Sage: Due to an unfortunate incident on set, we get yet another lonely episode this week, but don't think for a minute that they didn't pull out all of the stops. We dig a little deeper and find out a little more about Pan Seok and Black Boots relationship, a good guy turns out to be a bad guy (or woman), there's a new case with a man dressing up as a woman, and there's an explosion of a cliffhanger. Join myself, Taleena, and Tiara as we dissect this episode of You Are All Surrounded.

It's time for a little bit of...


Sage: My theory: All of the police department were behind the case involving Dae Gu's mom-- they were all trying to cover up a big mess made by Chairman Yoo and probably a handful of other people. Captain Kang felt guilty and found Dae Gu as soon as he settled down at the orphanage and began to sponsor him, hoping to make up for her wrong doings. Now that everything is starting to bite her in the butt she is having a hard time covering up her tracks and is very close to being found out by everyone. I wonder how Dae Gu is going to feel when he finds out she's the reason Black Boots didn't get caught.

Tiara: Soo Sun isn’t dumb. She actually understood something was wrong with Ji Yong. I was wondering if she actually told anyone what she saw the night he went missing. Sage, I agree there might be more in the police department involved. I’m not sure a mess was made. The more information we get about who knows who makes me think these cases aren't black and white. I get the feeling the conspiracy theory behind these deaths might be trying to show the public the real bad guys by being bad guys. Remember, there is a bill on the table to give the police department the right to investigate autonomy and not beholden to the prosecutor’s office. I get the feeling our villains were once good guys but were stuck between a hard place and a rock.

Taleena: My problem is I want everyone on the police squad to be good! I am having a very hard time reconciling anyone to evil deeds. I agree that everything must be tied up in the investigative autonomy bill and the removal of corrupt forces. All roads lead to Rome as they say. I will be super frustrated if Prosecutor Han just turns out to be a favor currying jerk rather than Assemblyman Yoo's pawn.

Secrets are best kept warm... with a cup of coffee

and a side of Distrust

Sage: I'm glad the Captain didn't try and act like she didn't know, though It's obvious she is not telling the full truth. That's why her hair is so big. It's full of secrets.

Tiara: There is a reason why she sponsored Dae Gu. I’m sure a bit of it is guilt, but there is something else going on. We just happen to not be allowed in on the secret. She knows Pan Seok is the good guy. She also knows who the bad guy is. What is her end game? Why did she take Dae Gu under her wing? Why did she make him promise not to get revenge?

Taleena: Grr. How much of this is a lack of trust and how much is just plain ol' CYA? I think it HIGHLY unlikely that the Captain just randomly drew Dae Gu as a sponsor orphan. That means a long, long, LONG game is going on and I will still believe it is a trap to catch the biggest fish out there: the Councilman. I think the Captain just got in too deep in her trap and is not sure ho to get out.


fgfdgfOr in our case, Pendant Passing

Sage: I think I called the Captain being apart of this first. I think she did it so that she could climb the ladder in her career a little bit faster. I think that's one of the reasons the Assemblyman did it as well. But, I can't help but wonder how Soo Sun ended up with pendant when the police had it at one point and then Black Boots. Did he bring it with him to kill Ji Yong and then drop it? If so why did he bring it? What does the pendant have to do with the plot line?

Tiara: Again, I don’t think things are black and white in this drama. Yes, she took the pendant which Soo Sun now has. Yes, she hid Soo Sun’s testimony. I just can’t come out and call her evil. There is something we are missing. I just can’t put my finger on what it is.

Taleena: Her pass was no where near as slick as Sa Kyung's was a few weeks ago. If Black Boots DID drop it at the high school, man does that dude have Fumble Fingers!

Doctor Tae Il

I wish all doctors looked this good

Sage: What relationship do Sa Kyung and Tae Il have? Why doesn't she remember him? Does she have short term memory loss or is a Gentleman's Dignity type thing where under a lot of stress she forgets things?

Tiara: Mom doesn’t know who Sa Kyung happens to be. Which means Tae ll and Sa Kyung meet outside of that connection. She could have been one of his patients?

Taleena: I see two possible connections. 1) Sa Kyung has booty called younger men as an established pattern. 2) Tae Il could possibly been helped by Sa Kyung in her capacity as a missing person's detective. Both could cause him to look at her in that particularly starry eyed fashion he has with her. What do you think?

New Case

ffgWell that's one way to get away from a Bridezilla

Sage: See, even Korean men know they're pretty. This rookies get some of the weirdest cases, but I can't help but wonder why he is dressing up like a woman. Does he literally just like it or is he hiding from the loan sharks he owes money to? Or is it both? Does he have multiple personalities?

Tiara: I’m actually interested in this case. It doesn’t seem clear cut the bride kill her groom. Don’t get me wrong, the bride is fishy, but I didn’t peg her a killer. I hope these case of the week become less as we get closer to the end. Something has to happen to get them to focus on the original case - the schoolgirl and Dae Gu’s mom's death.

Taleena: Master's Sun cross dresser hands down is the more attractive "woman". Better accessories and much better eyebrow grooming. I think this is a bride and groom working together to scam money kind of a scheme. Ten to one a trip to the United States is in the off-ing for those two to hide with their ill gotten gains.

Dae Gu-- The Boy Who Lived

p[o[pSome people never change

Sage: This ahjussi is crazy. Why can't Dae Gu be alive? If you ask me, he didn't see enough for him to need to die covering things up. Also, did you see the way he looked at Dae Gu when he passed by him? Is it me or did he seem to recognize him, though he's never seen him?

Tiara: Assemblyman Yoo wants the boy to die as a sacrifice for the greater good. It has to be about the darn bill on the table. He is trying to sway public opinion, regardless if he is in the right or wrong. Was Assemblyman Yoo doing this for the greater good or for his own personal use? I wonder if he tried to change things the right way and was knocked down to many times.

Taleena: He can't be alive because as we all know, storm troopers are notoriously precise when they shoot. OMG! Councilman Yoo is Dae Gu's father! Dae Gu = Luke Skywalker! It fits! They both have floppy hair, whine about their jobs, never met their dads (yet), fall for the wrong girl, and are going to be upstaged by the older, more charismatic scoundrel that will teach them many things. This means Tae Il is C3PO, Cosby is R2, and Squad Leader Lee is Chewbacca!

Guilty As Charged

Keep Calm and Trust No Captain

Sage: I feel like the Captain has taken on the role as Dae Gu's mother. After what happened 11 years ago, I feel as though in her guilt she has decided to be a mother figure for Dae Gu as well as his mentor and confidante, that's why she called him and told him to be careful. Also, that's why she hasn't told him that she is the reason the pendant disappeared. She doesn't want him to hate her.

Tiara: I agree Sage about the Chief. She has become his second mom in a weird sort of way. I believe she cares about him and wants him to succeed. I don’t think she was happy he left being a lawyer to become a cop for his “revenge”.

Taleena: Meh Tiara! She fed him on a steady diet of detective novels! I think she is putting her pawns in place. That doesn't mean she doesn't care, but if she is on a larger crusade for "Justice" and "Purity" in the force he may get mown down in the wayside.

Round Trip to America China

][[Nothing is more wretched than a man conscious of guilt.-- Plautus

Sage: Pan Seok has soooo much baggage, he's like an airport. He feels guilty for everything and because of that he allows his guilt to make him do something he will probably regret. I hope he puts two and two together and realizes his ex partner is going to try and kill Dae Gu and stops him before he can finish the job. Also, this still doesn't explain why Black Boots came back before the Statute of Limitations was up. I think, subconsciously, he wants to get caught and brought to justice.

Tiara: Pan Seok has a lot of guilt on his shoulders. Missing to pick up his kid, not being able to find and protect Ji Yong, and his ex-partner. I hope he doesn't do something stupid in the namesake of friendship. I also want to see him accept the things he can’t change, let his guilt go and move on.

Taleena: Well at least we know WHY Pan Seok has so much trust in Black Boots. Honestly, for someone with as keen of detecting instincts as Pan Seok he really is blinded to the sketchiness of his old partner.

Down For Life

Giving a whole new meaning to Blood Brothers

Sage: So, Black Boots Hyung Cheol, shot some criminal who was about to seriously hurt Pan Seok and gets fired because of it. That's not fair-- I can see why they feel so badly for him now (I feel bad too) but that still doesn't give him the right to become a murderer. I mean, I get it, you're bitter that you got fired, but don't torment other people because of it. It's not cool Boo Boo.

Tiara: “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” This is the case for Hyung Cheol aka Boots. He was fired for police brutality because he fired his gun and killed the bad man who was trying to hurt him and his partner. Totally isn’t fair, but I can now see how Hyung Cheol went to the dark side to help Assemblyman Yoo with the Police bill.

Taleena: Wheels within wheels. I think Black Boots is just in it to get back at people for unjustly firing him. Makes you think though. How often did this guy discharge his weapon in the line of duty for it to be a thing where he gets fired? How do you go from upstanding civil servant to murderer? I have heard that some psychologically damaged types are drawn to police work because of the power of the badge. Maybe this was the case with Black Boots.

B.U.S.T.E.D you are Busted!


Sage: I knew when the lights started flickering that he was going to find Dae Gu's spy camera. It's funny, but I never really thought about it until they brought it up in this scene, great timing to, I might add.

Tiara: Pan Seok knows Dae Gu is angry at him and has a right to be. I don’t think Pan Seok knows he is considered a suspect in Dae Gu’s mind. He might know who is spying on him, but not for the real reasons. It shall be interesting to see these two have a heart to heart about what each other they know and what it has cost them. Of course, I think it will be Soo Sun who will help crack the case.

Taleena: "Every Breath you take, every move you make...I'l be watching you" I think Pan Seok is going to be so angry that Dae Gu was watching him mourn his son. I predict Dae Gu is going to lash out about the little ramen cook with Soo Sun.

Bringing a Bat to a Knife Fight

plljHyung Cheol/ Black Boots vs Kim Ji Yong/Eun Dae Gu

Sage: I feel like this is going to be an epic battle. I hope Pan Seok finds them before it's too late and joins in on the fight. I want him to see that it is his ex-partner and fight him off, saving Dae Gu-- the only thing is, if Dae Gu finds out that Black Boots is Pan Seok's ex-partner, he will probably trust him even less. I want their relationship to grow and for them to potentially fight off their demons together.

On a side note, I think this is the scene that hurt Seung Gi's eye.

Tiara: Dae Gu is going to twist Boots showing up to mean Pan Seok called in for backup. Fingers cross that isn’t the case. I want these two to start bonding and helping each other instead of being suspicious. It is going to take a lot for him to trust his team leader, but I feel if he saves him from Boots there might be a shot at them working together.

Seung Gi, Fighting!!!

Taleena: Please, oh please oh PLEASE let this be the moment when Dae Gu becomes Robin to Pan Seok's Batman. I am not sure I can take anymore of Dae Gu shooting angry glares at Pan Seok. I just want an episode where they all go out smiling to get bubble tea and pork skin and laugh about how many times Soo Sun has tripped over her own feet.

What did you think of this episode? How do you feel about the Captain being one of the bad guys? Who do you think is going to win the epic battle between Dae Gu and Hyung Cheol? Tell Us in the Comment Section below!

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