The fact that his mouth was wide open. It was almost a full blown make out sessions. Not only that, but he seemed ready to eat Tae Il's face when he took it from who too. If he didn't already have so many kids and another on the way I'd be curious.

Keeping It 100

Soo Sun lies and Dae Gu becomes a man and confesses his feelings to Soo Sun in front of the rest of the crew.

Tiara: Dae Gu finally confessed his feelings which means a song is needed.

♫♪ Dae Gu and Soo Sun ♫♪

♫♪ sitting in a tree,♫♪

♫♪ K-I-S-S-I-N-G ♫♪

♫♪ First comes love♫♪

♫♪ then comes marriage, ♫♪

♫♪ then comes baby♫♪

♫♪ in a baby carriage! ♫♪

Sorry all, but I'm channelling my inner 8 year old self.

Taleena: C'mon Tiara, you know that Dae Gu just needed to slip her a note asking if she liked him or like liked him and to check yes or no. That Way Ji Gook could find it dropped on the ground and our little middle school romance could be complete.

Sage: I have to do this:


Said Soo Sun to Ji Kook.

SHINEE:♫♪ Sorry, Sorry, Sorry! ♫♪

Pan Seok apologizes to Dae Gu for not being there to save his mother.

Tiara: I need a tissue because I got something in my eye. I do believe our Dae Gu is growing up by accepting Pan Seok’s apology.

Taleena: Is this room getting dusty? Must be my allergies acting up.


Ghost from High School's Past


Dae Gu finds the pendant in Soo Sun's things as she's moving out of her tent.

Tiara: I’m a bit sad about the discovery of said pendant. I felt it was too convenient. One of the things which has bugged me about YAAS is the lack of depth. On a side note, did Dae Gu forget Soo Sun isn’t the brightest bulb out of the bunch? For someone who is supposed to be a genius, he tends to forget his girl isn’t good at putting puzzle pieces together.

Taleena: Oh look! It's Chekov's pendant and we five whole episodes to go! Soo Sun really has a good heart but man is she dim! "Why yes, I picked up this obviously expensive and mysterious necklace, oddly out of place in a destroyed High School Chemistry lab. You mean it may have something to do with a sinister scarred man that I hid from, and my missing classmate whose mother was murdered? Who'd have thunk it?"

Sage: Tiara, she said her self that she isn't smart after he admitted his feelings for her! It's been a long time! Other things have happened since her discovering that pendant! It is completely understandable that she forgot about it or failed to put two and two together after everything that happened after and while she discovered the necklace.

You Thought You Controlled Me?


Captain Kang tells it like it is.

Tiara: In the good words of Harry Callahan “Go ahead, make my day”. Clearly our Chief is not the same detective who blindly took orders from Assemblyman Yoo. It is evident she made a deal with the devil for the police bill. I get the feeling Assemblyman Yoo is going to back out on his deal. He plans to either put the blame at her feet or he might finish her off.

Taleena: Metaphors! Get your red hot metaphors! Also Captain did a bad, bad thing, but I really want her to take down the Yoos with all the fury of a righteous person attempting to rectify a wrong.

Sage: I think Kang is going to start calling the shots from now on. If she doesn't step up she may end up catching all the blame. By the way, digging the whole all black on thing she's got going on here.

Voulez vous coucher avec moi, ce soir? Non.


Dae Gu and Pan Seok follow a lead to an eccentric jewelry designer from France.

Tiara: “My precious, my precious” home at least. Oh wait, wrong scene.

Taleena: YAAS Writers Room: "What do we know about France?" "Well they are snooty." "They mince around and wear scarves, but not in an awesome hallyu way." "They really like Wine and Cheese!" "Yes, THAT'S it! Go, go, go!"

Sage: This guy's whole ensemble was quite comedic but I'm glad he didn't turn out to be one of Yoo Ae Yun's minions sending them on a wild Goose Chase that would've upset me.

In the name of Cat In The Hat: "Prepare to Die!"


Dae Gu realizes Yoo Ae Yun killed his mother and Pan Seok and him set out to confront her

Tiara: OMG!! You killed Mom, you bastard!

Taleena: "Hallo! My name is Eun Dae Gu, you killed my mother, prepare to die."

Sage: Dae Gu to Madame Yoo: "You want to die, don't you? You just opened up a can of a** whoopin'!"


What did you think of this episode? Is Captain Kang a bad guy? Did you get my reference in the meme with Dae Gu finding the pendant again? Will Dae Gu and Pan Seok be friends? Will Yoo Ae Yun get her just desserts? Will Soo Sun and Dae Gu get a happily ever after? Will Pan Seok and Sa Kyung?Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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