Hello, K-Drama Fans! Once again, we only got one episode this week, so we here at the You Are All Surrounded Drama Club thought we'd deal with it in the socially acceptable manner: stepping through the Kubler-Ross model of the stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

Denial: This is Not Happening!


Taleena: Symptoms include: rapid refreshing of Drama Fever's site to see if they upload another episode. Unconsciously shaking your head and clenching your fists while whispering, "No, no." Turning to your K drama buddy and asking in a disbelieving tone, "What happened to the next episode? Two a week! It's an implicit promise!" Culminating in the gut wrenching cry of, "ANIYO!"

Sage: I was positive we were getting two episodes this week despite what Drama Fever had to say. Twice. I waited and waited over the weekend, and no more came. Lee Seung Gi can work through a hurt eye, can't he? He doesn't need to be able to see, does he?

Tiara: "Wait, what?" the common sentence said by all KDrama fans. That sentence following next with either “Not possible”, “Can’t be.” You deny it until the new is all over the internet.

Anger: Not Cool, Drama. Not Cool.

You did this on purpose - didn't you?!

Taleena: Symptoms include: Pushing back from your computer in disgust as the understanding that refreshing the site will not work. Blame shifting to the translation teams, "I just KNOW it's their fault." Blaming the Korean TV stations:"What the heck SBS/MBC/Your favorite station here! Don't you understand that Americans are not trained to suffer through weekly cliffhangers? You just don't CARE about your American audience!" Blaming the show: "Really show?! You just HAVE to have a cliffhanger every week?" Yelling at your K Drama buddy, "Did you know and not TELL ME! Aigoo!"

Sage: How could you, Seung Gi?! Did you hurt your eye on purpose?! Do you like pain? Or was having the elections when I was supposed to be watching the second episode of my drama your idea, Cha Seung Won?!

Tiara: In the good words of Liam Neeson, “I don’t know who you are, but I will find you and there will be TWO episodes this week.” The real frustration is towards the Drama’s live shooting schedule. It makes it hard for all involved to deliver a good product and keep everyone safe and healthy. I don’t get why a live shooting needs to be done when there are plenty of shows all over the world which air long after the filming has been completed and those are some of the best dramas on TV. *face palms*

Bargaining: I'll Stop Looking At This I SWEAR

Just one. . .last . . .look

Taleena: Symptoms include: Appeals to Drama Fever, "C'mon. I will pay for premium if you'll just put up a new episode!" "O-Kay!! I bought premium! Where's my new episode!" "I'll stop watching episodes until 2 a.m." "I'll stop ogling pictures of Kim Woo Bin." "I'll finish the laundry, do the dishes and LEAVE THE HOUSE if you'll just give me one more episode!" Crying bitter tears.

Tiara: I might not be able to make any promise, but I can try to be a good girl and watch more dramas. I mean, who needs sleep anyway. I have to keep the job. One needs to be able to pay for their addiction


Sage: "I'll only watch one more episode." One hour later: "But did you see the preview for the next episode?" "How about this, let me watch one more episode and I'll make dinner... What do you mean there's only one episode this week?"

Depression: I'll Never Make It Until Next Week

Go on and live without me.

Taleena: Symptoms include: Heavy sighs. A general malaise that makes you unable to look at a Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial without thinking about My Love From Another Star. A desperate need to drown your sorrows in a soju tent.

Sage: I'm just not excited about life anymore. What am I supposed to do while a wait a whole week? American shows just aren't going to cut it. I think I am going to stay in my bed for the next seven days. Don't bother me.

Tiara: Sorry guys, I’m be in my room eating ramen and with a bottle of soju. Between only one episode this week and GOTs ending, I need something to drown my sorrow in.

Acceptance: ?

This is Never True

Taleena: Symptoms include: a slight uptick in well being as you remember that your Drama queue includes new episodes of Roommate. The realization that Infinity Challenge will always make you laugh. The Soda Pop Kiss:

.... will never not be hot.

Tiara: There are plenty of KDramas in the sea between new and old ones. I think it is time to go down memory lane to see a King 2 Hearts, stop by City Hall, and take a memory trip down to Answer Me 1994.

Sage: Okay, okay. I can do this. I've got this.

I can re-watch Greatest Love to hold me over. Lee Seung Gi was on how many episodes of Running Man? And I will always remember Cha Seung Won has a tattoo... Wait, who's Rachel?!

How do you get through the week K Fans? Sound off in the comments below!

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